How to change the color of your text messages on Android (3 Easy Way)

Are you feeling tired using the same outlook of your text messages? We don’t know about you but we definitely are. How to change the color of your text messages on android? No worries, android devices are becoming very handy and customizable. Users like to organize and modify features according to their taste. Similarly, many of us want to change the color of text messages. 

That’s why we bring up a solution. In this article, we’ll tell you how to change the color of your text messages on android. This is really fun. Let’s get started.


How to Change Text Message Color on Android?


In order to change text color on Android, you have to follow certain steps. They are mentioned below.


Step 1: At the very beginning, you have to navigate to Setting & followed by the Advanced tab.


Step 2: In the second step, you should tap on the “Appearance Settings” button. Then select the button that displays “Conversation Customization”.


Step 3: Lastly, you can change the bubble color of the “Incoming Background Color” or “Outgoing Background Color.”


Using third-party application:


Sometimes your Android phone doesn’t support changing the outlook of the build-in messenger. In that case, we recommend using a trusted third-party application. Google Messenger is one of them.


Google Messenger:


Google Messenger is a perfect alternative to the majority of non-Nexus phones’ as well as stock messaging applications. It’s clean and minimal, like other Google items, providing just what you need. It’s fast and efficient, and it’s unquestionably one of the best options. Let’s see how you can use this application down below. 


  1. First of all, you have to download and install the Google Messenger app from the Google Play store.


2.Then launch the app and directly go to the conversation that the color you want to change. You can change each person and each conversation color specifically.




How to change the color of your text messages on Android




3.Once you appear in the conversation tap on the three-dotted icon placed in the top right corner. 


4.Then choose ‘People and Options’ and so you’ll get a few options like Notifications, Sound, Vibrate, Block, etc. But you have to pick the small plate placed on the right-hand side. 


5.Yep, you are right. This is the color palate. Tap on it.




How to change the color of your text messages on Android




6.You can choose any color you like. There is no custom color option but still provides you a lot of good options.


7.Pick a color, instantly it’ll take place in your conversation and also on the People & option menu. 




How to change the color of your text messages on Android




That’s it. You can do it anytime and get instant pleasure. 



How to change the color of your text messages on Android






Q1: How do I change the color of my text?


Answer: In order to change your text color, you should follow the steps given below.  

  1. First of all, you should open your HTML file
  2. Now, on the <head> tag you should place your cursor.
  3. Then use the <style> tag to create the internal stylesheet.
  4. Now in order to change the text color, type the elements sequentially. 
  5. After that, in the element selector, you have to type the color attribute.
  6. Next, select the color for the text.
  7. At the last, to change different elements’ color you can add other selectors also.


Q2: How do I customize my messaging on Android?


Answer: To be honest, customizing your messaging app on Android is very easy. All you need is to stick to the given steps:


  • In the beginning, you should open the Messaging app on your device. 


  • Secondly, once the application is started successfully, you have to pick the menu button to navigate the Apps menu. 


  • After that, look for the very top area of your screen to find the Display section.


  • Finally, you can also change the bubble style by pressing on it.


Q3: How do I change message settings on Android?


Answer: This is a straightforward method. Follow the method described below.


  1. Firstly, you have to press on the Message+ icon. If you don’t find the icon on your app drawer, then you should navigate to Apps followed by Message+.
  2. Next, at the top left, you’ll get the Menu icon, tap on it.
  3. Thereby, select the Setting option and adjust the options as you prefer. 
  4. To make sure your Settings is selected, you’ll see a check mark next to it.


Final thoughts: 

Hopefully, you know how to change the color of your text messages on Android. This is very simple yet gives you a dynamic look in your daily conversation. You must try it out. Let us know in the comment section if you face any difficulty. Besides, which topic you want us to write about let us know. 

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