How To Disable Onedrive Windows 10?

disable onedrive windows 10

Windows from Microsoft is the most commonly used operating system globally. It comes with a built-in cloud data service named OneDrive. OneDrive Windows 10 is a file hosting service run by Microsoft. It also acts as a cloud-based data storage.


Whatever the case is, you need to learn how to disable onedrive windows 10 in detail. It will be super helpful to you if you need to remove bloatware from your PC.


Microsoft OneDrive can be disabled or removed in a couple of ways. You can either disable it via system settings or use group policy editor or even registry editor. If the Windows version allows, you can even uninstall OneDrive.


OneDrive syncs all your data, images, and Microsoft Office files across multiple devices connected with one account.


What is OneDrive?


OneDrive is a popular cloud-based storage service provided by Microsoft. It allows the account holders to save, share and synchronize their data in the cloud.


The software solution is free to use. Any new user would get a massive 5GB storage for free just by registering. Additionally, you can get up to 6TB of storage by becoming a paying customer.


You can store any files, documents, or folders in your OneDrive storage. All you need to do is to log in to OneDrive from any browser or use the OneDrive application on your device. You can use it on all android, macOS, iOS, Windows phones, and other Windows devices.


Features of OneDrive


One of the most burning questions we often ask is why do I need OneDrive? To answer that shortly, we can say that OneDrive has some fantastic features and services for absolutely free.


Let’s take a look at all the extraordinary advantages OneDrive can provide.


Backup all your necessary data


OneDrive automatically syncs your most essential documents and files into the cloud. The cloud storage is, by default, integrated with the Microsoft Office software.


Whenever you work with any document, presentation, or excel sheet, your data is automatically updated and synced with OneDrive. This way, you will never lose your data midway.


Access on multiple platforms in real-time


Instantly in a hurry to transfer a file to your android or iPhone from your computer? Use OneDrive!


You can simply upload the file on your drive. When the need arrives, download it on your phone. All these data can be accessed via multiple devices at the same time. You can use your iPhone or MacBook to access OneDrive too.


Free Storage


Are you running out of storage? No worries!

A free OneDrive account can get you 5 GB of storage. You can save any type of file here – videos, music, photos, anything.




One of the best aspects of OneDrive is that it is incredibly safe, secure, and encrypted. Microsoft ensures the lifelong security of your data. There is no chance to steal, corrupt, or copy your data from OneDrive.


Why Disable OneDrive?


Despite having this many features, sometimes, OneDrive can be a bit unwanted.

You may have some very sensitive data that might get compromised if uploaded to the internet. Or you might be using the internet with a data limit. Using OneDrive in these scenarios is a hassle.


You do not want your sensitive data to be uploaded to OneDrive.When using the internet with a limited data pack, you do not want to let the OneDrive use too much data uploading or syncing files. So, how to turn off OneDrive?


How To Remove OneDrive account from Windows 10?


There are multiple ways you can disable OneDrive account Windows 10. We will go through all of these for your convenience.


Unlink OneDrive account from your Windows 10


You can unlink and disable OneDrive on your PC through system settings. However, this will not uninstall the OneDrive app from your computer. It will just remove the OneDrive account and stop syncing data. Begin with Whatever the case is, you need to learn how to disable onedrive windows 10 in detail. It will be super helpful to you if you need to remove bloatware from your PC. If this is convenient for you, proceed to these steps:


Step 1: Select the OneDrive app icon in the notification panel on the right side of the taskbar.



disable onedrive windows 10



Step 2: Now Select More then Settings



disable onedrive windows 10




Step 3: Click Settings, and you will see a tab with multiple boxes under General. Uncheck all the options.

Step 4: Find the AutoSave tab, click the Documents and Pictures to This PC only. Uncheck every other box.

Step 5: Hover to the Accounts tab and select Choose folders.

Step 6: You will find a box titled Sync your OneDrive files to this PC. First, check and then uncheck the box at Sync all files and folders in my OneDrive.

Step 7: Click OK to terminate the tab and return to settings.

Now, all OneDrive files have been removed from your computer, but you can still find those files in the OneDrive cloud.

