Can I Access Home Depot My Apron From My Phone? [ Easily Explain]

Employees wish to make work-life more manageable with their smartphones, the same thing goes with home depot employees. And the Home Depot My Apron portal aims to bring things right at the fingertips!


But whether you can access it with your phone or not is a year-old debate. And that is probably why you are wondering – “how Can I Access Home Depot My Apron From My Phone?”


Well, luckily, the MyTHDHR portal is the savior when it comes to accessing My Apron from a phone. But without the basic requirements and correct login process, you will have a tough time accessing it. So, this guide is here to make the whole process as easy as pie, and at the same time, security-friendly for you!


Stick with us till the end.


How to Log onto My Apron for Home Depot Employees?


Whether you want to access My Apron features using the company’s network or your home network, there are some basic requirements and steps. Without them, the website might deny your login process.


Have a look below to know the must-have requirements for my apron home depot login


  • My Apron Login official Website Address 


  • My Apron login registered or valid user ID and password or access code are the must-have


  • A PC, Laptop, Smartphone, or any device with a secured Internet connection 


  • Secured Web Browsers 


Now, carefully follow the simple and quick steps listed below for a successful My Apron home depot employee login


  • Click the following link, it will redirect you to their Official website for My Apron login


  • The Interface will have Location, User ID, and Password 




Can I Access My Apron Home Depot From My Phone




  • Now you need to enter the store number or other location in the Location field


  • Then please enter your valid User ID and Password in the empty fields respectively


  • After providing all information, click on the Login button and it will take you to your My Apron Account 


How to Access My Apron on My Cell Phone at Home Depot?


You cannot access all the features My Apron offers if you log in from your cell phone. However, you can get a hold of some of the features if you use the MyTHDHR portal. Have a look below to know how you can access it.




Home Depot management has developed the MyTHDHR portal to make things stress-free for the employees. It is a great medium to make your employee association with home depot more manageable. To access the MyTHDHR from your phone at home or anywhere all you need to do is:


  • Open any secured web browser



  • Now have a look at the upper-left corner of the interface with Schedule, Pay and Taxes, and other dropdown options




Can I Access My Apron Home Depot From My Phone




  • Click on the “self-service” or “pay” or the “schedule” button if you want to change or update any information of your account 


  • Once you click, it will take you to a new home page, so have a look at the bottom center of the page to select the type of your association


  • You must choose the “current associates” option if you are currently working with them



Can I Access My Apron Home Depot From My Phone





  • If you are a former worker, click on the LOA option or  “former associates” option


  • Now choose the store location you are employed at or you can select another location as well




Can I Access My Apron Home Depot From My Phone




  • If you chose store location. Enter your ASI user ID otherwise enter your LAN ID


  • Now, type in your password


  • Before you click login double-check your password by clicking on the eye icon right at the corner of the field


If you follow these MyTHDHR steps, correctly you are less likely to face any issue while accessing the schedule, taxes, and benefits features of the My Apron portal. But if you still cannot log in from your phone, make sure you have entered the correct user ID and the caps lock option is turned off on your phone.


What My Apron Benefits You Can Access From Phone with MyTHDHR?


The Home Depot My Apron Mobile login via MyTHDHR also has its limitations. So, you cannot expect to access every benefit of My Apron from your phone. Before you log in from your smartphone, note down the below-listed benefits you can access. It will help you to know when to use your phone.


1. Schedule Management 


Once you log in to MyTHDHR and select the “Kronos-Schedule” option it gives you access to the “home depot my apron schedule” from your home. And the module benefits you can access from your phone are-


  • You can view your work schedule for the upcoming days from your phone


  • It also enables you to manage your availability


  • The schedule calendar lets you submit whether you can work for the next few days or not.


2. Employee Benefits


My Apron and MyTHDHR both include employee benefits. So, using your phone you can know-


  • Types of financial plans available for part-time, full-time, or salaried associates
  • Time-off benefits
  • Medical and Life Insurance for the associates


3. Payment Method


From your phone, you just need to click the Pay and Taxes to avail the following benefits


  • You can choose whether you want to receive the payment via payroll card or bank account


  • Printing the pay slips from home


  • Modify the income tax allowances



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):



How to Find Your Schedule on My Apron Orange Life Home Depot?


To find the My Apron schedule you need to go to the official website of the Home Depot from the Home Depot Stores. And the official network will allow you to manage and view your My Apron schedule on the personal tab. But if you need to access it from your own device at home or anywhere, you need to log in to the MyTHDHR website.


Where is My Apron Website for Home Depot?


You can find the official website of the online employee service My Apron at the in-store computers of the Home Depot stores. As you cannot directly access the My Apron website from other devices the site will not appear in your web searches. But once you log in to the in-store Home Depot website, you can find the website.

How to Make a Home Depot Account My Apron?


You cannot make a home depot account my apron outside the store. Once you start working there, the associate supervisor will give you an employee form. It includes your My Apron account user Id. And it also includes instructions so that you can create your strong password on the My Apron screen. Precisely, you get access to the account when you join the workplace.

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Wrapping Things Up!


The Home Depot aims to make the life of the workers more manageable with the My Apron portal. But for security purposes, you cannot log in to it from your phone. But the MyTHDHR is the way to access some of the basic My Apron features.


Hopefully, this simple guide could put all your doubts pertaining to can I access my apron home depot from my phone to rest!


However, remember that you cannot access some of the tax documents, apply for new positions and promotions from your phone. In order to access these features, you must log in from the home depot store networks, keep in mind.

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