Can I Monitor My Phones Temperature?

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Generally, our phone heats up during charging and when we overuse it through multi-tasking. But your phone can also get hot for different causes. Excess phone temperature is not usual, and it can generate permanent damage.


To find out the battery temperature, you can apply a few handy techniques. So if you think, “How can I monitor my phones temperature,” then this is the right place where you have landed.


Here, we will discuss the possible reasons for high temperature and fixing methods. The majority of battery-heating issues can be solved through the initial steps. If you can’t fix it, then you must apply alternative techniques. So, let’s get ready to dig in!


What Is My Phone Temperature? How Can I Monitor My Phones Temperature?


Phone heat is a common complaint among Android users. The phone is for our regular usage, but it determines that the device has temperature or hardware issues when it gets hotter than the average temperature.


As a mobile device is relatively tiny, it’s hard to determine which part is getting warm.


In general, the GPU, CPU, and battery panel get hot. Basically, each phone’s part is placed in a different section. The GPU and CPU are available in the upper part of the phone, and the battery panel in the lower section.


So, when the phone gets hot, at that moment, you cannot open it up and check it. But internally, you can take the necessary steps to monitor the battery temperature.


1. Find the Battery Temperature from Setting’s Option


You can check the current device temperature directly from the phone. Follow the steps to check the battery temperature.



can i monitor my phones temperature




  • Go to the settings option.


  • Scroll down and enter the Battery and Performance.




can i monitor my phones temperature




  • The first screen battery saver option will open up, and aside from it, click on the Battery.




can i monitor my phones temperature




  • Now you will see the battery temperature, charging times, and on-off power schedule.


3. Check Battery Temperature from Dialpad


This option is not directly general on the phone; you have to dial a code number on the dial pad. Follow the steps to find out the battery temperature:


  • Dial *#*#4636#*#* 


  • This dialing option will open up all internal software-related information, and you have to select battery from the options.


  • The battery option will open up all kinds of information regarding the battery. From there, you can see the current battery temperature.


What Level Battery Temperature Is Safe?


Basically, if your battery temperature is between 28℃ and 40℃, then this is normal. But once it goes up more than 40℃, you should turn off all the high graphics video, games, or applications.

Besides, if you find this high-temperature issue very frequently, then there must be some battery or hardware issues, and this is not normal.


4 Possible Reasons for Battery Temperature


There can be multiple reasons behind the battery temperature. Some are due to applications usage, and a few are because of hardware malware; get ready to dig one by one –


1. Numerous Background Applications


This is a minor issue but eventually a legit possible reason. When we exit an application, it does not close entirely, and it keeps running behind the screen. These background running apps can create temporary file caches and use the internet even if you don’t use them.


To keep your phone at normal temperature, you can turn off all the applications after each use. This is not a hard job, just long-press the home button and clear the apps. It will also keep your phone fast and save the battery charge.




can i monitor my phones temperature




2. High Graphics Application


These days gadgets users are fond of high graphics visibility. Low graphics are not happily accepted in today’s world. So, thinking about the users, software developers create high-resolution visual apps.


Technically, when running this type of application continuously for more than half an hour, it can cause the CPU and GPU to heat up. However, the occasional use will not cause any harm, whereas regular usage can damage the battery life if you face any heat up.


3. Warm Environment


Have you ever noticed that keeping the phone in your pocket and it’s getting hot without even using it? This happens because of the warm environment.


Even if you keep your phone in a warm environment like near a stove and under sunlight, this can also cause the battery to heat up. Generally, it mostly happens in the summer season.


You cannot overlook this issue, as too much heat up might be the reason behind the battery bursting up. So, when you face this type of problem, try to keep it in a cool environment until it’s totally cool down.


4. Brightness




can i monitor my phones temperature




Maximum brightness is another reason for battery heat up. If you keep the brightness at a higher level, the battery will drain faster and produce heat.


So, if you prefer the brightness at a high level, then less the light after the use, or you can keep it on auto mode. The auto mode will adjust the brightness according to the surrounding lighting.


How Can I Keep the Battery Temperature in Normal Mode?


Most of the time, your phone warms up due to a variety of factors, not just one. Here are some recommendations for lowering the temperature.


First and foremost, never put your phone in the fridge. Introducing your phone to drastically diverse temperature degrees can push the screen to break and the system to malfunction. Putting a phone in the fridge, on the other hand, causes condensation both inside and outside the phone’s shell, which can harm electronic components. In this case,


  • Turn on the auto-brightness adjustment.


  • Close background running apps.


  • Check the battery lifetime.


  • Don’t use the phone while charging.


  • Try to keep the phone in battery-saving mode.


  • Clean the junk files.


  • Turn off unnecessary settings.


  • Keep the software updated.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. How Can I Check My Battery Lifetime?


You can check the battery percentage from your android device, go to the Battery and performance from the settings option and click on the Battery; the entire condition of the Battery will pop up.


2. Which Battery Monitoring Apps Are Best?


If you want an application that will notify you when your phone gets hot, then you can go for third-party mobile applications. Battery Monitor, Battery Guru, Greenify, and Accubattery are some best applications for battery monitoring.


3. How to Turn on the Battery Saving Mode?


Battery-saving mode keeps your phone’s applications away from unnecessary usage. To turn on the saving mode, go to the Battery and performance on the first screen; you will see the battery saver option and click on it.


4. Does Changing Charge Cable Help to Reduce Overheating?


Actually, this is a less followed process, but if your phone is specifically getting hot during the charging, then there is a possibility of a cable issue, and better if you change it.


5. Which Technique Should I Follow to Check My iPhone’s Battery?


By opening the “Settings” app and selecting “General,” you can check the temperature of your iPhone. Select “About” from the drop-down menu. Now you can see the current temperature.




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Through the topic of can I monitor my phones temperature? we have covered all possible aspects related to battery issues. You can apply the discussed methods whenever you spot a high phone temperature. These are the possible steps you can take without any device expert’s physical help!


But still, if you are unable to fix it, then you should check the hardware. Early precautions can reduce future damage.

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