Step 8: Open the Settings one more time. Click the Account tab, select Unlink OneDrive. A Welcome to OneDrive box will appear. Close it.



disable onedrive windows 10



Step 9: Get to File Explorer and find OneDrive. Go to the Properties. On the General tab, which is next to the Attributes tab, mark the Hidden box.

Step 10: Select More and click Quit OneDrive.


You have now successfully unlinked OneDrive from your PC.


Disabling OneDrive through Group Policy


Sometimes just unlinking OneDrive will not result in complete termination. You might get annoying yet frequent pop-ups to enable Sync on OneDrive. To solve this issue, you can use Group Policy in Windows 10 to permanently disable OneDrive on your PC.


This process is a bit technical and lengthy. But do not be afraid. We will guide you through the tutorial step by step.


Step 1: Launch Group Policy on Windows 10


Hold the Windows key and R key together to launch the Run dialog box. Type msc in the box. Then click OK to proceed.



disable onedrive windows 10



Step 2: Disabling OneDrive


Navigate through the Local Group Policy Editor to the OneDrive folder. Follow this pathway to find the OneDrive folder correctly.


Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > OneDrive




disable onedrive windows 10




Now select the box Prevent the usage of OneDrive for file storage and double-click the item. A popup window will occur. Choose Enabled and choose Apply and OK to save the changes.



disable onedrive windows 10




After you have completed all these steps, you should Restart your computer.


If you wish to enable OneDrive again, you can do that easily by revising the procedure. Just change the status of Prevent the usage of OneDrive for file storage to Not Configured.


Disabling OneDrive through Registry Editor


Windows 10 has a handy feature that is the Registry Editor. The Registry editor is crucial to the stability of your system. Altering the keys and values without appropriate measures may render your system useless.


So be very careful before changing any values through the registry. Always backup your registry before editing anything.


Step 1: Launch Registry Editor


Hold the Windows key and R key together to launch the Run dialog box. Type regedit in the box. Then click OK to proceed.


Step 2: Disabling OneDrive


When in the Registry Editor window, navigate through the keys. Follow this path correctly.




disable onedrive windows 10




Go to the Windows key and right-click it. Select New > Key to continue.



disable onedrive windows 10



Now you have to Name this new key a OneDrive. Choose the OneDrive key and hover to the blank white space. Then right-click and choose New > DWORD(32-bit) Value to proceed.



disable onedrive windows 10



Time for naming the new key. Name the key as DisableFileSyncNGSC. Double click the key and alter the Value Data to 1. Do not forget to set the base value to Hexadecimal. Now close the Registry Editor and restart your system.


All of the ways mentioned above disable and hide OneDrive from your computer.


However, if you feel the need to permanently uninstall OneDrive from your Windows 10, you can do it. There is a catch, though.


Not all versions of Windows10 allow you to uninstall the OneDrive completely. If you can not find the option to uninstall OneDrive from your system, your only option is to use the previous methods to keep your data from syncing to OneDrive.


Uninstall OneDrive from the system


A buzzing question, how to uninstall OneDrive? You can solve this by using System Settings. Here are the steps to follow:


Step 1: Open the Control Panel


Hold the Windows key and S key together to bring the search box. Type Control Panel and launch it.


Step 2: Uninstalling OneDrive


A popup window will occur. Select Uninstall a Program under the Program tab. You will find a complete list of all programs installed in your system. Select Microsoft OneDrive and Uninstall it.



disable onedrive windows 10



Now you have successfully uninstalled OneDrive from Windows 10. Reboot your system for the settings to take effect fully.


You can also get a solution to your problem by using Commands. Run Command Prompt with Administrator access. Type these following commands properly.


  • taskkill /f /im OneDrive.exe
  • %SystemRoot%\System32\OneDriveSetup.exe/uninstall (for 32-bit Windows 10)
  • %SystemRoot%\SysWOW64\OneDriveSetup.exe/uninstall (for 64-bit Windows 10)


Press Enter after typing each command. There! You have now removed OneDrive from your PC completely.


