Can Windows 10 Convert An MOV To An MP4?

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Indeed, MOV is a common and famous video file among video editors. Apple is the developer of this media player file and created it in Binary QTF format. The MP4 is based on QTFF structure used by MOV files, and there are significant variations between the two formats. MOV files have a higher quality and file size than MP4 files, although they are not as commonly accepted.


Technically, Microsoft doesn’t provide the transformation service. So you may ask – “how can Windows 10 convert an MOV to an MP4?”


Well, there are several methods available that you can apply. Or, you can directly convert them using the default system. While doing the process, you might face issues, but the correct step can minimize the problems. So let us show you how to perform!


How Can Windows 10 Convert an MOV to an MP4?


MOV player or video player, you can combine them, as both are correct in the same manner. You can store various media like TV shows, trim videos, photos, video clips, and movies.


It converts the video into small HD pixels. Though the difference is acceptable, if you have very high experience in video editing, then you can find the differences.


MOV is the creation of Apple; that’s why it is only supported on Mac or Apple devices. Microsoft doesn’t allow MOV files in the windows, so you have to use a converter route if you want to play MOV files. Here are a few methods discussed below, which will come in handy.


Differences between MOV and MP4


Before jumping into the details, let’s see the difference between the MOV and MP4 files.


. mov,.qt file extension .mp4 file extension
Apple is the MOV developer IOS or the international organization of standardization is the MP4 file developer.
The 3D format is not native 3D support depends on the video format level
Files are large in size Files are small in size
Only supports in apple device Supports in other devices or you have to use converter



1. The Default System


For this method, you don’t need to require any third-party application. The device default system is the key function of this method:




can windows 10 convert an mov to an mp4




  • Go to the main MOV file that you want to convert into MP4.


  • Now right, click on the file.


  • You will see multiple options.


  • Tap on the photos.




can windows 10 convert an mov to an mp4




  • From the “Edit & Create,” select the “Trim.” You can start the final process.


  • Now, pull the scrubber bar just slightly to the right and click on “save.”


  • Wait a few seconds, windows default system will make a copy of the MP4 file from the MOV file.


  • Now go back to the original file folder, and you can see the new copy file next to the MOV file.




can windows 10 convert an mov to an mp4




  • Keep your mouse cursor in the new file, and you can see the new file detail; if you see file type MP4 on the box, that means you are successful.


2. Manual Conversion


By using this method, you can also convert the MOV file into an MP4 file without any third-party extension.


  • Go to the “file explorer” folder; if you cannot find it, search it in the search bar and click on the folder.


  • Now click on the view option.


  • You will see the “file extension from the known files” option; enable that.


  • Now right, click on the MOV file and rename the file name in order to turn MOV into MP4.


  • This process will convert your MOV.


3. VLC Player Converter


The VLC media player is an open-source free media converter. This software is developed for all types of desktop and android phones, and it supports DVD, Video CD, and various streaming protocols.




can windows 10 convert an mov to an mp4




  • Install and launch the original application.




can windows 10 convert an mov to an mp4




  • Select the Media and click on the convert/save.




can windows 10 convert an mov to an mp4




  • Click on the option, and a new add+ screen will appear, click on the “add+” button.




can windows 10 convert an mov to an mp4







can windows 10 convert an mov to an mp4




  • Click on the “OPEN” and right side down corner click on the convert/save.


  • Right now, tap on the “Convert”


  • Make sure to click on the video for MPEG4 720P TV/Device in the new convert box.


  • Click on the start, and it will take some time; specifically, you are converting multiple videos.


4. EaseUs Application Converter


EaseUs is one of the most accessible third-party converters. It has a 30x faster speed than other converters, and you can convert your MOV file into MP4, MP3, MKV, and AVI.


The conversion quality will remain the same, and there is no chance of clip crack and lack. It will convert the file the same as it was –


  • Download and launch the software.


  • Go to the application.


  • Tap on the video converter.


  • Select or drag the MOV file.


  • Click on the Settings option, and select the MP4; you can also choose the pixels and resolution in any offered format.


  • Convert the file.


  • Wait for a few seconds.


  • Go to the “Finished” option.


Here you can preview the video. Enjoy!



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Why isn’t MOV Player Compatible with Windows?


MOV is the invention of Apple, and it is hard to play on Windows 10. Due to other competitors’ creation, windows don’t allow permission to own windows directly. So, on Windows 10, the user is unable to play any MOV file. But using the default system and third-party conversion, users can convert MOV files into MP4.


2. Is it Feasible to Transform MOV to MP4 for Free?


Yes, there are numerous free tools and software available where you can convert the MOV file into MP4. You can also convert it using the default system converter. In addition, you can also download EaseUs, VLC player, and Zamzar to convert your MOV file.


3. Does Apple Device Require any MOV Converter?


No, the MOV multimedia file is a creation of Apple, and all the devices come with a pre-installed MOV player where you can directly play the file and no need to convert the video into MP4. 


4. Does MP4 Video Conversion Hamper the Video Quality?


Actually, the chances are 50/50 as it depends on the quality of the free converter. Generally, all the free converters are suitable, but you can find the changes if you notice them closely. Still, there are a few more converters available to keep the video quality the same as the main MOV file. 


5. MOV or MP4: Which One is Better?


MOV files are larger than MP4 files. MP4 files are usually flattened and smaller, but MOV files are generally better in quality and wider. Because MOV files are built exclusively for Apple devices, they’re superior for video processing on a Mac.




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Still, there are spares of online applications accessible, but this article has picked the best MP4 converter methods and software for you. There are supposed to be no more conflicts about how can windows 10 convert an MOV to an MP4.


Microsoft doesn’t provide a pre-installed converter as it is from other manufacturers, but you can directly convert MOV into MP4 from the default system. In case of failure or multiple conversion features, you can go for an alternative third-party application, which we have already covered.


So, pick any free software from the discussed options and get your work done!

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