Face Id Not Working Move Iphone Lower | How To Fix

iPhone users often want to know face id not working move iphone lower. Once you identify why you are having the problem with the face recognition ID, it gets a lot easier to deal with it.


Some DIY solutions include restarting your phone, resetting the whole device,  updating your iPhone, resetting only the face ID, using third-party software, etc. The factory reset is also a solution to solving the face recognition ID problem. But It must be the last option to take.


Before you start solving the bug of “why won’t setting up face id work,” make sure you identify the problem behind it. That way, you can take care of it more efficiently.


Why Am I Getting the Message “Face Id Not Working Move iPhone Lower/Higher”?


You might be having problems like, “Face id not working iPhone X,” “Face id not working move iPhone lower iPhone 13Pro”, “iPhone 12 face id not working”, or “Face id not working iPhone 11”. In all of these problems, the reasons are pretty similar.


Here are some reasons that might be creating these problems.


Software Problem


Most of the time, when you are getting messages on your screen like “Face ID setup not working,” it is because of software problems. In that case, some DIY methods can go a long way in solving the issue.


Hardware Problem


Along with the software problem, sometimes you might find some issues with the hardware of your iPhone. It might happen that the sensor of your device is not working correctly, or there is some blockage in your front camera.


Screen Replacement


If you have recently replaced your screen, you can be facing the “Face Id Not Working, Move iPhone Lower And Higher” message. It might happen that the screen has been placed in the wrong place.


In this case, take help from an expert and place your screen in the perfect position.


Using Face Mask


It is hard for iPhone sensors to recognize your face in a face mask. Therefore, if you are wearing a face mask, you might be asked to move your face up and down.


This problem has increased since the covid-19 period. People forget to take off their face masks before unlocking the phone and getting the message. They don’t understand why this notification is arriving and start to panic.


Similar situations can also arise if you are wearing prosthetic makeup. The iPhone face ID configuration fails to recognize your face structure and facial features. Thus, you get the notification message.


Need Updates


You might face issues with face-recognizing features when your phone is not updated. If an iPhone is not updated from time to time, lots of features get interrupted. Therefore, iOS needs to update your phone from time to time.


Emergency SOS Features


If you have put your phone into Emergency SOS feature mode, then face ID will not work. In such a situation, you will keep getting messages on, “Face ID not working, move iPhone lower and higher.” To stop getting messages, exit the Emergency SOS Feature.


These are some predictable issues that may cause disturbance in Face ID.


How To Fix “Face Id Not Working Move iPhone Lower And Higher


Once you recognize the problem with your device, you can resolve it with the following solutions. The possible solutions to deal with the recognition problem of face ID are described step by step.


Make Sure Your Face Is Uncovered


If you are wearing a mask hiding the structure of your face, then it might not get recognized by iPhone face recognition.


Remove anything in your face that might be disguising your identity. Thus, you will stop getting messages of not getting recognized by your device.


Restart Your iPhone


Sometimes minor technical difficulties can cause face ID not working on an iPhone. In such a case, restarting your phone can quickly solve the bugging and allow you to use your face ID.


To restart your iPhone, take the following steps:


Step 1: Hold the volume upper or lower key and the side button at a time. Keep holding them until the power off slider pops up.


Step 2: After the slider has popped up, drag it. Your phone will get switched off.


Step 3: Wait for a minute before you turn on your device.


Step 4: To restart, press and hold the side button on your iPhone until the Apple logo appears.


Step 5: Once the device gets restarted, try to use the face id once again.


If the issue disrupting face ID is a minor technical bug, then the restart should have removed it. According to user reviews, restarting your phone has been the most effective solution in case of face ID is not working.


Check The Update


To get the best performance out of your iPhone, you need to update the iOS as soon as the new version comes. In the latest versions of iOS, Apple always tries to fix the bugs of the last update. For your face ID to perform correctly, it needs your phone to be up to date.


Steps to take are in the following:


Step 1: Make sure you have at least 80% off the battery life.


Step 2: Connect your phone with a stable Wi-Fi network. You have to make sure that it doesn’t lose connection when you are in the middle of updating.


Step 3: Open the Settings app from the app menu.


Step 4: Scroll down to General settings and select it.


Step 5: Locate the option for Software Update and open it.



face id not working move iphone lower




Step 6: Tap on Download and Install option.


