Conditional Call Forwarding Active- Everything You Should Know About It!

conditional call forwarding active

Have you ever called someone and instead of hearing their voice, you were greeted by an AI voice? The machine reads a script pre-assigned to it and you hung up. If the answer is yes, then congrats as you already know what we mean by conditional call forwarding active.


But there’s more to know about it than this. For instance, how to enable it, how to disable it, or how to fix the issues that come after enabling and all that stuff. And it seems like a child’s play until you are on your phone trying to divert calls but nothing works.


So, if you are struggling with any of the activities we mentioned here, must read the entire article from top to bottom!


What Is Conditional Call Forwarding Active?


We will start by answering what is conditional call forwarding. Indeed, it is a call re-routing feature invented almost sixty years ago. The basic function is to divert an incoming call to another phone at the request of the first receiver.



conditional call forwarding active




Now if you are wondering why we need this feature anyway, here’s an explanation. Imagine you run a business in a very competitive market. You are traveling outside and potential customers are calling your number for product information or other queries. But they can’t reach you.


What will happen? Are they going to wait until you return and make a purchase? Absolutely no. they will swiftly move to the competitor who is ready to answer all their questions. And that’s how you lost several clients just because you were not available.


You could have saved the situation by enabling the conditional call forwarding feature in your phone. The customers don’t know you personally. As long as someone received the phone and answered their queries they are happy to shop. All the diverting or re-routing happens in the background.


Is It Different From The Standard Call Forwarding System?


Yes, the typical call forwarding system is used when you want to forward every incoming call to another device. You can say it has limited flexibility when it comes to the user’s choice. Once you enable it, your hand-phone will never receive another call from anyone.


Even if you are totally free, it doesn’t matter. On the other hand, we have the conditional call forwarding system. It is less rigid and provides more options to the user. How is that?


You can customize the system according to three scenarios. Just turn on the “when busy” option and it will divert incoming calls whenever you are preoccupied with something else. Suppose you are on a meeting and can’t pick up the call, that’s when the call forwarding mode will kick in. unless this situation arises, you can carry on receiving the calls yourself.


Another option is “only when unreachable.” That means, whenever you are in a place with low signal strength and the incoming calls can’t reach you, the carrier will divert the calls to another number (as you listed).


So, you can compare the two systems now. The conditional call forwarding surely comes with a better range of facilities for the users.


How to Enable the Conditional Call Forwarding?


Now we have a clear understanding of what does conditional call forwarding active means. We are ready to execute the steps and enable it on our phone, right?


  • First off, go to the “phone” tab and click on the three dots on the top corner. Select “settings” and you will be directed to your phone’s call setting menu.


  • Now scroll down a bit and select “more settings.”


  • The next window will showcase the “call forwarding” option.


  • After that, you will have to pick between voice and video calls. Choose “voice calls.”


  • In this section, you will have a list of when the call should be forwarded. It includes “always forward,” “only busy,” “when unreachable.” We have already discussed the consequences of each option earlier in the article.




conditional call forwarding active




  • Once you choose an option, the system will ask for a number where you want the future calls to be directed. Without any mistake fill the bar. In case you want to change the number, you can click on the “update” button just below the bar.


And that’s how you get it done!


This was the manual technique. Every carrier has a shortcut code for enabling call forwarding. The code varies among different models. If you want that code, you can check the official website of your carrier or contact them by phone.


Now you might ask, will the dialer notice? To be true, the “beep” sound takes longer than usual while forwarding a call. Because there are two calls ringing in the background: one from the dialer and another from the call-directing center. So there are chances that the dialer can tell.


How to Disable Your Phone’s Conditional Call Forwarding?


You might have a change after enabling it. So, before you ask how do I disable the message “conditional call forwarding is enabled” we have got that covered for you. The process is pretty much the same for various models.


We will show here how to disable conditional call forwarding active Samsung.


  • At first, go to the “phone” app and press the three dots. Then select the “settings.”


  • Once you select “calls settings” through the “additional settings” button, you will need to specify between voice or video calls.


  • In the third stage, you will notice the “call forwarding” option on the list.




conditional call forwarding active




  • Check into this option and see which forwarding system is enabled here. For example, the “when busy” option can be turned on by default.


  • Click the enabled option and turn off the button.


And that’s how you have disabled the call forwarding system. Just like the previous method, there are certain shortcuts to get it done. The codes are different for every model. Hope there are no more queries regarding how to fix conditional call forwarding active.




Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


Why Does My Phone Say Conditional Call Forwarding Active?


It simply means the “voicemail” option is enabled. When a dialer can’t reach you, they will get the option to send you a voice message for you to listen to later.


How Do I Turn Off Conditional Call Forwarding Active?


Go to the menu>enter the settings> click on call forwarding> select the enabled option> push the button back or turn it off.


How to Enable Always Call Forwarding System?


Go to the menu> enter the settings> click on call forwarding> select the “always forward” option> provide a phone number that will be used for re-routing.



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Conditional call forwarding is the easiest trick you can apply to increase customer feedback about your services. A responsive business is the best. And even if you are not a business owner, this feature is crucial in a time of an emergency.


So, we hope you can now check whether the conditional call forwarding active or not. And if it’s not active, you can follow our tutorial to enable it within a few clicks.

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