How do you downgrade your iPhone without SHSH blobs? [Secret Reveal]

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Technology has such an impact on our life that everybody wants to be up to date. So, updating your iOS is not a big deal. It is common to get updates on your phone frequently. But, having an early update may cause various problems as these are filled with bugs and other issues.


You might feel uncomfortable after you upgrade to a new iOS or your phone might update automatically. So, you might feel like downgrading your iOS version. Well, it is better to use an older version that you feel comfortable with rather than using an updated version with lots of bugs.


How do you downgrade your iPhone without SHSH blobs? You might probably know about SHSH blobs I assume. You can downgrade the iOS version of your iPhone without SHSH blobs.


Process of downgrading your iPhone with SHSH blobs:

Recent iOS versions do not allow you to connect your iPhone to different devices through Bluetooth. They are not compatible with the latest versions which may cause you many problems. Just downgrade to an unsigned iOS and you can get rid of all the problems.


How to downgrade iOS with SHSH blobs? You need to get the right SHSH blobs. Install NonceSet 1112 if your device has an operating system of iOS 10 or higher. You need to download iPhone iOS firmware to restore the latest version of futurestore. Also, unsigned ipsw files required a lot of free space.


Make sure to have at least 10 GB of space free in your device. You need to restore unsigned iOS firmware. The generator key will reset every time your device exits Recovery Mode and you have to repeat everything. Make sure not to exit Recovery Mode. But, there is no guarantee that I will be able to install an IPSW file even after following all the steps perfectly.




How do you downgrade your iPhone without SHSH blobs




Process of downgrading your iPhone without SHSH blobs:

Jailbreaking iOS devices, downloading unsigned IPSW files, running command files require so much effort and SHSH blobs download is a lengthy process. It can be overwhelming to go to such an extent just to downgrade your iOS.


AnyFix is an iOS recovery system that offers an easy way to downgrade the iOS of your iPhone without SHSH blobs and requires a lot less effort.


  1. Download AnyFix on your PC.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your PC with a USB cable.
  3. Launch the AnyFix app.
  4. You can find the upgrade/downgrade option on the opening screen.




How do you downgrade your iPhone without SHSH blobs



5.You will see two options. One to downgrade and another to upgrade your iOS or iPadOS. Click to downgrade your iOS.

6.Click on the “Start now” button.




How do you downgrade your iPhone without SHSH blobs




7.You can select your version of iOS in Any-fix. Select the firmware bundle you want to install.

8.Click on the downgrade button. You will need around 800 MB for downloading the package.

9.AnyFix will automatically install the package you selected once you press the downgrade button.

10.You need to connect your iPhone to your PC during the process. Do not disconnect, otherwise, you will have to do it from the start.




How do you downgrade your iPhone without SHSH blobs




AnyFix will notify you once the download is completed. You can follow this process step by step and downgrade your iPhone without any SHSH blobs.




Can iOS downgrade without blobs?

No, you can not directly downgrade iOS without SHSH blobs. But you can bypass the security system of iOS using AnyFix or other apps. These apps replicate Apple signatures and correlate specific firmware.


How do I downgrade an unsigned iPhone?

There is no way to downgrade to an earlier version of iOS if your device is an unsigned iPhone and assuming you did not save the SHSH blob before upgrading. Apple introduced this feature to protect its devices against downgrading. Though you can do a Tethered Downgrade, you need a tethered boot in order to downgrade.


How do I manually downgrade my iPhone?

You can manually downgrade your iPhone in two ways. You need to save SHSH blobs before upgrading to a new iOS version. Use SHSH blobs to downgrade your device. Or, you can bypass your device security by installing AnyFix or other apps to downgrade your device.


Can I downgrade iOS after jailbreak?

Yes, we can downgrade jailbroken iOSes. iPhones that have SHSH with 32-bit can be downgraded even after jailbreak. You need to save SHSH before upgrading to a new iOS version. If you did, then you can downgrade all 32-bit iOS devices to any older version.

But, if your device is a 64-bit device which is an iPhone 5s or above, it would be a little bit more difficult. You will need SHSH2  blobs to downgrade your iOS version.


Can you revert to an older iOS?

As a business policy, Apple does not sign the previous version of iOS after realizing the new one. So, you can easily downgrade to older versions of iOS just after you upgrade your iPhone to the new iOS. Make sure to be swift and downgrade to the older version as soon as you feel uncomfortable using the new one or it will become harder to downgrade.


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Wrap up

It is hard to dislike the clean, bug-free iOS operating system that Apple provides to its users. But, if you are unfortunate to experience any problem with the iOS, then you probably want to downgrade to the older version you were using previously which is a definitely rare case.


Downgrading to the previous version of iOS requires a lot of data and effort. It also needs a lot of free space in the device. If you did not save the SHSH blobs before upgrading to the new version, then it becomes more complicated to do it which is definitely not worth it. But now you know how do you downgrade your iPhone without SHSH blobs.


As Apple stops signing older iOS version iPhones after releasing new ones, you need to downgrade quickly if you feel that the new version is not your thing. After some time it becomes harder and requires more effort to do it. If your iPhone is an unsigned one you can always use AnyFix and follow the steps mentioned above to downgrade it.

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