Where Does Facebook Downloads On My Phone Android?

downloads on my phone

With the increasing use of technology, Facebook is one thing present in everybody’s phone outside North Korea.

Its ease of use is unparalleled among the social media platform with all its incredible automated features – autosaving media files is one of them.

But as many users do, you too must have been in real trouble when you had to find the media back and keep scrolling – Where Does Facebook Downloads On My Phone Android?

So, let’s solve this once ‘nd for all.

Facebook files on my android

Most Android phones have features different from each other. Still, the basics are all the same.

So when you are going to find your downloaded files from Facebook later, in almost all phones, you just have to enter the File Manager app. In this app, you will get what you are looking for.

Let’s discuss your downloaded files’ path in a detailed way. I have also attached the step images so that you can easily understand the procedure.

Where Does Facebook Downloads On My Phone Android?

Finding the downloaded picture is much easier than finding the files you download from Facebook.

You often download a file such as a PDF file or any doc file from the official group on Facebook. The file is undoubtedly the important one for you.  And even it happens that your boss wants you to make some changes to the doc file that he shared via a Facebook group.

But you are not able to find the file after downloading it. You have tried downloading in numerous ways again and again. The result is still the same. At the same time,  you are running out of your time.

Imagining such a situation can even give you a severe headache. Needless to say, it is really a hassle to find the file.

So don’t let this kind of situation take place. And get yourself out of the messy situation before you get stuck into it.  Read the article wholeheartedly to know how to find the downloaded files on Android.

Step 1 – Copy the Facebook File link

My first piece of advice is, don’t download the pdf file or any other file directly from the Facebook app.

You need to copy the shared file link and paste it on the chrome browser.

How to copy the file link? I have shown the way in the picture.

Click on the three dots at the right corner of your screen. A pop-up will open. Tap on the ‘copy link’ option. The link is copied now.

downloads on my phone

Step 2 – Paste the link on the Chrome

Now Open the google chrome App. Then paste the copied link in the search box. Now go for it.

The same Facebook page will open. Make sure that your Facebook id is logged in the chrome.

downloads on my phone

Step 3 – Download it from the chrome browser

As you can see in the picture, you will find a download sign. Hit the button. A popup window will float. You can modify the download path as per your wish. Or you can download it in the default way.

After choosing the path, click ‘ok.’

downloads on my phone

Your file is downloaded now.

You can see a successful notification on the notification bar. You can open the file from there.

But if you need the file later, you can continue to follow the following steps.

Step 4 – Open the File manager

Go to the app drawer and open the file manager or my files app. The app name can vary slightly. It depends upon your device.

So please tap on the app and open it.

downloads on my phone

Step 5 – Open the ‘Downloads’ folder

On this page, you can see the ‘phone storage’ option. Yes, You need to choose it. In the all files list, you can see the ‘download’ named folder. Open the folder. Here is the file you downloaded earlier.

downloads on my phone

If you can directly see the ‘download’ instant after opening the file manager, you can open that without hesitating. As I mentioned before, things can be a little different.

Thus, by following the above steps, you can download any files choosing your desired location. You can determine the Facebook file download location on your Android all by yourself.

How to find Facebook photos download locations on Android phones?

Are you worried and can’t find the downloaded pictures in your download folder? Don’t worry.  Finding Facebook pictures download location is much easier than finding the download files location on your iOS. You can directly save or download the Facebook picture from the Facebook app and see it in the Gallery.

You will just need to follow the following instructions:

  • Open the Gallery or Photos App
  • Scroll to find the ‘Facebook’ entitled folder
  • Tap to open the folder, and here you go with the downloaded file.

There is an alternative way too.

  • Open the file manager application
  • Go to the phone storage.
  • Please tap on the DCIM folder and open it.
  • Finally, Open that Facebook folder. Here, you will find your downloaded photos from Facebook.

Final Verdict

Mobile has become our daily companion. And the app we use most is Facebook. Starting from social communication to business or office communication, it is becoming a more and more popular platform.

We must know how to use this app in a more effective way.

Many people don’t find this app very useful just because they cannot download the files or see them later. They can read today’s article and learn the steps easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find downloads on my phone?

Answer: Any downloaded files are stored in your phone storage. Finding it is pretty easy. Please, follow the path:

My files or File manager > Downloads.

There is another alternative path: My files > phone storage > Downloads.

Where does facebook save videos?

Answer: When you save a video, it gets saved in your saved list. Tap on the ‘menu bar’ icon. The icon has three rows together. After you hit that, a list of shortcuts will preview. On this list, there is a shortcut menu ‘saved.’ Here, all the saved videos or files are preserved.

Why I Cannot download files from Facebook?

Answer: Facebook has modified the process and hid the path or reduced the sharing of the pirated thesis, essays, and books. Thieves usually share the pirated copies through PDF files. This is why you usually can not find the facebook PDF file download location.

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