Can t Hear Phone Calls Unless on Speaker?

can t hear phone calls unless on speaker

Sometimes your mobile phone can cause hearing problems unless connected with a speaker. Knowing why you can’t hear phone calls unless on speaker lets you resolve the issue.


There can be several reasons you can t hear phone calls unless on speaker. Some of the noted reasons are software bugs, network problems, connecting with other Bluetooth devices, accumulation of dirt and debris, misplaced fitting of the screen protector and phone covers, etc. These problems can be categorized into two categories. Those are hardware and software.


Once you identify the cause behind why you can t hear phone calls, you will be able to solve the problem. It will also tell you when to take your phone to the service center.


Reasons Why You Can t Hear Phone Calls Unless On Speaker


There can be several reasons you can’t hear calls unless on speaker. If you categorize these reasons, they can be divided into two parts.


Software Bugs


There can be several software bugs that can cause problems in hearing phone calls without speakers. Most of these problems arise if the software doesn’t synchronize among itself.


You can take help from some DIY methods to solve these software bugs. If these DIY methods don’t work, you will need to take your device to an expert.


Hardware Issues


If the earpiece is getting blocked by dust and Debris or protectors, you can have issues hearing phone calls through the earpiece. Also, it can result from the disconnection of the wire in the earpiece.


All the reasons you can’t hear phone calls unless connected with the speaker can be categorized into these types. Unless the problem is too technical, you will be able to solve it by yourself.


DIY Solution When You Can’t Hear Phone Calls Unless On Speaker


The DIY solutions are not too complicated to perform. With small tips and tricks, you can solve the problem at home without taking your phone to technicians. Let’s take a look at the DIY solutions.


Hardware Problems


If you have a listening problem caused due to hardware issues, then the mentioned solution will come in handy. A bit of cleaning and maintenance can go a long way.


Cleaning The Mic Holes


To enhance sound quality on phone calls, Android brands are using multiple mics. These mics improve the sound quality and develop communication. As these mics have small holes, they catch dust and debris. And after some time, it creates issues in hearing the phone calls.


First, make sure that your speaker mic works before working on the earpiece mic. In this case, preferably, play music or videos on the loudspeaker option. If the loudspeaker option is not displaying any issue, you will only need to clear the earpiece mic.


To clean the earpiece mic, use a thin needle. Make sure it’s dry. Now gently take the dirt and the accumulation out of the whole. Make sure not to put the needle deeper. Otherwise, it might end up cutting wires.




can t hear phone calls unless on speaker




Cleaning The Earpiece Port


The earpiece port of your mobile phone is relatively small and delicate. It is a small hole but has a protective net on it. It is an exposed hardware part of the device.


Therefore, it collects dust and debris from the ear while outside. Even if you keep it in your pockets, it tends to collect small fiber from your clothes. As we do not intend to clean it regularly, it accumulates lots of build-ups.


As a result of the build-ups in that small area, it creates a barrier for your sound to travel. Therefore, your phone doesn’t deliver the level of sound as it has been stated. Thus, you seem to have trouble listening to your phone calls.




can t hear phone calls unless on speaker




To clean the earpiece port first with your flashlight, take a look into it. With the help of tweezers or needles, gently take out the accumulated dirt and Debris. Once you remove the debris, use a cotton bud with alcohol sanitizer to clean the hole gently.


This way, you can clean the port properly and get a disturbance-free hearing. If you can’t clean the por, you can take it to a servicing center to get it cleaned by professionals.


Cleaning The Port for Headphones


The headphone port is also a medium through which dirt can enter your phone and deteriorate the sound quality. Therefore, it is vital to keep the headphone ports clean.




can t hear phone calls unless on speaker




The headphone port is usually located beside the charging port. It is a round-shaped pot in Android phones where you insert your headphone. If you are facing any issues in getting connected with the headphones, it is for sure that you are having problems with the headphone port.


