How To Change Android Notification Sounds Within 2 Minutes

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Suppose you want to pick up the call of a particular person as soon as possible. Or you are eagerly waiting to receive an important file through an app on your phone. So you will be overwhelmed to set a unique ringtone for that incoming call or notification. But how to make something your ringtone or notification? Chill! It’s elementary.

To set a customized notification sound or ringtone, record a clip straight to your android phone, capture a snippet from a preexisting song or video file, or use specialized software to download a prepared tone. Then convert it to a standard format. Finally, make it your custom ringtone or notification sound via the phone’s settings.

Knowing how to customize your ringtone and how to change android notification sounds can come in handy for many other reasons. But the most important one of them is to set up a flare of personalization on your phone.


To make your own ringtone or notification sound, you do not need much. All you need is an audio file and a phone. It can be both android and iPhone.

Internet connection may be needed if you have to download the mp3 file when you do not have that file stored in your phone.

Another thing that you might need is a computer to trim the audio file. But it’s only for when trimming is not possible with your android.

How To Trim An Audio File?

You don’t want the entire song to be used as a ringtone, right? If you do so, you can skip this step. However, this will not always be the case.

Most of the time, you’ll want to hear only a portion of a song or MP3 audio. You can trim your audio files using various tools, including Audacity and Music Editor, to make your own ringtones free.

One of these software is for your PC, and the other is for your android phone.

Using Audacity

To trim your Mp3 file using Audacity, you need to follow the steps given below:

Step 01: Download and install Audacity on your PC, which is available for any version of Windows.

Step 02: Go to your Files option and import the audio file that you want to trim.

Step 03: After selecting the audio file, highlight the audio segment you want to keep as your ringtone with the selection tool and pointer.

Step 04: After choosing a section, use the space bar to play only that section and make sure you like it.

Step 05: Then press Edit > Remove Special > Trim Audio accordingly.

Step 06: After completing these steps, you need to transfer the file to your phone.




How to Change Android Notification Sounds

Using Music Editor

To trim your audio file with Music Editor using a phone, you need to follow the underlying steps:

Step 01: First of all, you have to check whether the Music Editor app is downloaded on your phone or not. If not, download and install that.

Step 02: On that app, you will find the Trim Audio option. Select that.

Step 03: Select that particular song you want to trim and adjust the sliders to select the part of that song that you want to make your ringtone or notification sound.

Step 04: Select the Floppy Disk icon and save the new audio file with a new name. And then press Ok.

How To Make A Sound Your Ringtone?

After trimming that particular song or sound that you want to make your ringtone, you are ready to set that new audio file as your ringtone.

Here are some basic steps to follow. But note that the steps may slightly vary according to the version or model of your phone.

Step 01: Transfer the trimmed or downloaded file on your PC through Bluetooth, USB, or other apps. And if it is already downloaded and trimmed on your phone, then no need to do so.

Step 02: Open the Settings option on your phone.

Step 03: Scroll down to the Sound And Vibration option.

Step 04: Go to Advanced > Phone Ringtones > My Sounds.

Step 05: If you cannot find your trimmed audio file on that page, click on the + sign and add that audio file from your storage.

Step 06: The last step is to press the Save button, and you are ready to go.




How To Change Android Notification Sounds




How To Set A Custom Ringtone For A Single Contact?

Although having custom audio for your default ringtone is a fantastic idea, you may want to have unique sounds for your preferred acquaintances. In the standard Contacts app, you can also set a personalized ringtone for each contact.

You may override your default ringtone for specific users as well. To do that, follow the steps below:

Step 01: Go to the Contacts app on your phone. And select your preferred contact.

Step 02: Press the three-dot menu button situated on the top-right side.

Step 03: Select the Set Ringtone button to choose the trimmed ringtone that you want to hear to identify a specific person’s call.

Step 04: After finding that particular audio, select that. And that’s it!




How To Change Android Notification Sounds





How To Set An Audio File As Notification Sound?

Just like a separate ringtone, you might want to hear a custom notification sound for your apps. Notification sounds are only one of many ways to personalize your Android, and each version improves the process.

You may change the default notification sound for all apps on your Android. It’s also possible to change the notification sounds directly from the app.

The steps to be followed are given below:

Step 01: Go to the Settings option on your phone, scroll down, and select the Sound And Notifications/Vibration option.

Step 02: Go to the Advanced option.

