Facebook Marketplace Not Working Fix

facebook marketplace not working

Facebook Marketplace Not Working – How to fix this problem?


Facebook is trying its best to be wholly involved in a person’s daily life. And in this trial, Facebook has come forward with upgraded features many times.


For example, Facebook Marketplace is the feature that helps someone sell anything without establishing any Facebook pages.


Facebook marketplace not working? However, sometimes people face problems accessing the Marketplace due to technical and policy issues. But, where there is a will, there is a way, right?


Today we will find out about those ways in this article.


What is a Marketplace?


The marketplace is a buy-and-sell platform of Facebook. Unlike other e-commerce platforms, Facebook has empowered users. It helps the buyers get local sellers, provides the chance to have a conversation with the seller, and more.


In 2016, Facebook launched Facebook Marketplace to provide users with a better shopping experience as the world is getting e-commerce centered day by day. Its interactive interface and easy-to-use features have helped Facebook reach its goal of keeping the users more engaged.


Many people have entered into F-commerce during this pandemic and have successfully created their brand through Facebook Commerce. The marketplace has helped people get sales and formed beautiful relationships and bonds with customers.


When using Facebook from the desktop, you will find Marketplace right on your screen. And if you are using from mobile app, you will get it on the top of your screen.


What are the features of the Facebook Marketplace?


There are some exciting features in Facebook Marketplace. We have listed some of the main features of the Facebook Marketplace. Check these out below-


  • A buyer can discover which thing is on sale.


  • Get the location of the seller.


  • See the seller’s profile.


  • Can check if the seller is a fraud or not.


  • Have a conversation with sellers and get information about the product he wants to buy.


Moreover, the marketplace is not only buyer-friendly but also helps sellers to find potential buyers.




facebook marketplace not working




How to create a listing on Marketplace?


A seller won’t have to create a seller profile on Facebook Marketplace like other E-commerce platforms.


When you click on the Marketplace icon, you will see some listings. In addition, there will be an option named “Sell” on the top of your screen if using mobile, or “create new listing/ sell something” on the right of your screen if using a desktop.


After clicking on the sell option, you will get to choose your listing type, such as Items for sale, Vehicles for sale, Home for sale/on rent. Then you will get to upload the pictures and provide details of your product. Now your product is listed on Facebook Marketplace.


Now you will just have to wait patiently for a buyer.


Why Is Facebook Marketplace Not Working?


Several complaints have been that the marketplace is not loading or cannot access. Sometimes it might happen due to technical issues or the user’s age, location, or language.


Yes, you read it right. Sometimes the user’s age, the language they selected to use Facebook, or the location from where they are using Facebook might become a reason for Marketplace’s unavailability.


Facebook Marketplace is only available in 70 countries till now. Thus, one of the big reasons you can’t access Marketplace might be that Facebook Marketplace is not to hand at your location.


Besides location, Facebook is available in 43 languages only. And so, if your Facebook app doesn’t support your language setup, then you might have trouble accessing Facebook Marketplace.


Also, if the user is under 18 years old, they won’t access Facebook Marketplace.


Facebook also doesn’t allow anyone with a new account to access the marketplace.




facebook marketplace not working




How to fix if Marketplace won’t load?


There are several ways to fix the issues of Facebook Marketplace. First of all, you have to check if the place you are using is one of those countries supporting the Facebook Marketplace feature. Also, ensure that the language that you are using is available.


Then you should check the age given on your Facebook profile as you won’t be allowed to use Facebook Marketplace if you are under 18 years old.


If you do not have any issue mentioned above, but Facebook Marketplace is not loading, restart your phone first. Moreover, check if the version you are using is outdated.


You need to clear the caches and third-party extensions to avoid trouble using Facebook. You can try using a different browser or reinstalling the app when facing access issues. Also, attempt not to violate any policies in the Marketplace.


If the fixes mentioned don’t work, try the methods below to Fix the Marketplace Stop working on Android.


Try Signing out and re-Sign in


This is the first and easier way to fix Marketplace won’t load error on Android/iPhone. If you get the error “Marketplace isn’t Available to You,” Log out from your Facebook account.


Then keep patience and wait for a while. Now, Log in to your Facebook account again using your email and password. After finishing the process, check the Facebook Marketplace is working for you or not.


Clear Data and Cache of the Facebook app on Android


Unlike other Android apps, Facebook also gathers some important temporary files to save your time while loading the apps. Sometimes, the temporary or cache files get corrupted and generate unexpected errors. So, to fix it, you have to clear the Data and Cache of the Facebook app from the settings.


Follow the instructions below to clear data and cache of the Facebook app:


  • Then, launch the Facebook app on your Android.


  • Navigate to the Settings and scroll to find the Account Settings


  • Tap on the Account Settings


  • Tap on the Browser


  • Now, simply tap on the Clear Data button.



facebook marketplace not working




Try updating the Facebook app.


If the Facebook app on your Android is outdated, it can be the culprit behind the “Facebook Marketplace is not loading” error. So, you have to update the app from the Google Play Store. Follow the steps below to update the Facebook app from the Google Play Store:


  • First, launch the Play store app on your Android.


  • Tap on the Search tab and search for the Facebook app.


  • Now go to Facebook on the Play store.


  • See, there is an Update button. (If the button is not there, skip this method.)


  • Tap on the Update.


  • Open the Facebook app after the update installation is finished.


Reboot your Android


Rebooting your phone can be the easiest solution for a complex problem on Android. Follow the steps below to reboot your phone:


  • Then, press and hold the power button of your Android.


  • Tap on the Restart option


  • Your phone will reboot automatically. Wait for a while until it bootups.




facebook marketplace not working




Take help from Facebook support


Facebook customer is online for 24/7 to help their customers. So, if the above method doesn’t work for you, contact the Facebook Support team. Hopefully, they will help you to resolve your problems respectively.


Wrap Up


Facebook Marketplace has contributed a lot to building an F-commerce platform. Many people started their businesses by selling on the Marketplace. Facebook is trying its best to serve as many countries and languages as possible. So if your Facebook Marketplace isn’t working, don’t panic. Try out the fixes and hope for the best.



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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I know if my Facebook Marketplace is down?


After clicking the Marketplace icon, you will see listings, other options on the Marketplace page. If you don’t see those, then you can assume your Facebook Marketplace is down.


2. Why can’t I access Facebook Marketplace on my iPod?


iPod is not a supporting device for Facebook Marketplace. Only iPhone, iPad, Mac users can access the marketplace.

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