What Is A Android Easter Egg?

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There are so many features in an Android Phone. Some are common to use, and some are not essential for daily life. The Android easter egg is one of them. Of course, you may never find easter egg is helpful, but knowing a new feature is always beneficial.


Considering that, you will learn what is a android easter egg feature of some latest android versions. So, let’s dig in!


What is an Android Easter Egg?


To describe in short, those are some kind of artwork or animation, sometimes mini-game to represent the Android version of a Smartphone. There are different designs and ideas for another type of android version.


In some Android versions, you may have found a mini-game too. Having so many curiosities is good. So let us show you how you can find easter eggs on your android smartphone and how you can handle that.


How to Find Android Easter Egg


Having a smartphone and exploring a phone is quite exciting. Sometimes, it feels like playing games and having knowledge as a reward. Although, you may play a mini-game in easter egg if you are lucky enough. Let’s keep those aside and find the android easter egg.


You have to go to settings > about phone > android version. There you will see details of your android version. Select the android version and tap it for 5-6times.


And there, you will have an Easter Egg for your phone’s android version. There are various android versions with different kinds of Easter Eggs, and we will discuss the latest of them.


Android 5 Easter Egg


Android 5 or Lollipop is one of the remarkable android easter eggs, which introduced us to a mini-game in an easter egg. To find, go to settings > about phone > android version > tap there 5-6 times in a row.


There you will find a Lollipop image shown. Tap there, and you will see a game that looks like a flappy bird game. This one seems simple but hard to play.




android easter egg




Like android 5, Android 6, or marshmallow have the same game but, This one is easy to play.


Android 7 or Nougat Easter Egg


You won’t find any mini-game in nougat but an animation when you tap on that big N letter. There will change in the background of that N letter.



android easter egg




Android 8 or Android Oreo Easter Egg


If you are an Android Oreo user, you can have some fun using the easter egg of your android 8 version. In the Android 8, you will have a sea creature type thing, which you can control by tapping on that creature or can drag by holding it on screen.




android easter egg




Android 9 or android pie


You can have a big P written with many colors in an android pie. And you can have fun just by tapping on that and using that. The color will be changed.


Except that, you will have another fun. Just press and hold on the P logo for a few seconds. And there will be a white screen including drawing kits. Use those, and you can get fun by drawing anything.




android easter egg




Android 10 or Android Q Easter Egg


You can get a puzzle on Android 10, but it is tricky to have that big writing of Android 10 where you can move those too. So you will see one is spinning there.


Then you have to place that one like in this image below. That will create a Q as a reference of Android Q. Now tap on that Q, and you will be on a puzzle screen. Solve that puzzle, and you will have a reward.




android easter egg




Android 11 or Android Neko Easter Egg


The latest version of Android is Android 11. So if you try to see easter egg for android 11, you will find a regulator prototype indicating ten signs. But on every 3rd try, you will get that regulator in 11th position.


If you try this a few times, you will have a cat emoji at the bottom. By that, a cat control will be open for you. So pet your cat, and every time you will get an emoji of a cat, which you can share with anybody.




android easter egg




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Android Easter Egg is available secretly on a smartphone. Fun to use sometimes and a way to know the phone best. Therefore I can say that You already understand an android easter egg.





1. Can I delete Android Q Easter egg?


– developer of android created an Easter egg, which indicates your android version. Having those will not affect your daily life. And the size of that mini-game is not that much also.


In a word, You can not delete or disable it. But you can use other non-brand devices. Like the Chinese one. (Not recommended)


2. Is Android Easter egg spyware?


– To our knowledge, the Easter egg is not spyware.


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