Step 03: Press Default Notifications Sound and go to My Sound.

Step 04: Select the particular sound you want to set as your notification sound and press Ok.


How To Set The Notification Sound By App?

Just like you may customize a ringtone for a particular person, some apps allow you to customize a notification sound for a specific program.

Perhaps you prefer to hear one type of buzz when you receive a text message but another when you receive a work email. You must look for this option within the unique settings for each program.

Suppose you receive a lot of important messages through mails. So you may want to change the notification sound just for your Gmail app. That way, you’ll know if you’ve received a new email and whether it’s personal or work-related.

Now how will you set your customed notification sound to your Gmail app? To do that, you have to get the job done from the app only.

Step 01: Open your Gmail app first.

Step 02: Tap on the menu button on the top that looks like three lines.

Step 03: After that, select your email address and press the Manage Notifications option.

Step 04: Then select Advanced > Sound. And select the customed notification sound that you want for your Gmail app.




How To Change Android Notification Sounds





How To Make A Custom Ringtone On iPhone?

Because of the complexity of using an iPhone, you might think that setting a custom ringtone on iPhone will be tricky. But no! It’s also easy, actually.

You only have one option for transferring your audio file to your iPhone. To move the audio clip to iTunes, here’s what you need to do:

Step 01: On your computer, import the audio file into iTunes and sync the app.

Step 02: Launch iTunes on Windows or macOS.

Step 03: Select File > Add File to Library.

Step 04: Then go to the clip you wish to use as a ringtone or alert.

When you have that particular audio clip in iTunes, you have to convert that file into the AAC version. After that, your work to make that your costumed ringtone starts.

Step 01: Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics in iOS.

Step 02: Then, set the default ringtone and notification alerts for new emails, text messages, calendar events, and so on.

All of the files you added via the manner mentioned above, as well as the phone’s built-in audio options and something called Tone Store, should appear in your selection of potential sounds.

Use the latter if you wish to purchase a ringtone from the iTunes Store—you can select from a variety of music snippets for around $1 each.




How To Change Android Notification Sounds

How To Make A Custom Ringtone For A Single Contact On iPhone?

iOS, like Android, allows you to set distinctive ringtones and text message alerts for specific contacts. You can do this by using a personalized ringtone to identify individual friends and family members.

Follow the steps given below to set a customed ringtone for a single contact.

Step 01: Open the Contacts app.

Step 02: Choose an entry and tap Edit.

Step 03: Select either Ringtone or Text Tone to make changes to those settings.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I set a custom notification sound for an app on my iPhone?

Yes. Like Android phones, iPhones also give you the offer to set a custom notification sound for a particular app. It’s so that you can easily understand which app has a new notification.

Tap Settings > Notifications. Then pick the app you’re interested in, and tap Sounds. Finally, make your choice from the list of audio options.

From where to download ringtone to make custom audio clips?

There are many sites and apps available to download ringtones. But for all of them you need an internet connection. These programs include a library of ready-made audio snippets and tones, as well as tools for efficiently extracting audio from existing files.

For Android, we propose Ringtone Maker and Zedge, both of which are free and subsidized by advertising.

How to add a ringtone file to the ringtone folder?

Here are the steps to add a ringtone file to the ringtone folder:

  1. In the Downloads folder, long-press your own ringtone.
  2. Select the Copy option.
  3. To access the location menu, swipe in from the left edge of the screen.
  4. Use the Internal Memory button.
  5. Select the Ringtones folder.
  6. Tap the Paste button.

How to convert audio files into AAC Version?

First of all, choose File > Convert > Create AAC Version. And if you can not find that, you need to change the import setting and select Create Mp3 Version.

How to make a custom ringtone on Samsung?

If you have a Samsung, you can use the Voice Recorder app to record a notification sound. Simply record a sound and save it. The file will be saved to your Internal storage > Voice Recorder folder, which is critical to remember because you’ll need to relocate it shortly.

Finally, choose this file and follow the usual steps to set up a custom ringtone.


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Final Words

In this era, you don’t have to depend on the limited and default notifications and ringtones that your mobile company has set for you. Android phones now come with the options of setting different ringtones for different calls and different notification sounds for different apps. So you can easily differentiate whoever is calling you or which app has a new notification.

Give this post a thorough read if you want to know how to have custom notification sound Android. Use your android phone wisely!


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