Can Defender and Avast Work Together? Does Windows Defender Interfere with Avast?

Regarding the assurance of your PC-related security, you might confuse yourself with what tool to use. Windows Defender comes as a built-in tool, whereas Avast is a reputed third-party tool. Learn about ‘Can Defender and Avast work together?’ or ‘Does Windows Defender Interfere with Avast?’ and choose your preferable one accordingly.


Windows Defender and Avast can’t work together. While working, Avast is a third-party tool that disables the built-in Windows Defender (or Microsoft Security) for its interest. Avast faces interference with the presence of Windows Defender. Thus, without any required command, Avast does the job itself without even letting the user know.


You cannot but acknowledge the security issue of your PC. Scan your system from time to time with a dedicated professional security tool to terminate all threats on your own.

What Is Windows Defender?


Windows Defender, Microsoft Defender, or Microsoft Security – all of these refer to a comprehensive program dedicated to antivirus solutions. Microsoft introduced this tool attached to Windows OS.


Initially, it was offered in Windows 7. But now, it is added as a built-in feature for the latest versions of Windows OS.




Can Defender and Avast work together






This tool works on providing security protection against viruses and malware attacks. You will find it running in the background of your system while providing you with decent security for your PC.


It gives you an alert through notification while your PC requires your attention to take appropriate actions accordingly. The app provides you with essential security immediately after starting Windows. Even this feature downloads required updates automatically.



The software is named Microsoft Security in the latest version of Windows like Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11. Windows XP, 7, Vista, and earlier versions hold the Windows Defender title.



As it comes in as a system tool to ensure your safety from malware and viruses running on your system, you cannot remove or uninstall this tool.


If you feel like using another software as your professional security tool, you may choose another app. Only after the installation of the very desired software will Windows Defender be stopped by the third-party tool to accomplish your command.


What Is Avast?

Avast is a tool that works for protecting your system from available threats like viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, adware, and so on.

It comprises services like antivirus protection, malware protection, browser protection, web threat scanning, and a cloud management console. This tool will work amazingly on your PC while running scans for you by finding any threat.




Can Defender and Avast work together




You can enjoy more features from this tool, like a Wi-Fi scanner, password manager, and malicious link filter. With the Anti Ransomware function, you may put a layer of security for your comparatively essential documents.




Can Defender and Avast work together




While using Avast Antivirus, you may customize the app according to your preferences. It comes with both free and paid versions. You may choose your suitable one and have the tool onboard on your PC.




Can Defender and Avast work together




Does Windows Defender Interfere with Avast?


From the introductions, as mentioned earlier, it is clear that both Windows Defender and Avast are designed for the same purpose. They are required to find out any available threats on your PC.


These tools scan your PC thoroughly following your command. They might detect any threat without your knowledge while working in the background.


However, reliance and competency of these tools are other topics to discuss. Let’s find an answer regarding whether both these two apps can run or can be run simultaneously. The answer is a big ‘No’!



As Windows Defender comes built-in from Microsoft as a system tool, it’s not possible to get rid of this tool. On the other hand, Avast Free Antivirus is a third-party tool.


The twist lies here: though Windows Defender can’t be removed from your PC, installing a third-party tool for security purposes and launching them will make Windows Defender stop.




Windows Defender tends not to tamper with Avast since it protects your PC from the first time you start Windows. Instead, Avast, a third-party app, requires Windows Defender/Microsoft Security to stop working so that it can run its necessary scan perfectly.


In other words, in the presence of Avast, Windows Defender gets relieved by Avast from doing any security scan or so on.



Alternatives To Windows Defender and Avast


If you are looking for any other apps than these two for ensuring your comfort zone regarding your security concern against your PC, you may try AVG Antivirus.


AVG Antivirus is a sister concern of Avast. It’s powerful software that can help you stay protected against viruses, malware, and other threats.


You might also consider trying Kaspersky Internet Security, Norton Antivirus, and Quick Heal Antivirus. However, the latter ones come with a specific free trial time, whereas Avast is free for use for as long as you want.


Avast free antivirus offers you features designed to meet your satisfaction. Therefore, you will find unique options to input your command through Avast firewall settings.


There are a lot more features that make Avast stand out. So, it’s best if you opt for Avast over other alternatives, even if you have Windows Defender pre-installed.



Avast Vs. Windows Defender




Can Defender and Avast work together




Since you can’t have Windows Defender and Avast together working on your PC, you must choose anyone between these two to proceed with. You need a basic comparison of Avast vs. Windows Defender for this reason.



Avast comes with both free and paid versions. Premium packages cost you $47.99 a year while providing your better service. On the other hand, Windows Defender is completely free.



Avast is blessed with both basic and advanced security features, whereas Windows Defender is designed with only introductory provisions.


System Impact


Avast barely affects your system performance, but the other tool impacts your system performance comparatively more than other available antivirus tools.


User Interface


Avast appears with such an easily accessible UI that even a user with no expertise in running a PC may deal with it efficiently. But Windows Defender’s UI is not very simple, and it can be improved.


OS Support


Avast is available for Windows, macOS, and even Android OS. As the name suggests, Windows Defender is only compatible with Windows only.


Customer Support


Avast offers you premium support, and on the contrary, you will find limited support from Windows Defender.


Additional Features


Avast is adorned with Wi-Fi protection, but Windows Defender is not.


Avast has no restrictions in terms of safeguarding your emails. But Windows Defender is only limited to Microsoft-generated products only like Outlook.


You can even manage your password with Avast but no such feature in Windows Defender.




Can Defender and Avast work together




Though Avast contains ads while Windows Defender doesn’t, from the above comparison, it is advisable to have Avast instead. Still, all remains up to you – what to choose.




Can Defender and Avast work together




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)




How to disable Windows Defender?


You can’t manually disable Windows Defender (or Microsoft Security). It’s a pre-installed security tool attached to your system and provided by Microsoft.


However, if you install a third-party tool for your Windows security measure, the third-party app will make Windows Defender disabled. Both the security tools won’t run simultaneously.


Can I turn off Windows Defender if I have Avast?


If you have Avast installed on your PC, you may get rid of Windows Defender. Avast will do it.


Is Avast enough to protect my PC?


Avast works fabulously in respect of protecting your PC from all possible threats. You can rely on Avast to keep your PC secured.



Final Words


As usual, in the case of developers, there are two types. The harmful one processes tools to breach our securities while tampering with our info through our PC. To fight these issues, we need antivirus tools accordingly.


Microsoft offers a pre-installed antivirus program named Windows Defender. Confused about ‘Can Defender and Avast work together? Or Does Windows Defender Interfere with Avast? Simply install Avast and let it safeguard your Windows firewall. Avast will provide you with all sorts of security eventually. You may choose an alternative as well.





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