Do I Need Windows 10 Update assistant? Is it Safe?

Windows 10  has been the latest for many days and till now remains the most popular operating system from Microsoft. Windows comes full of new services, tools, and features to make the OS powerful and user-friendly. The Windows 10 update assistant is one of the valuable tools from Microsoft to help users fix windows update service and security issues.


Though the Windows 10 update feature has been available since the Windows 10 has rolled out, most users don’t know about the feature. So, Do I Need Windows 10 Update assistant? if you are one of those users, this article will help you a lot. So, just get a cup of tea and read through the article.

What is Windows 10 Update Assistant?


Windows 10 update assistant is an updater tool for Microsoft Windows users. This tool is built to help users keep their Windows updated as Microsoft releases updates.


Users can download and install updates automatically and set the installation time using the Windows 10 update assistant. It helps the users not to miss any updates from the Microsoft Windows update. This tool uses push notifications that inform you whenever any updates are released.


However, users can turn off the automatic updates in Windows 10 update assistant if they have metered connections. In addition, Windows update comes in a large size; thus, if users have limited bandwidth, they can pause automatic updates and save their bandwidth.

What happens if you don’t update Windows?


Microsoft Windows wants users to update windows regularly and benefit from new updates. But what if you don’t update Windows? Your current version of Windows will run, but if you miss regular updates, your system may run into many security issues over time.


For example, suppose you are on Windows 7, which expired in January 2020. So, it’s clear that Microsoft won’t support and provide security updates to anyone using Windows 7.


Thus, many famous and helpful software won’t support Windows 7 over time, and if you face any issues with Windows 7, Microsoft will not fix them for you. So, it’s better to keep your Windows up-to-date because you shouldn’t push yourself to risk.

How Do I Use Windows 10 Update Assistant?


Microsoft’s Windows 10 is optimized and easy to use, but only if regularly updated. Besides, the Windows 10 update assistant is making the updating process easier. We will guide you in using the Windows 10 update assistant.


  • Firstly, download the official Windows 10 update assistant from Microsoft’s website.


  • Once the downloading process completes, double-click on the downloaded file to launch it. (The software is 100% portable and doesn’t require additional installation.)


  • After launching the program, it will scan your device automatically to detect your current latest version of Windows.


  • When the scan finishes, click on the Update now button.




do I need Windows 10 update assistant




  • The assistant tool will now search your PC, whether there are any compatibility issues, and how much space is free to apply the latest updates.


  • Now, you will get two options, the first is “Upgrade this PC now,” and the second is “Create installation media.”




do I need Windows 10 update assistant




  • Choose the “Upgrade this PC now” and wait until your PC gets restarted. (Your PC may restart several times)


  • Follow on-screen instructions whenever they appear.


  • After the update process is finished, you will get a fresh copy of the Windows 10 version installed on your device.




do I need Windows 10 update assistant




Do I need Windows 10 Update assistant?


The Microsoft team develops the Windows update tool to make the upgrade process easier for the users. Updating Windows is essential if you don’t want to face any issues on your Windows PC. You may miss critical security updates, which may fall your Windows computer into vulnerabilities.


To avoid these vulnerabilities and issues on your PC, the Windows update assistant ensures that you won’t miss any updates to prevent these vulnerabilities and problems on your PC. It will remind you whenever any update is published on the windows server and ask you to update your system.


This is a handy tool that helps you to keep your PC updated and protected. So, now you decide whether you need a Windows update assistant.

How do I get rid of Windows update assistant permanently?


Usually, the Windows update assistant comes in-built with Windows that helps users upgrade their OS effectively. But, If you don’t find the Windows update assistant helpful tool, you can simply remove it from your PC. Follow the instructions below to uninstall the Windows permanently-


  • Press Win+R keys together to launch the “Run”.


  • Write “appwiz.cpl” and press “Enter.”




do I need Windows 10 update assistant




  • Now, scroll and find the “Windows 10 update assistant” from the list.


  • Click on the “Uninstall” button.


  • Now, go to the location where the latest Windows 10 version is installed.


  • Find the “Windows10Upgrade” and delete it permanently.




do I need Windows 10 update assistant




  • Now, restart your PC.


Final Words


Of course, the Windows 10 update assistant is a helpful tool for Windows users, but you always have the option to uninstall it from your PC. So, that was all about the Windows 10  update assistant. This article has covered what a Windows update assistant is and do I need Windows 10 update assistant or not.


Hopefully, you found this article helpful and learned about Windows update assistant and how it works. Thanks for being with us.




1. Is it safe to use Windows Update assistant?


Yes, the Windows update assistant is safe to use. It will not affect your computer performance and will run perfectly with your Windows PC.


2. Does Windows update assistant delete files?


No, Windows update assistant doesn’t delete user files. If it finds incompatible apps on your PC, they will be removed automatically. The main focus of the assistant is to keep your PC up to date. Feel free to use the Windows 10 update assistant without worrying about data loss.



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