Can You Unsend An Imessage?

can you unsend an imessage

We all have been there that in the hit of the moment, we might have sent some messages that we regret later. Even a small typing mistake can put you into an embarrassing situation. In fact, if you are reading this, there is a high chance that you have done the same thing and wondering – “how can you unsend an imessage or text message before the recipient reads it?”

Well, you can drop your worries aside because there are conventional methods as well as third-party software available to be your savior in need. But if you do not know the Dos and Don’ts of the particular methods, no trick can save you at all. But we are here to give you a helping hand in that regard.

So let’s not waste any more time and get straight to the point!

How to Unsend a Message on Iphone That Has Not Been Delivered?


Un-sending an undelivered imessage or text is not as difficult as the delivered ones. You need to be quick enough to act in terms of recalling the message. Follow the conventional methods below to try out your luck:

1. Switch Off the Device

You will have only six seconds to switch off your device to prevent the message from delivering. But even six seconds can seem plenty when it comes to rectifying your mistake. All you need to do is

  • Press the right-hand side button and volume up button of your phone at the same time 
  • Then release the buttons and slide the power slider icon to turn off the device


can you unsend an imessage




If you are on a MacBook, follow these quick steps


  • Long press the Power button for four seconds located at the upper-right corner of the keyboard


  • Or else at the bottom-left corner of the keyboard hold down Shift + Control + Option and the Power button at the same time to forcefully shut down the device




can you unsend an imessage




If you follow this method quickly, the message will not reach the other party even if you turn on your device. But do remember that you have to be very fast with your fingers.


2. Turn Off the Data 


It takes a few seconds for a message to deliver at the other end. And if you get lucky and your cellular data works slowly for the day, you will have a few more seconds to unsend an imessage.


  • Before the recipient receives your message, quickly swipe down on your screen


  • Once the control panel appears, quickly turn off your data or Wi-Fi connection. 



  • Because of the turned-off data, the message status will appear as Not Delivered in red. And you need to long-press the text without turning on the data


  • Then click on the “More” option and press the Trash icon to delete the message permanently. You must follow this step, otherwise, once you turn on the mobile signal, the message will reach the other end.



can you unsend an imessage


3. Activate Airplane Mode


To recall a message you can activate the Airplane mode before the blue progress bars appear right beside the text. To access the mode you need to open the Settings bar.


  • If you are using old models such as iOS 8 or even older ones, slide from the bottom left of your screen to find the Airplane icon


  • With the latest iOS models, you need to swipe down from the upper-right corner



  • Now, you need to go to the settings and turn off the Send as SMS option. 




can you unsend an imessage




  • If you do not toggle off the SMS option the message will reach the person as a normal text message even with the Airplane mode turned on


  • Patiently wait for five minutes before you disable the Mode


  • Within these five minutes, go back to the imessage app and delete the non-delivered text


However, there is no separate button to activate Airplane mode in a MacBook. So, from the Mac menu bar, you will have to turn off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection to enable Airplane mode.


How Can You Unsend an Imessage That Has Been Delivered?


With the built-in iOS features, you can only unsend a message if it is not delivered. And to unsend a delivered imessage is a bit tricky as you most probably will need to run Android on your iOS device. But if you can overlook the difficulty level to be on the safer side for the next wrong messages you send, you can opt-out for any of the following options:


1. TigerText App


TigerConnect network has come up with the TigerText iOS text message application to give you more control over sent messages. But for it, you need to turn off the imesssage app and use the Tiger Text to send messages. Follow the steps below to unsend a delivered text


  • First, go to Settings and click on the Messages option


  • Now, turn off the imessage button and turn on the Send as SMS


  • Select the Tiger Text app to use as the Texting app on your iOS. 
  • After sending a message from the app, long-press the sent message


  • Now you need to select the Recall option before the recipient reads it.




can you unsend an imessage




  • Once the delivered message is unsent, you will no longer see the green icon placed right next to the message.


So following these steps will save you big time from any embarrassing moment for a wrong message. This app also enables you to remove a read message from both sides even after a month. But do remember that, if you use it, you will not be able to access all the advanced features of the imessage app.