Step 7: Wait until the download and installation are taking place. Do not use your phone in the meantime.


Once your phone has completed the downloading and installation process, it will restart automatically. After completing the restart, check if your Face ID is working correctly or not.


Reset The Face ID


Resetting your face ID sometimes resolves the recognition failure in your iPhone. Without touching the whole setting option, you can just reset your Face ID. If the problem is just in the face recognition system, resetting face ID can be the ultimate solution.


Here are the steps to take:


Step 1: Open the Face ID and Passcode settings from your settings app.



face id not working move iphone lower



Step 2: Select Set Up Face ID.



face id not working move iphone lower




Step 3: Tap on getting started and follow the directions.


With this, your face ID will be reset. If this process doesn’t work, you should move to the next solution.


Reset All the Settings


Sometimes the face ID faces disruption in recognizing your face due to another settings setup. You can reset all the settings and fix “Face Id Not Working Move iPhone Lower and Higher” in such a situation.


To proceed with resetting all the settings, take the following steps:


Step 1: Go to the Settings app of your device.


Step 2: From the Settings app, open General settings.


Step 3: Not tap on Transfer or Reset iPhone.


Step 4: Now select Reset.


This setting will only reset your iPhone setting without deleting any data from your device. But all the settings will be set as their default setting. You will have to create a new Face ID in this case.


StarzSoft Fixon


StarzSoft Fixon is third-party software that will help resolve your face recognition problem. The following procedure can help you reserve your face ID not working issue.


Step 1: On your PC or Mac computer, Download and Install StarzSoft Fixon.


Step 2: Launch StarzSoft Fixon on your PC or Mac.


Step 3: Connect your iPhone with the PC or Mac using the USB cable.


Step 4: From the home page, select Standard Repair.



face id not working move iphone lower




Step 5: The software will automatically detect the model of your device.


Step 6: From the given page, confirm your device model and select Download. The downloaded firmware file will be used to fix your iPhone.


Step 7: After the download has been done, the repairing process will start.


The repair process will take some time to complete. But in this whole process, your Face Id problem will be resolved without removing your data.


Factory Reset


When no other methods work, factory reset is the only option to solve the Face ID recognition problem. This should be the last option in resolving face ID recognition problems.


Before proceeding with the factory reset, you must back up your phone first. For iOS, you can use your iTunes and iCloud as your backup storage.


The process of backing up your phone is described in the following.


● For iCloud:


If you’re planning to back up your data on iCloud first, you’ll have to check if the Backup option is enabled or not. For this, go to the settings and open iCloud.


From there, take the enabling status. If needed, enable the backup. Now select Backup Now Option. It is always safe to choose the “Back Up Now” option even though it was enabled before.


This way, all your settings and data will be backed up in the iCloud.


●  For iTunes:


For backing up your data into iTunes, you will have to connect your phone with your Mac or PC. Use your charging USB cable to establish the connection. After establishing a link, open iTunes on your Mac or PC and select the iPhone icon.


After you have backed up your device, perform a factory reset. Here are the steps you need to follow:


Step 1: Open the Settings app and open the General option.


Step 2: Now go for the Transferor Reset option.


Step 3: Select Erase All Content and Settings.




face id not working move iphone lower




Step 4: Give your security password and confirm Factory reset.


With this, your phone will receive a factory reset, and all your data and settings will be deleted. After completing the process, make sure to restore the backup data from your iTunes or iCloud. Set your face ID once again and check if it’s working or not.


These solutions are the answer to, “What to do when face id says move iPhone lower or higher?”




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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is iPhone Face ID better than fingerprint?


Face ID is almost 20 times more secure than TouchID. It is not only easier, but it is way faster. Apple says 1 in 50,000 people could unlock your iPhone using TouchID. But using Face ID, the number is 1 in a million!


Should I use Apple Face ID?


Yes, Face ID is one of the best-secured systems. If someone else wants to snoop around on your phone, then they can’t access the treasure trove of information stored on your device.


Does Face ID work in the dark?


In Face ID, infrared is used to scan your face. Therefore, it works in low lighting conditions and the dark.


The TrueDepth camera also has a “Flood Illuminator.” It’s an infrared light that illuminates your face in the dark. So, the dot map and the infrared camera can do their jobs.


Thus, you will not have to face problems like face ID not working in low light or face id keeps saying face is out of view.

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