Can’t Restore Or Update Iphone | Itunes Error

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The great thing about the iPhone is that you can easily upgrade its operating system to a better or new version. And you can restore the version when you want it back. But, the problem is Many iPhones users go through this problem that they can’t restore or update iPhone, and it shows errors.


Don’t worry. It’s a common problem. I will share some easy solutions on how you can update or restore your iPhone. Keep scrolling down to know more.


How to fix an iPhone when it’s not updating?



can't restore or update iphone



You are having trouble updating your iPhone. Perhaps, you haven’t enough available space in your storage. In this case, you can connect your iPhone to your PC and try updating it again. You also need to make sure that your internet connection is working properly. You can use Wifi for downloading the updates.


If downloading the updates end up failing, disconnect the iPhone and download Update again after reconnecting it.


I hope by following the above methods, you can accomplish updating your iPhone.


How to fix an iPhone when it’s not restoring?


There are a few Formulas. I’ve mentioned some of them I am sure you will need much time to fix your iPhone restoring errors




can't restore or update iphone




A. Update iTunes On Your Computer


Updating iTunes on a Mac Computer:


Make sure you have updated your iTunes on your computer. How to check if it’s already Updated or not?


After opening the computer, check out the apple toolbar. You will find it at the top of your display on your PC.


Go to the drop-down menu. Select the ‘check for Updates’ option.


Now, you can get a notification of your iTunes update status. If it is not updated, iTunes will be updated automatically with your click. See! How easy it is!


Updating iTunes on a Windows PC


When you are using a Windows PC, follow the following instructions. Go to iTunes on your PC. Then go to the ‘Windows menu bar’ and choose the Help option.


Now, from the drop-down menu, just select the ‘Check For Updates’ as you have done before. The further process is the same as on a Mac Computer. In this way you can easily keep up to date with iTunes on your personal computer.



can't restore or update iphone




B. Reboot Your Computer


Did you update your iTunes on your PC already? If so, try this step. Yes, you need to reboot your PC.


If you are using a Mac, On a Mac, just click the Apple button at the Left top corner of the display and choose Restart in the drop-down menu. On a PC, click restart from the start menu


Apart from these, you can hard Reset Your iPhone and make sure it’s Plugged Into your PC. Besides, you can use another USB cable. If your USB cable is damaged somehow, it can cause problems in restoring.


If all these fixes don’t make any difference, it’s time to go repair your iPhone.


Declined to authorize this image on this device for this user


If you see a notification like “iTunes Error: Declined to authorize this” or  “Declined to authorize this image on this device for this user” while updating your iPhones, you can try the following solutions.


The first thing you can do is to set up the iPhone. Make sure to do it after putting it in recovery mode.


Secondly, you need to update to the latest iOS.


After trying all the above steps, if the same errors still take place, check the host files. When host files have access to, it can cause such issues. So, you can go to the host files for checking it and can also remove it.



Final Verdicts


Fixing the iPhone update or restoring problems are quite easy tasks. You can follow the mentioned instructions. But still, if you find it fuzzy, you had better go to a tech expert.




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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can I update my iPhone without using iTunes?


Answer: Yes, you can simply update your iPhone without using iTunes. You need to connect your iPhone to the internet over Wifi.


  • Can I force my iPhone to restore?


Answer: You can force your iPhone to restore. However, experts don’t recommend this process.


  • Can I restore my iPhone using Windows PC?


Answer: You can restore your iPhone using Windows PC. It won’t cause any harm to your device.

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