What is Com.Samsung.Android.App.Watchmanagerstub?


While scrolling down the apps list to clear space on your phone, you come across some pre-installed apps that you might not know the use of. And the com.samsung.android.app.watchmanagerstub is such a package or app. So you might be wondering what to do with it, right?


Well, the watchmanagerstub bloatware can be a blessing to manage and customize wearable device functions and notifications from your phone. But if it starts eating up your phone’s storage, you need to get rid of it.


But without following the proper commands, you cannot disable it as it is pre-installed. So, we are here to break down the process for your convenience!


Should You Keep the Watchmanagerstub or Not?


The watchmanagerstub app can be pretty useful if you are a fitness geek. Its


Com.samsung.android.app.watchmanagerstub package lets you connect your wearables with your smartphone and track and manage the fitness updates. To save time on your fitness regime you can keep the pre-installed app.


However, Bloatware has the following limitations as well


  • It consumes battery power so the battery dies quickly
  • Your phone freezes and runs slower because of this bloatware in the background
  • Storage space runs low 


So, if you do not want to compromise with your operating system’s performance it is better to remove such bloatware. Also, if you are not planning to pair smart gear with your phone anytime soon, no need to keep the watchmanagerstub app.


How to Get Rid of the com.samsung.android.app.watchmanagerstub Bloatware?


It is better to remove any unused bloatware from a phone to extend the lifespan of your device. So, follow any of the methods to kick out the unwanted software from your Android


Method 1: ADB Binary


For this, you will need your smartphone and computer. It is a bit lengthy process but it can remove the bloatware from both devices. You just have to follow these steps carefully


  • Firstly go to the official website of your device manufacturer or Samsung’s website


  • Now find the USB driver downloads for your device from the Support Section of the website



  • It is time to install the ADB binary on your PC according to its OS


  • On your PC, you need to extract the zip file into a folder 


  • Go to Settings of your phone and tap on About Phone, and press Build Number until the “You are now a developer” option appears







  • Then you need to enter device PIN or pattern to enable the Developer Options, and from it choose the USB debugging 








  • You need to browse the extracted ADB binary folder on your computer 


  • From your PC keyboard hold the Shift key and right-click on your mouse, then select open command prompt” to launch the command prompt 


  • Type(or copy-paste) and run the following command on the command prompt


adb devices


  • Upon executing the command the ADB will operate in the system


  • A notification will pop up on your phone asking you to permit to connect the phone with the PC. Grant it.


  • On the command prompt enter and run the following scripts


adb shell pm uninstall -k –user 0 com.samsung.android.app.watchmanagerstub


After you run the command by hitting Enter the bloatware will no longer exist in your operating system. Do remember that, the ADB method only removes the pre-installed software or bloatware for the current user.


So, the cache data of it will remain on your phone for the manufacturer or main user.


Method 2: Android Built-in Setting


  • If the ADB method seems too complicated for you, the built-in setting feature is a way to remove bloatware without rooting your phone. Follow these steps


  • Pull down the notification panel on your phone and click Setting


  • Now select Apps then scroll down until you find the Samsung Galaxy Apps option, and tap on it.







  • As the watchmanagerstub bloatware is mainly for fitness monitor tools and Bluetooth services, look for unused fitness apps or Galaxy Watch apps.







  • Click on any of the unwanted apps 


  • After clicking, you will see an info page with Disable and Force Stop options, click on the Disable 








  • Once you tap on the Disable a popup will tell you that Disabling may cause errors to other apps. But be brave and click on Disable


  • Then click on the Force stop 


  • Now get back to Apps and click on the ANT Radio Service or ANT + Plugins Services







  • At the bottom of the app page, you will notice storage, tap on it







  • Find the Clear Cache at the bottom-right of the page, click on it







  • If you cannot clear cache, from the ANT service info page click on Force Stop.

You do not have to worry about losing the apps. If you need them, you can enable them from the App info page.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


What is Wearable Manager Installer?


The Wearable Manager Installer is the app to connect your smartphone with any other Samsung device. And the package name of the installer is com.samsung.android.app.watchmanagerstub. If you want to manage various wearables, then you can use this app.


Is Disabling and Uninstalling Bloatware the Same Thing?


No, disabling and uninstalling watchmanagerstub or the bloatware is not the same. You cannot uninstall bloatware without rooting your phone. And uninstalling removes the pre-installed bloatware permanently from your device. But disabling keeps the cache data. And this process does not require rooting, built-in settings or third-party apps are enough to disable bloatware. 


Is Your Phone Being Monitored with com.samsung.android.app.watchmanagerstub?


No, the bloatware for the wearable device is not monitoring your Android. So, you are not under any threat. And as it is a system app you are likely to receive OTA updates even if you disable it.



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As the com.samsung.android.app.watchmanagerstub is not malware, it will not gain unauthorized access to your personal data. So, you do not have to worry if you wish to keep this for future use.


However, if your device is low on space and running slow, you must remove it with the methods reviewed above. And you may expect to get a lightweight performance on your phone.

By Imran Chowdhury

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