Facing Blank White Screen During Receiving Call – How to Fix?

As much as Smartphones make life easier, they can trouble you too with their sudden technical errors. Especially when you need to attend an urgent call and you are facing blank white screen during receiving call. If you do not fix it, you will keep struggling with it every time someone calls.


So, to make your Android device, especially the phone call experience smoother, we will walk you through its fixes in simple steps.


In order to fix and prevent the probability of facing such errors, it is best to know the causes of the problem beforehand. So, we will be discussing what can trigger the issue as well.

Why Does the Blank White Screen Error Occur While Receiving Calls?


Your smartphone can feel like nothing but brick when the screen goes blank and white. Especially while receiving any incoming calls. And if you are using a Samsung or OnePlus phone, you are more likely to face the error.


The issue arises for different reasons at different times. And here are some of the most common factors that trigger your device screen to turn white –


  1. Incompatible and Buggy Apps


It gets irresistible when it comes to downloading new apps on your smartphone. Especially if you are fond of gaming, you are most likely to download many apps that you require to get the best gaming adventure. These apps are prone to bugs that can cause you the headache of a blank white screen.


Sometimes, the apps we need are not available officially. So, you tend to rely on a third-party source.  The apps you download from the APK site or any unreliable source can become incompatible with your Android OS after a period.


Also, they can develop bugs, and there is no update available to fix the bugs. So, if you do not identify and remove such apps, it might result in a white screen error.


  1. Corrupt Files and Incomplete Updates


Your phone’s memory or storage can store some overloaded files or cache, which can become corrupt with time. If you do not remove these files, they start messing up your phone’s functions and features.


While updating the OS or apps, if a poor network or any other factor interrupts the process, you might face a blank screen error. So, you must perform a clean update to fix the issue. There are some other primary workarounds you can try to resolve the issue. In order to get into the details, head over to our next section.


How to Fix the Blank White Screen on Android?


Before you take your phone to a repair shop, you can follow some of the fixes to get rid of the blank screen during incoming calls. Even if you are not quite tech-savvy, you can follow these simple methods below with patience –


  1. Clear Phone Cache 


Like every app on your phone, the phone app or dialer stores cache data so that the system can easily load the app. But if there are piled-up cache files, you need to clean them. Because there is a high chance that they have become corrupt and causing the blank screen to appear.


So, to fix the error, follow these steps thoroughly:


  • From the Home Screen, you need to locate and open the built-in Phone app.


  • Or you can open the Settings screen and scroll down a bit to click on the All Apps option. However, you might come across Apps & Notifications on some phones, click either of the options.




facing blank white screen during receiving call




  • In the upper-right corner, there is a three-dot menu, press it and select the System Apps option. This will show only the default apps your phone has come packed with.


  • From the list of the apps, press the Phone app to open its info screen.


  • Then click on Storage followed by the Clear Cache option at the bottom corner or top.




facing blank white screen during receiving call




facing blank white screen during receiving call




  • Finally, restart your phone and dial your number from another phone. You are less likely to face the white blank screen this time, but if it still appears, follow the next solutions.



  1. Switch to Other Network Setting


Sometimes, you need to switch network preferences by resetting them so that your phone can fix many technical glitches, including the white screen issue. So, follow these quick steps to do that:



  • From the Settings screen, go to the System section followed by the Reset option.


  • If you are on Samsung, you will find the Reset section under the General Management menu.




facing blank white screen during receiving call




  • Press the Reset Network Settings option, and you might need to confirm this reset by entering your password or PIN.




facing blank white screen during receiving call




Once the process completes, your phone will restart itself. Then with the changed network settings, you shall not face the error.


  1. Cleaning Cache Partition


Indeed, cache partition tends to store some of the files, and these are not a must to keep for your device. And if the files pile up, they can conflict with the phone’s functions. This may cause the white blank screen error. So, clean the partition files following these instructions:


  • Keep your phone switched off and long-press the Volume Up key. On some devices, you might need to press the Volume Down key instead.


  • Then you need to hold the Power button and release the three keys once you can see the Android logo on the display.


  • After thirty to sixty seconds, the Android Recovery menu will appear.


  • From the menu, you need to highlight the Wipe Cache Partition option by pressing the Volume Down key several times.




facing blank white screen during receiving call




  • In order to start the process, press the Power key.


  • Then highlight the Yes option by pressing the Volume Down key. And confirm the action by pressing the Power key.


  • If you see the Reboot System Now option highlighted, it means that Android has wiped the cache partition. So, exit the recovery mode by pressing the Power key.


After that, the blank white screen will not bother you anytime soon.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):




  • Are the Blue Screen of Death and Blank White Screen Same? 


The blue screen of death and the white screen errors are not the same, but they are similar. Usually, the blue screen appears when your Android OS is too outdated or obsolete. But the white screen can occur for several factors, especially during incoming calls.


  • What Happens to the Contacts Data If You Clean the Phone App Cache?


You will not lose any contact data after clearing the Phone cache files. It will mainly remove the junk files stored on the app.


  • Should You Regularly Clean the Cache Partition on Your Phone?


It is fine to wipe the cache partition once or twice a year to boost the performance of your phone. But if you face the White screen error often, clean the partition after every OS update.


  • Can Low Storage Cause the Blank White Screen Error? 


Yes, if you do not have enough space on the SD card or internal system it can lead to a white screen when your phone goes blank. So, always keep enough space on your device to prevent the blank white screen.


  • Can You Pick Calls When the Phone Screen Turns Blank White?


When your phone screen goes all white, the system goes blank for the time being. And you will not be able to pick up or see the incoming calls.




If you are facing blank white screen during receiving call, it probably means that there is anything wrong with the internal system or hardware components. If it is an internal issue, the fixes we have reviewed above will help you to get rid of it.


But if nothing works, it means that you need to go to the repair shop. They will fix or replace the damaged components to resolve the issue.




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