Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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Many custom ROMs are available for Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but finding the best ROM is tough. However, if you are willing to install the best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you are on the correct page.


This article has been prepared to help you find the best ROM for Galaxy Note 3. Android OS is widely popular because of its many advantages, but the most significant advantage of Android is that it is an open-source platform. So, any developer community can get the source code from google and use it to develop and built Custom ROMs.


Why do you need Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 3?


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was the flagship of Samsung and launched in September 2013. So when you get the new Galaxy Note 3, it comes out of the box equipped with the  Android 4.3 Kitkat.That was almost a decade ago, and smart phones didn’t have that much storage in those days. Now phones come up with huge ROM sizes, and people have a lot of use for them. But the good news is that you can upgrade your Android phone using Custom ROMs.


Now, you might wonder what a custom ROM is and which custom ROMs are best for Samsung Galaxy Note 3? You will get the answers to your questions from this article. So, stay tuned and read through the article carefully.


What is a Stock ROM?


All Android devices come out of the factory with a pre-installed Operating system. These pre-installed Android ROMs are called Stock ROMs or Stock firmware. These ROMs are built and developed by the manufacturers.


Stock ROM doesn’t have all the features and services of Android. It only has some limited features which the manufacturer offers. The manufacturer companies sell their phone to you, but they control every administrative function of your phone.


However, installing a custom ROM is the best idea if you want a standalone OS on your phone without any restrictions.


What is a custom ROM?


As you know, Android’s most significant advantage is that it is open-source. So developers can get the source codes from Google and build their ROMs and share them with others. These ROMs are called Custom ROMs.


If you install a Custom ROM on your Android phone, it will replace the pre-installed stock ROM completely. In addition, the custom ROMs run on Linux kernels, making them standalone Operating systems.


Using custom ROMs, you will get a pure user experience of Android OS with overall improved performance. Developers update these ROMs regularly to fix bugs and add new features. If you have a custom ROM installed on your phone, you can use the incompatible apps with your device.


Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 3?


Many developers are working to develop custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Therefore, we have researched and found some popular custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 3.


If you want to install a custom ROM on your phone, ensure that you have installed TWRP on your phone. Without installing TWRP, you can’t install Custom ROM on Android.


However, here is the list of outstanding custom ROMs for Galaxy Note 3 below–


Lineage OS


Lineage OS is the legacy version of the old CyanogenMod.Inc. The company has withdrawn popular mods and left many users disappointed. Lineage OS came out and took the new age of Android mods.


Lineage is the best custom ROM for gaming and smooth performance.  This ROM is available for almost all Android devices, including Galaxy Note 3. Lineage OS has many unique features with simple customizability that differentiate it from other custom ROMs.


In addition, the overall performance of the Lineage OS on the Galaxy Note 3 is outstanding. So, if you are interested in installing a custom ROM on your device, you must install the lineage OS.




best custom roms for samsung galaxy note 3




Paranoid Android


Paranoid Android is one of the most popular Android custom ROM. This ROM has been built to improve and boost the overall performance of the Samsung Note 3. It contains many new innovative features, a slick UI, and improved battery backup with performance.



best custom roms for samsung galaxy note 3




Resurrection Remix


The Resurrection Remix is a gaming ROM for its high performance and stability. This ROM allows you to customize your Android. The latest Resurrection Remix ROM builds outstanding performance and battery backup. Performance and Customizability are the main focus.



best custom roms for samsung galaxy note 3




CrDroid ROM


CrDroid is a custom ROM based on AOSP with many latest features. This ROM is available for Galaxy Note 3. It gives almost all the features that Lineage OS gives and makes your phone more attractive. CrDroid is one of the best ROMs, which brings many customization options. This ROM will provide you with an authentic experience of Android.




best custom roms for samsung galaxy note 3




Pixel Experience


The Pixel Experience ROM will be the best if you like the Stock Android-based UI. This is a custom ROM that provides a complete experience of Google pixel on the Galaxy Note 3.


The Pixel Experience ROM comes with the latest Android version 12 features. In addition, there will be a pre-installed Google Camera on the ROM that will boost your camera performance. If you are searching for a custom ROM that looks like Google Pixel and is suitable for gaming, you must try the Pixel Experience ROM.



best custom roms for samsung galaxy note 3




Bootleggers ROM


Bootleggers ROM is not as popular as lineage but brings many customized features and apps on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This room is based on the Ground source Project and makes your device look fresh, cleaned, and smooth.



best custom roms for samsung galaxy note 3







So, these are the best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Every custom ROM has some unique features, and all custom ROMs are best from different perspectives. Thus, we have listed some custom ROMs so that you can choose which one is best for you.




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1. Can Galaxy Note 3 be upgraded?


Yes, you can upgrade your Galaxy Note 3 to Android 10. Though Samsung is not providing official updates to older handsets, there are several ways to upgrade your Samsung phone manually.


2. Can Note 3 be upgraded to nougat?


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is not getting the official Nougat update. So if you want to upgrade your phone to nougat, you have to root your phone and install Custom ROM.

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