What Is Com Motorola launcher3 App and How To Remove It?

What Is Com.Motorola.launcher3 App

An operating system requires another application to run pre-installed and third-party applications. The primary function of this application is to launch the secondary applications. These are called the launcher apps.


The manufacturing companies have their launcher applications pre-installed on the devices on the Android platform. The launcher service name for Motorola android mobile phones is “com.Motorola.launcher3.


Bugs and glitches make these launchers work ineffectively and often close down automatically. That is why you should know more about the com.Motorola.launcher3 app and how to remove it. Otherwise, your Motorola device may not work in an optimized way.


What Is Com Motorola launcher3 App?


Motorola is one of the worldwide famous smartphone manufacturing companies. It has its own programmed launcher3 app for smartphones. This comes as a pre-installed application in every model of the Motorola Android devices.


Sometimes you may get muddled about the app’s availability on your device because you have not installed it. The Motorola launcher3 app is the signature launcher of Motorola. It opens different applications and uses the transitions of the app drawer or app slider.


Moreover, this Launcher3 app is used to customize the home screen and lock screen by adding or removing widgets. Different wallpapers and background image settings can be done using the launcher3 application of Motorola.




What Is Com.Motorola.launcher3 App? And How To Remove It?




What is COM Android launcher3 used for?


There are different primary and secondary uses for the com Android Launchers. Most of the devices come with pre-installed launcher applications. You can also install third-party launcher applications from various sources.


App Launching and Closing


The main job of the com android launcher application is to make sure the opening and closing of the applications are smooth. It slightly depends upon the launcher optimization and how your other applications should open and close.


Sometimes, the application’s launch time is maintained by how stable your device launcher application is. The stock launcher may contain bugs and glitches that slow down your app opening and closing times.

Home Screen & Lock Screen


The design and style of the home screen come from the launcher application. It contains pre-programmed codes that represent the design of the device’s home screen and lock screen.


Some predefined wallpapers and screensavers come with the stock launcher application. You can customize the wallpaper and change the positions of the shortcut app icons on the home screen using the launcher applications.


Themes and Design


The launcher application of an operating system is responsible for the themes and digital design of the android system. The app drawers, sliders, and color profiles are pre-programmed within the launcher application.


You can see your device’s changing colors and digital aesthetics due to the specific launcher application. It changes with the change in the launcher application. If you install a third-party launcher, all the previous designs will be changed.


The launcher application modifies the app icons in the app drawer. You will get the cleanest app-icon designs from the Google stock launcher. Other launchers have their preset icons.


App Transitions Effects


The application transition effects and opening and closing effects you see are the results of the launcher app. Whenever you slide the app menu slider, the transition effect is seen. Its smoothness, effect, and timing depend on the launcher applications’ factory optimization.


Additional widgets


You may have noticed the weather update tabs, clocks, alarms, and post-it-note tabs on your home screen. These are the products of the launcher application. It is possible to customize the widgets according to your preference. You can use multiple home screens if it is available with your launcher.


Some launcher applications have a single application menu only/ But most of the launcher applications give you the liberty to use an app drawer to keep the installed applications arranged.



Why are com.Motorola.launcher3 and android package installer showing up in my google activity?


For a Motorola smartphone, it is customary to show the com.Motorola.launcher3 in your Google Activity. It means the launcher service is being used as the basic launcher for your device.


But sometimes, additional files along with the package installer also pop up in the Google activity. The probable reasons for these scenarios are stated below.

  • The launcher is running as the background service.
  • The stock launcher is affected by a virus.
  • Malware triggers the other package installers.
  • The system launcher is getting affected by third-party software.
  • Due to unauthorized interference of some recently added applications.
  • Installing and using unsafe applications from an unknown source.
  • External interference in your Google Activity from a different device.
  • Existence of bugs and glitches in the launcher3


How to remove Com Motorola launcher3 App?


The built-in Motorola launcher3 application is not very optimized. It has numerous bugs and acts very slowly compared to other official launchers. You can try a different, more optimized, user-friendly launcher from a third party.


This would require removing the old system launcher from the device. Since it is the official system launcher from the factory, it cannot be uninstalled by direct means. You should have root access to the device for doing the below-stated procedures.


The Android Debug Bridge(ADB) Process


This process requires a connection to a PC having a Windows platform to receive the commands directly.


  • First, download and install ADB software on your computer from a reliable source.
  • On your phone, navigate to Settings, then scroll down to system setting and open the About Phone tab.
  • Keep tapping the Build Number about seven times to access the developer option.
  • Return to Main settings and open the Developer option.
  • Nextly, you have to activate the USB Debugging option.



What Is Com.Motorola.launcher3 App? And How To Remove It?




  • Extract and open the ADB folder on your computer.
  • Press the Shift and Mouse Right buttons simultaneously to open the Powershell Command Center option.
  • Type in the command “ADB Devices”
  • Finally, type in the command “ADB shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.Motorola.launcher3” and press Enter button.
  • The launcher would be uninstalled from your device permanently. To temporarily disable the launcher, you must replace the “Uninstall” with “Disable” in the previously stated command.




What Is Com.Motorola.launcher3 App? And How To Remove It?




The System App Remover Process


For this process, you must have a previously rooted device. If your device is not rooted, you can access the internal system customization options.


  • First, you must download and install the System App Remover Application from an authentic source.
  • Open the application and locate the com.Motorola.launcher3 application.
  • Tap on the ab and search for the Uninstall button.
  • Press the Uninstall button to remove the launcher application from your device permanently.



Is com.Motorola.launcher3 Safe?


The com.Motorola.launcher3 is the original system launcher application. All the Motorola smartphones have this launcher as the default launcher.


This launcher should not be confused with malware or bloatware. It is an original launcher from Motorola and is essential to open and run the installed applications.


Can I disable launcher3?


You can disable the launcher3 from your Motorola device. It requires the ADB software and connection with a computer. Moreover, you should have access to the developer options.


Using the PowerShell command center, send in the command “ADB shell pm disable–user 0 com.Motorola.launcher3”. This would disable the launcher for the time being.



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