5 Ways to Connect Computer to Wi-Fi without Cable | How to Add Wi-Fi to a Desktop Computer

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We like everything wireless these days. The same goes for Ethernet cables. Then what about the desktops? Smartphones, laptops can easily be connected to a Wi-Fi network because they have built-in Wi-Fi adapters. Most desktops don’t have one. So, how to do pc connect wifi on windows 10 without Ethernet?


Sometimes we need to connect our pc to a Wi-Fi network for our convenience such as using the Ethernet for other devices or moving the pc setup to some other place. That’s when the computer needs a Wi-Fi connection without an Ethernet cable. No worries. It is possible to do it.


There are a few ways to connect the pc to a Wi-Fi network while getting rid of the Ethernet cables. We will require some help from other devices like a router, an adapter, a smartphone, and even from a laptop. These devices will help us to make the pc catch the Wi-Fi signals.


Can a PC connect WiFi without Ethernet?


It definitely can. Nothing is impossible with the help of modern technologies in the current world. A few years ago, Wi-Fi would be considered as cutting-edge technology. But today Wi-Fi is used everywhere by almost every smartphone and laptop in the world. So, a pc can also use some Wi-Fi facilities.


The trick can be done by using a few not-so-complex devices such as a router, a Wi-Fi adapter, a smartphone, or a laptop. We need them to help the pc to get a hold of the Wi-Fi signals. The broadband will be connected to these devices and the pc will receive signals through them.


How to connect to Wi-Fi on windows 10 without Ethernet


The main deficiency the desktop has is not having a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. So, to overcome this deficiency you will need an external adapter. And depending on the adapter the connection methods will slightly vary from each other. Let’s go through them one by one.


Connecting through a smartphone


  • Smartphones have built-in Wi-Fi connecting and sharing devices.
  • What you need to do is connect your phone to the pc with a USB data cable. Your normal charging USB cable is enough.
  • A sound made by your computer will confirm that the two devices are connected.
  • If the phone asks for permission, grant permission to access your pc.
  • After making the connection, turn on the Wi-Fi on your smartphone.
  • Now a notification will appear on your smartphone. Select the option USB.
  • You can go to the USB settings this way or you can go from your settings.
  • Go to settings. Select network and internet. Then select hotspot and tethering. Finally, go to




pc connect wifi




  • Now turn on USB tethering as shown in the picture above.
  • The Wi-Fi icon on your desktop will change and you will be able to use Wi-Fi on your desktop.

Connecting through a laptop


  • At first, you must connect your laptop to Wi-Fi connection.
  • Then go to settings on your laptop.
  • Select network and internet settings.
  • Select Ethernet. Then network and internet sharing center.
  • From there go to change adapter settings.




pc connect wifi




  • Now select both Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Right-click on the mouse. Select bridge connection.
  • Connect the laptop and the desktop with a LAN cable.
  • Your desktop internet icon will change and it is connected to Wi-Fi through the laptop.


Connecting through a USB Wi-Fi adapter


  • This device contains two parts. The USB adapter and a CD drive containing the drivers.
  • First, connect the USB adapter to your pc and put the CD into the CD ROM.
  • Now install all the drivers on your computer. You will see a setup wizard like the picture below.




pc connect wifi




  • During the setup name your adapter and set a password for the network.
  • After the installation is complete click on the Wi-Fi icon on your pc.
  • You will see the name of the adapter. Select it and give the password.
  • Save the settings to connect automatically to this network.
  • Your pc is now connected to a Wi-Fi network.


Connecting through a Wi-Fi card


  • You will need a bit of hardware-related work here.
  • First, you need to open your computer case. Before doing that make sure all the plugs are pulled out and the power switch is turned off.
  • After opening the case, search for a slot called PCI express x1 as shown in the picture below.


pc connect wifi




  • Now remove the plate on the case parallel to that slot.
  • Then attach the Wi-Fi card to that slot.
  • Install all the drivers from the CD that came with it on the computer.
  • Connect the Wi-Fi through the card on your Wi-Fi option.
  • And you should be able to use Wi-Fi on your desktop now.


Connecting through a Wi-Fi-enabled motherboard


  • As we discussed earlier the main shortage here is a Wi-Fi adapter in the computer.
  • So, you can overcome the shortage by replacing your old motherboard with a new one.
  • There are motherboards available out there that come with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter.


pc connect wifi



  • Put it on your computer and enjoy Wi-Fi on our pc.


This discussion should answer your question about how to connect a computer to Wi-Fi without cable. Choose whichever option is the easiest for you and get rid of your Ethernet cable.


How to connect to Wi-Fi on laptop


  • For that go to all programs on your computer.
  • Go to the control
  • From there go to network and internet.
  • Select network and sharing center.
  • Then click on change adapter settings.
  • Finally, click on Wireless network connection to enable Wi-Fi.




pc connect wifi




  • Now your laptop is connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Click on the Wi-Fi icon and select your Wi-Fi name.
  • Put in the password and connect to your particular Wi-Fi network.






Connecting your computer with windows 10 on it to a Wi-Fi network is not the most difficult of jobs. It may seem like a bit of a challenge without the Ethernet cable to have an internet connection on your pc. But if you know the tricks you will know exactly how to do pc connect wi-fi on windows 10 without Ethernet.


All the easiest possible ways have been discussed above. The discussion should also answer the question of how to connect Wi-Fi in windows 7 desktop or any other version of windows. The procedure is almost the same for all of them with a few minor differences here and there.


From all the ways of connecting your pc to Wi-Fi, choose the best one for you. If you have a smartphone or a laptop you can certainly use them. Or if you prefer not to use them then buy a USB adapter or a WI-FI card. Or for faster performance, you can buy a Wi-Fi-enabled motherboard. The choice is yours.




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