5 Best Ways to Fix Disk memory usage is always at 99%-100%

Disk Usage Always On 100% Or 99% And Often The Computer Runs Slowly

Being a regular Windows OS user, you may have noticed a sudden slowing down of the PC. There are various reasons for such happenings, but the storage disk usage hike is a major cause. You may have noticed that disk usage is always on 100% or 99%, and often the computer runs slowly.


It is a common issue in the Windows 10 platform. For this, a PC becomes laggy, freezes, overheats, and finally reduces productivity. It can also signify a major cyber attack by malware, bloatware, or information leaking virus.


That is why you must inspect the causes for such disk usage issues and fix these as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can expose your PC to potential dangers.


Why is my hard drive usage at 100% (or 99% sometimes) even when I have formatted and reloaded Windows?


Installing a fresh copy of the Windows Operating System is considered the solution to all problems. But sometimes, even if you have formatted the hard drive and installed a new copy of Windows OS, the disk usage can be around 100%.


Broken Hard Drive


This can be a result of hardware damage. Your hard disk may get corrupted by a virus or malware attack. Besides, long-term hard drive usage reduces the health of the hard disk. When a hard disk gets old after being heavily used, it starts to overheat due to physical incompetence.


Besides, a hard disk may get overloaded with files and documents. If the Operating system hosting drive gets loaded up, the usage of 100% is seen in the task manager. Heavy software usage in the background can result in the drive being worn out in the long run.


Running Many Programs At A Time


Even if you have installed a fresh copy of Windows OS, the capacity of your drive may remain more minimal than demand. Installing and using multiple heavy software in the background may cause the hard drive to show 99% or 100% of usage.


It can also happen if the system’s CPU is running low on power and cannot manage all the software at a time. This generates pressure on the hard drive because the CPU and Hard drive work cooperatively.


Corrupted Hard Drive


A previously attacked hard drive can get permanently corrupted. This hard drive performs the same even after installing a new copy of Windows OS. Therefore, you can see the task manager’s disk usage at 100% after installing a fresh copy of Windows OS.


Hence, a thorough repair or replacement of the hard drive is required to solve this problem. Otherwise, using the corrupted hard drive for a long time may result in Windows crashing in the middle of important work.


Outdated SATA Driver


The latest hard drives use the SATA link for connecting with the mainboard and the BIOS. The hard drives also require the latest driver to perform optimally like all other hardware. Since the SATA link and hard drive are mutually connected, you should check for the latest versions of the drivers.


An outdated SATA driver cannot cope with the modern activities of programs installed within the Hard drive. It may lead to a 100% disk usage issue even after reloading the drive with the new Windows OS.


High Processes From Heavy Software


If you use high-performance software such as simulation, video, or graphic editing software, then the hard drive may get 100% usage. Besides, using a cracked or pirated copy of windows may show high disk usage.


Because some files in the pirated versions get corrupted while installing, thus it is not possible to claim the product.


How To Fix Windows 10 100% disk usage in Task Manager


Leaving the hard disk to 100% usage may cause problems to your hardware, such as the CPU and the Hard drive. You need to fix the problem to avoid overheating, crashing, and the drive getting corrupted due to 100% usage. The most probable fixes are stated below.


Removing Windows Search


It is a default program from Windows. The WindowsSearch indexes all the files, documents, and directories as a list to find out the specific file easily. Sometimes this program works in the background constantly to cause high disk usage.


You can temporarily disable the Windows Search program to see the disk usage going back to normal.


  • In the search bar, write in Command Prompt and launch the program in Administration Mode.
  • Type in the command “net.exe Stop Windows Search” and press the Return Button. The command will forcefully disable the windows search program.



Disk Usage Always On 100% Or 99% And Often The Computer Runs Slowly




  • Now, press Ctrl+Shift+Delete simultaneously to open the task manager and inspect the disk usage. If disk usage becomes normal, you can permanently disable it from your PC.
  • Press the Windows+R buttons to open the Run program. Type in “Services. msc” and press the enter button.
  • Locate the Windows search option. Open the program and change its startup type to “Disabled.”




Disk Usage Always On 100% Or 99% And Often The Computer Runs Slowly




Permanently Disabling SuperFetch Service


This prebuilt service is used to boot up the windows more quickly than the normal startup. Doing this, the program causes high disk usage. Therefore you can disable it temporarily to check if the disk usage goes normal. If it works, you can permanently disable the program.


  • Go to the Command Prompt and Run the program in Administrator Mode from the search menu.
  • Now, type in the “net.exe stop sysmain” command and hit the Enter button.




Disk Usage Always On 100% Or 99% And Often The Computer Runs Slowly




  • Check the disk usage percentage in the task manager by pressing the Ctrl +Shift+Delete buttons. If the disk usage comes down to the normal range, you can disable the program from your PC.
  • Press the WIN+R button to open the Run program. Type in Services.msc and hit the return button.
  • Track the SysMain Service and open it. Change the “Disabled” option from the startup type and save the command. This action removes the super fetch option permanently from your system.




Disk Usage Always On 100% Or 99% And Often The Computer Runs Slowly




Resetting The Virtual Memory Service


When the software you are running takes up much RAM, the system automatically switches to using the virtual memory. This phenomenon can take up much hard drive storage to cause high disk usage if you have lower RAM allocation.


  • At first Right Click on the “This Computer” and select the properties option.
  • Open the “Advanced System Settings” from the left side control options.




Disk Usage Always On 100% Or 99% And Often The Computer Runs Slowly




  • Click on the performance button in the next dialogue box, and choose the “Advanced” tab.
  • Now select the “Change” button under the Virtual Memory option. Uncheck the first box and check the No Paging File.
  • Finally, click on the “Set” button and tap “YES” in the following dialogue box. Restart your computer and recheck the disk usage for confirmation.



Disk Usage Always On 100% Or 99% And Often The Computer Runs Slowly




Hardware Issues In the Hard drive


Overuse and long-term use of the Hard disk may cause some internal damage to the parts. Therefore, your hard drive may lose its power to run properly and effectively. It requires a proper diagnosis to check the problem and find the solution.


  • First, open the Properties of the C-Drive from the File Explorer.
  • Now click on the Tools button and run the “Check” button to scan the drive for errors.




Disk Usage Always On 100% Or 99% And Often The Computer Runs Slowly




  • You will get reported about the issues with the hard drive. You may need to replace the existing hard drive or run intense repairs on it in the worst-case scenarios.


Reinstalling Windows OS


If none of the fixes work, you need to install a fresh copy of windows in your HArd drive. Before doing that, you may remove the hard disk, clean it thoroughly and reinstall it in a different SATA port of the motherboard.


  • Firstly, create a backup of all the data and download the “Windows Installation Media” from the official Microsoft website.
  • Create a bootable drive in a flash drive or a portable hard drive.




Disk Usage Always On 100% Or 99% And Often The Computer Runs Slowly




  • Restart your PC after connecting the flash drive and run the BIOS. Select the bootable drive with a new OS and launch it.
  • Finally, format the old partition and reinstall a new copy of Windows.




Disk Usage Always On 100% Or 99% And Often The Computer Runs Slowly






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