Alternatives to OneDrive


If you were somehow dissatisfied with OneDrive or had to remove OneDrive from your system but still need a cloud-based storage service that can keep your data safe, this is the section you should pay attention to.


While being one of the best cloud-based storage services, OneDrive is not the sole provider. In terms of cloud storage, there are other free and secured services too. Here are a few of our favorites.


Google Drive


Number one in our list, Google Drive is definitely one of the best cloud storage programs. It is entirely free to use. You get up to 15 GB of storage for free by opening a Gmail account.


You can use Google drives across all devices from anywhere. You can upload, sync, and share your folders, documents, system settings, contacts, events, and whatnot.


Google Drive can be set to manual synchronization, meaning it will not upload any data without letting you know first. So that you do not have to worry about data leakage or extensive data usage.


On top of that, it is very secure. Google provides the best service for its consumers and will not let you down. So if you are looking for an alternative to the OneDrive, Google Drive is your answer.




MEGA is another excellent option for cloud storage. The MEGA drive is also free to use. You will be provided with 50 GB of free cloud storage.


It is a great storage service considering the amount of free space allocated. You can upload any files or folders into your MEGA drive and download them when needed into any device.


Their service can be accessed via multiple platforms, just like OneDrive and Google Drive. The encryption and safety protocol of MEGA is also reliable.




Dropbox is yet another popular cloud storage system and is one of the earliest to hit the market. It is free to use and will offer your 2GB of free data storage.


The software can sync your personal data, documents, and folders. Dropbox can be used across all platforms like android, iOS,macOS, and windows.


Summing up, Dropbox can be considered a reliable alternative to OneDrive.


Amazon Drive


Amazon Drive is a premium cloud storage service. But it is only available to Amazon prime owners. Without purchasing a data plan, amazon prime users can store up to 5 GB of videos and unlimited photos.


By purchasing a yearly plan, you can store any type of file on Amazon Drive instead of only videos and photos. Amazon drive offers powerful encryption for the safety of your data. If you do not have any issues with premium service, Amazon Drive can be a good choice.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



Is it safe to delete OneDrive from my computer?


Yes, It is safe to uninstall OneDrive from my computer. It does not affect your system. But you can not back up your data in cloud storage anymore.


Will removing OneDrive from my computer remove all data backed up in the cloud?


No, removing OneDrive from your computer will not remove any data in the cloud storage. You can still access them by logging in to your OneDrive account.


Can I access all the data in my OneDrive account after removing OneDrive from my computer?


Yes, you can still access all the data in the OneDrive cloud storage bound to your account. You can go to any browser and surf to to log in to your account and access all your data.

How much storage does a OneDrive account offer?


A basic, free, OneDrive account offers up to 5GB of cloud data storage. However, you can subscribe to Microsoft for up to 6TB of cloud storage.


Should I remove OneDrive from my computer?


It is entirely up to you. If you feel like sensitive data contents might get compromised if synced to OneDrive, you should remove OneDrive from your system.


Other than this, having OneDrive is handy. Your important files and documents can be saved in cloud storage. You can access them from anywhere on any device.

What if I can not uninstall OneDrive from system settings?


If you can not uninstall OneDrive from your Windows 10, your OS might not support uninstalling a base software. In that case, you can disable OneDrive by following different methods.


Does disabling OneDrive in my system altogether remove it?


No, disabling OneDrive will not obliterate it. OneDrive will just stop syncing data to the cloud. It may still prompt you to enable it from time to time.



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Bottom Line


Microsoft’s OneDrive is undoubtedly a convenient service. You can store all your important pictures, files, and documents in the cloud. The files are easily accessible across multiple platforms and can be shared, synced, and downloaded.


Even with all of these features and advantages, some might want to know Whatever the case is, you need to learn how to disable onedrive windows 10 in detail. It will be super helpful to you if you need to remove bloatware from your PC.


The developers do not always allow you to completely uninstall OneDrive from your device. In those situations, you have to improvise. Removing OneDrive from your PC ultimately is not an easy process. So, follow along and stick to the expert guidelines when dealing with the issue.


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