In this case, you will need to get your headphone port clean as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will keep disrupting your phone call quality.


To clean the headphone port, you will need to be quite delicate. Also, you will need to make sure that while you are cleaning it, you are not connected with the charger. To avoid any kind of unwanted electric shock, do not use a needle or metal hook.


To clean the headphone port, wrap a toothpick with cotton or a small piece of cloth. Now gently clean the port. You can also use the rubbing alcohol in the Cotton to clean the port perfectly.




can t hear phone calls unless on speaker




Replacing The Protectors


We often use phone covers and screen protectors to protect our mobile phones. These screen protectors are external hardware parts of the device.


The earpiece for phone calls of the device is located on the top of the screen. If the screen protector is not placed correctly, it blocks the earpiece. In that case, you will have difficulty listening to your phone calls properly.




can t hear phone calls unless on speaker




The only solution to the problem is replacing the screen protector. Get the perfect one that matches your phone model. Make sure your earpiece and sensor space are in the correct position.


Follow the same procedure in case of buying a phone cover. If the phone cover is blocking your earpiece anyhow, make sure to replace it with the right one.


These are some solutions to hardware problems that have created blocks in your peace. With these, your problem regarding phone calls volume should resolve.


Sometimes the wires in the earpiece get disconnected or disrupted. This also creates the problem of hearing phone calls without speakers. This problem is not something you can resolve at home unless you are a technician. In this case, take your phone to the service center, and they will resolve the issue for you.


Software Bugs


If the listening problem in calls is due to minor technical bugs, you can solve it at home. Try the following solutions to solve the hearing problem of phone calls.


Disconnecting Bluetooth Device


Nowadays, most phone accessories are connected through Bluetooth. We use Bluetooth devices with our mobile phones quite often. The loudspeakers, earphones, printers, etc., are all Bluetooth-based devices.


If you suddenly have trouble listening to phone calls, check if your phone is connected with any Bluetooth speaker or earphones. In that case, the sound of the phone call will be transferred to the connected Bluetooth device rather than the earpiece.


To disconnect the Bluetooth device from your mobile phone, you can use the setting option or do it from the notification area. Just turn off the Bluetooth in your mobile phone, and the devices will get disconnected automatically.


Another option is to stay connected to your Bluetooth device, but the phone calls will be transferred to the earpiece.


To do so, take the following steps:


Step 1: First, receive the phone call.

Step 2: Locate the Bluetooth icon on your call screen.

Step 3: Tap on the Bluetooth icon, and you will be given three options.


  1. Bluetooth speaker
  2. Loudspeaker
  3. Earpiece


Step 4: Choose Earpiece.


After this, you will receive your phone call voice into your pics without disconnecting the Bluetooth.


Raising Volume


The first attempt to solve the hearing issues while on a phone call is to raise the phone call volume. You might think that this seems like a fundamental problem, but most of the time, you can’t hear the call unless connected to a speaker due to the low volume of phone calls.


When using the upper volume key to raise the volume, you might think you have raised the call volume. But in most cases, you just increase the volume for your music option on your phone. Therefore, please take a look into the volume level of the phone calls and raise it to a definite level.


To raise the volume of phone calls on Android phones, take the following steps:


Step 1: Go to the settings apps on your Android device.

Step 2: Open the setting for Sounds and Notifications.

Step 3: You will find the options for leveling the volumes of


  • Media: This is applicable for music and videos.
  • Ringtone: This is to adjust the ringtone volume level when a call arrives.
  • Alarms: This determines how loud your alarm is going to be.
  • Calls: This determines the volume of phone calls.


From here, select the option for Calls.


Step 5: With the help of the sliding bar, determine the level of volume you want for your phone calls.


This procedure will solve your problem if you can’t hear your phone calls due to volume.


Rising Volume In iPhone


When you can’t hear on your iPhone unless on speaker, you will find the setting for call volumes in Sound and Haptics. After turning off the change with the button, you will be able to adjust the call volume on your iPhone.


