About Fixinghacks

Do you want to know about a blog that tells every hack to fix your Android mobile and Windows OS? Well, that’s -fixinghacks. We reveal every solution relates to your Windows or Android problem. Welcome to our Fixinghacks.com where you will find regular updates on different issues that you probably face in the coming days.


We Fixinghacks ventured our journey with a number of peer writers, who had the real-life oriented issues previously-just like you have today. Those writers set up a team with a view to solving tech-related problems.


How Do We Create Our Blog-Post

We know there are so many articles on the web relates to many common problems. However, many of them not either friendly to read or solve your real problem. In that case, we stand out a bit, what we do, we sort out your problem just like we face the problem on our side. Then we get started with finding the solution from our side, once we become successful then we start writing and let you know every ins and out from scratch.


We believe, creating a blog post for a tech site is daunting because of a few reasons, and they are:


Most of the tech sites just write for traffic, not for solving issues. Turns out readers become confused to understand the gist out of it.


On the other hand, readers don’t even pay any heed once they get to know all those writing pieces of stuff are not gonna fulfil their thirst.


The second one-Bloggers are not enriched with proper tech-related knowledge. That being said, they are not tech-savvy.


Keeping this in mind, we create every blog post based on three objectives and they are:


  1. We create experimented blog posts that drive toward a solution.
  2. Our articles cover a topic to the fullest, we never hide something in the backyard.
  3. We, try to accumulate every recent problem that causes a nuisance to users.



How do we brainstorm or process every solution?


Well, get the hang of the solution has never been easy! No matter, how tech-savvy you are. Sometimes we fall into a time-trap, so it takes even a month to create a blog post. But once we see the uproar of readers satisfaction then we become satisfied. Also, it gives us the fuel to work more!


So fuel is- research more and more, besides, try to unveil many alternatives towards the solution.


Why Should you Bookmark our site?


Bookmarking your favourite site will bring you to the solution whatever it comes with any field outside of the tech world. We want our reader to read our every blog post-release. To do so, you can find a real-life oriented solution.