2. Jailbreak

TigerText is available on the Apple App Store. But, when you can’t  access to it, then you need to run android apps on iOS Jailbreak. However, it is a bit lengthy process. So, if you are okay with Jailbreak to avail the Android quick unsend feature follow the steps

  • At first, you need to download browse the Cydia app guide to make sure that it will not affect your operating system 
  • Now you need to install and launch Bootlace, and to do that you need to click on Manage, then Sources, and Edit.




can you unsend an imessage





  • After following the path click on Add to download to install the bootlace, remember that without it you cannot run the app on your iOS device


  • You need to run the iboot or bootlace on your device


  • If you cannot find the bootlace icon on your home screen, all you need to do is restart the device


  • After the restart, you can detect the iboot icon and run it so that your device can start processing for Android installation


  • It is time to relaunch the bootlace by clicking on the install the “OpeniBoot” 




can you unsend an imessage




  • Once you get your OpeniBoot installed, you will get a pop-up notification to launch the “iDroid” app


  • To launch the iDroid, tap on the iDroid icon, then Install, and OK. It will take time to install so be patient




can you unsend an imessage



  • Now open the Bootlace to tap the QuickBoot option and then tap the Android icon to reboot your device


  • Upon reboot, you can run the TigerText app to unsend the delivered imessage


Do remember to backup all your data to the iCloud before you plan to reboot your iOS. It will help you to get all your valuable data back once you restore the device to get back to the iOS. Otherwise, you might lose your data.


How Can You Unsend a Current Location on imessage?


Sometimes you might accidentally share your location to an imessage group chat or any contact. Especially if you are new to iOS. And if you are concerned for your security, the good news is you can unsend the current location. Depending on your device model follow any of the easy methods below


Method 1: If you are using the imessage app itself, then follow these steps to unsend a location text right away:


  • Go to settings and open My Friends option 


  • Then find the Me option from there and tap it


  • Now you need to tap the Share My Location option


  • Finally, turn off my location option and it will undo or unsent your current location on the imessage 


Method 2: If you are sending the location as SMS from imessage, make sure to give these steps a try:


  • Open the imessage app and open a conversation thread that has your location shared on a text


  • You will notice an info icon right below at the name of your contact and you have to click the icon


  • Then tap the stop sharing my location. It will unsend your current location and that particular contact will not be able to see your location


Tricks to Get a Hold of the Unsend Feature without Any Struggle


Practically not everyone can be quick enough to unsend a message within a few seconds or a minute. It does not mean that there is no cheat sheet for them. If you often make the mistake of sending messages that you might regret later, then implement these tricks and drop your worries


  • Always send your message with the Airplane Mode on or without a data connection. 


  • After you are done texting, check if you have shared any irrelevant information or anything offensive. 


  • Also, check whether it is the right contact you intend to send the messages to or not. 


  • If anything seems off, delete the messages before disabling the Airplane mode or turning on the data.


  • Try to send voice messages and attach photos to your text messages. As it takes a bit of time to send such messages it will give you more time to unsend the message before the blue status bar is loaded. 



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


If you delete an imessage, does it unsend?


It depends on the status of the message. If you delete or cancel the message before the status says “sent” or “delivered, it will unsend the message. Otherwise the delete option will not copy back to the other person’s phone. It will only be deleted from your iCloud account storage and inbox. You need to use “recall” or “unsend” or “delete for both” option to unsend a text.


What happens if you jailbreak iOS to Avail Android Unsend Features?


If you install pirated software to jailbreak iOS and avail quick unsend features, it is likely to make your device prone to security issues and shortened battery life. So it is better to use reputed sources. And do remember that jailbreaking will invalidate the warranty agreement with Apple. Other than that it doesn’t have any negative impact on the operating system.  


Can the Recipient Restore an Unsent imessage?


No, a recipient cannot restore a removed or unsent imessage. They do not have your unsent message stored in their iCloud account in the first place. So even with a third-party tool, they will not be able to restore the text messages. Even if they try from different devices and from your device itself, they will not find a copy of your unsent message to restore.


Does the new iOS 15 feature imessage recall option?


There was a rumor circulating during the launch of iOS 14 and iOS 15 that they would come up with an imessage recall option. But they do not feature such options separately as of now. It doesn’t mean that it will never include such a feature. The iOS 15 update might incorporate the recall option, you never know. 


Can You Unsend a Delivered imessage with Airplane Mode? 


If you use the built-in imessage text app you will not be able to unsend a delivered message. No trick will work on a delivered message from the app. But with the third-party software, you have the freedom to unsend it even after a few days just like Skype. So with the built-in feature, you need to be quick enough to unsend the message before its delivery. 


Does iOS notify the recipient if you Unsend an imessage?


The iOS developers thought of including a notification feature that will inform both parties that you have deleted a message. But they dropped the idea. So if you remove a message the recipient is less likely to know it.


Final Words!


To error is human. Also, to make things easier for the recipient, you might want to undo a message that includes half of the information. And the iOS approved Tiger Text app, conventional Airplane mode, and hacks to unsend messages can help you if you know the proper use.


Hopefully, this guide could walk you through how can you unsend an imessage without any pirated resources. So try to stick to these methods, otherwise, any non-registered source might affect your device!



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