Depending on the brand and model of your phone, you can change the call volume with the help of the volume key located on your device. You can find the keys on the left or right side of your phone.


Updating The Software


If you haven’t updated your phone for a long time, it starts to lag in performance. The synchronization gets disturbed due to technical errors. Therefore it is crucial to check for software updates regularly.


If you do not hear phone calls through natural face, check for the recent software updates. Download the update and install it as soon as possible.


The updates can take time and consume lots of data. It is always better to get a phone update under a Wi-Fi connection. Once you’re done updating your phone software, reboot the device and make a call.


Enable And Disable Airplane Mode


In the case of minor software bugs, enabling and disabling the airplane mode can resolve the issue. If a bug restricts the hearing of phone calls through your speaker, then airplane mode can solve it. Again, if you have any network issue, it can be solved by being on and off the airplane mode.


In this process, enable the airplane mode from your notification area. Wait for 10 to 30 seconds and then disable the airplane mode.


This is a simple trick that focuses on network bugs. When you enable the airplane mode, it disconnects the network from your device, and again disabling it will reconnect the network.


Resetting The Network Setting


If the airplane mode doesn’t recover the network, you need to reset the network settings manually. In this case, you will have to wipe the existing network setting and reset everything from the beginning.


You will need to go to general management from your Android setting App to reset the network setting. From there, go to network settings and reset it to default mode. Once the default mode is set, reboot your device. This will resolve any bug related to network settings.


Rebooting The Device


Rebooting your phone is the ultimate solution to resolve minor bugs in software. When you cannot hear your phone calls through the earpiece, perform a fast reboot on your device. Once your phone has started again, make a quick phone call to ensure that the problem has been resolved.


While you’re rebooting the device, make sure to give it some time to start all the functions properly once again. Otherwise, you might still keep getting the bug that you intended to solve.


Factory Resetting


Factory reset is the last try to resolve the issue by yourself. Suppose the solutions mentioned earlier fail to resolve your issue. That’s when you should take the help of a hard reset.


Before you factory reset your device, make sure to back up the personal data of your cell phone into cloud storage or external memory. Also, don’t forget to put your phone in safe mode before hard reset. Performing factory reset can mess up your data.


If you have problems listening to phone calls without a speaker even after completing the factory reset, it is high time to get help from professionals.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why can’t you hear on an iPhone unless on speaker?


Go to Settings > Sounds (or Settings > Sounds and Haptics). Then drag the Ringer and Alerts slider to and fro a couple of times.


If you can’t hear any sound, assuming your speaker button on the Ringer and Alerts slider is dimmed, your speaker might require adjusting. Even after this, users of the iPhone can’t hear the caller unless on speaker, then they should contact Apple Support for iPhone, iPad, or iPod contact.


Why can’t I hear the other person on the phone while on speaker?


Check whether the loudspeaker is in power if you can’t hear anybody on the opposite end during a call.


Depending on whether the speaker is on or not, the speaker symbol is green or featured. If it’s not, tap the speaker symbol to enable it. You can hear through the earpiece regardless of whether the speaker is disabled.


Why does my iPhone sound so low on calls?


Speakers loaded with build-up and residue can make call volume be muted. Have a go at cleaning your speakers. Then attempt your calls again to check whether the issue is fixed.


Update your iPhone. Assuming you’re utilizing Bluetooth earphones and still experiencing low call volume through the earphones, ensure those are updated as well.



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Final Words


When your phone only works on speaker, it is essential to know why you can t hear phone calls unless on speaker. In this post, you will know the reasons and how to solve them.


All the DIY solutions mentioned here don’t solve severe technical problems. If the given answers are not handy, you will need to take them to the customer care of the respective brand. They can take a deeper look into it and solve the problem. Otherwise, you might need to replace your device.

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