Best Fixes for Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls?

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The android phone is an alternative mini version of a computer, and you can move with it anywhere. This is mainly for communication purposes with numerous features. But while roaming from here to there, you may face cellular network not available for voice calls problem. This issue becomes horrific when you’re trying to reach your friend or family!


This is not a malware function or major hardware glitch, but the problem is significant, and you cannot persist with it. That’s why if you know proper fixation techniques, you don’t need to seek help from experts.


In this article, we will discuss multiple fixation methods of cellular network glitches. So, if you get an unsatisfactory result from one, then apply the next one.


How to Fix the Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls?


The cellular network not available for voice calls is not a permanent system glitch, so you can come to a solution by applying a few handy methods. However, the error can also occur for hardware issues and mismatched device configurations.


If you can find the root problem, then the fixing process will become easier. So, follow the given instructions to resolve the issue –


  1. Reboot the Device


Rebooting the device can solve all types of minor issues, including cellular data connection failure. If the reason is insignificant, then following this step will solve the problem:


Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls


  • Long-press on the power button.
  • The reboot option will appear on the screen now; press the reboot.
  • Now select Ok.
  • Or you can press the power button for 10 seconds to reboot without command.


  1. Airplane Mode


The flight mode or Airplane mode is an exclusive feature of android phones, and it’s a substitute version of switched off. This feature turns off all kinds of network connections, but the phone will remain on, and you can work on other functions. If accidentally the flight mode is on, then the cellular network not available will occur.


On the top screen where the sim network shows, instead of the network sign, if the airplane is visible, then it indicates that the flight mode is on.


  • Drag down the notification bar.
  • On the notification panel, you will see the Plane icon, now, click on that and disable it.


  1. Network Operator


This is a common problem and is often caused when the auto location adjustment is on disable mode. Generally, the network operator features, by default, automatically adjust the location when the user moves from one place to another.


But if a user manually turns off the auto adjustment, then the device will be unable to modify the cellular network according to location.


If you are facing the problem, check the network operator once, and if it’s on the disable mode, then enable it following the given instructions:


  • Open the settings option from the notification panel icon or extract it from the application icon.


  • Enter the Wireless and Network option.


  • Select the Mobile network.


  • Under the network, select the Network type or preferred network.


  • Tap on the 5G and automatically.


  1. Update the Phone


Android devices obtain updates very frequently, so if the device’s network software has a new update on voice calls and you haven’t met yet, then fix this issue first. Solve this software glitch following the given guideline:


  • Open the settings menu.
  • Under the menu, find the “About Phone” and tap on it.
  • Select the software update and search for a new update.
  • If the search finds a new update, then go for it.


Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls


  • In this process, your device may auto-restart several times.


  1. Re-insert the Sim


Check if the sim card is properly placed or if it’s expired. Unpin the sim holder using the pin given with the box, extract the sim card, and again place it. Now restart your device.


The network sign will show the full signal on the expired sim card case, which is why it is hard to find out the current condition. Find the registered document and contact customer care right away.


Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls


  1. Right APN Format


Incorrect APN format can cause the cellular network not to be available issue. Follow the instructions to check the current format and fix it to the right:


  • Extract the phone’s settings menu.


Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls


  • Select the Network and Internet.
  • Tap on the individual sim that is causing the issue.
  • Open the Advanced, and under it, select the APN or Access Point Names.


Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls


  • If the selection is under the Emergency IMS, then set the sim to APN.


  1. Factory Reset


This is the last method that you can apply. If you didn’t get any results after using all discussed methods, then a factory reset may help you. From the settings option, open the About Phone and select factory reset.


Before doing the method, turn on the backup mode because this method will remove all your internal storage data.


Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls




Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


  • Why is the Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls Occurring?


Generally, in most cases, when you shift from one country to another, you may face a cellular network error and can’t make any calls. During travel, you can experience the problem anytime.


Basically, bad cellular network backdated OS, Corrupted or expired SIM cards, and device hardware glitches are responsible for this issue.


  • Does Battery Changing Fix the Cellular Network Issue?


The android phone’s batteries are big in size, so except for the sim cards and other hardware, it takes up the entire space. When the battery somehow gets damaged or expired, at first, the sim slot gets touched and can create a slot glitch. So technically, changing the battery can fix the issue.


  • How to Fix the Network Radio Signal?


If the sim’s radio signal doesn’t broadcast properly, then you can manually fix this issue. Dial *#*#4636#*#* it will extract the phone menu, tap phone’s information, and select Run ping test. Scroll down and select the Set preferred network type. Pick the GSM Auto (PRL) and turn off the radio.




We use the phone mainly for communication purposes, and a tiny card helps to generate calls. But the bug-like cellular network not available for voice calls is a terrible problem when you can’t make any phone call from the specific sim, and this can occur for various reasons.


Through this article, we have clarified all types of feasible problem solutions, hope so, now you have a precise guideline.


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