Finding Files In Windows 10 | Where Are My Documents folders?

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Recently upgraded to windows 10? Everything is smooth until you can’t find your valuable documents anymore. Damn, you lose all the nooks and crannies, eh? That’s probably the reason why you are asking – where are my documents windows 10?


After a reset or update, finding files on Windows 10 can be such a bummer. And not just that, it is not uncommon to lose important files from time to time for not remembering the exact locations!


Luckily, you are in the right spot. Because here, you will learn how to tackle the most common problems users face after upgrading to Windows 10.


So, let’s get started without more chit-chat!


Finding Files In Windows 10 | Where Are My Documents?


Here are two easy methods for you to find documents on your windows 10 pc. You can try it with file explorer or using the start icon. Follow whichever method seems easier to you.


Using File Explorer:


Open the file explorer from your taskbar. If it’s not present there, search it from the windows key.


When you see the file explorer icon, select it.




finding files




Now go through the list you see and choose “documents”. The icon looks similar to a piece of paper.


Open the icon and it should contain every text file you have saved on your computer.


Using Start Icon:


Previously you could easily access documents folder from the Start menu. But with Windows 10, that’s not possible. But we can change that. And here’s how:


First off, go to the home screen and double-click on the mouse. Now check on the “personalize” option.


Now this will lead to another tab where you have to click on the “start”.


Right down the bottom, there is a blue link. It says “choose what icon you want on start”. Remember, it’s not very bold or obvious. Click on that.


Now, there’s a list of icons like download, my documents, file explorer, and so on with an on/off button beside it. You can either turn it on or off.




finding files




Once you have turned it on, you should see an A4 sheet-like icon that means the documents folder.


If you still don’t see it, try to expand the icons.


How To Change Documents Folder Location?


Wondering where are all of your documents saved? No worries, you can change the location to a preferred place following these easy-peasy steps mentioned below:


Move Location From C Drive to Another Drive


Follow the above procedure to open the file explorer. Then right-click on my Documents windows 10. If you don’t find the icon under quick access, you will notice it under “this pc”.


Now go to the properties and then location. You will find a small bar below the “location” option.


A pre-set location will be present right here. You have to erase it and type where you want the documents instead.


Let’s say you want the files in a new drive called “E”. Erase the username and type “E”.




finding files




Click “Ok” when you receive a notification stating “do you want all files to move from old location to new one?”


And with that, you should have all your documents moved to the new location.


The process is the same if you want to move documents from another drive to the C drive. Just erase the location name in the bar and type “C” in the place of the username.


Where Are My Documents From Windows 7 Now That I Have Windows 10?


No need to get afraid! Your documents and other files remain safe after upgrading to Windows 10. But in case you can’t find it, you have to restore it.


Open up the file explorer and we suppose you will find an empty “document” here. But we can fix that.

Scroll down to “the pc”. Now find your drive. It will have the documents as a backup.


Select “user” and all of your folders will be here as you open my document.




finding files




But it’s always better to know the procedure of upgrading your windows without facing this issue. So here’s how you do it.


At first, search with “windows 10 for pc” from any search engine. Go through the titles to find a download link.


Once you find it select the “download” button.  After the download completes, double click on the file to start a setup.


Tick the “upgrade the pc now” and move “next”. It will take a while to fully load. Don’t hesitate to grab a cup of coffee if you want. The speed also depends on the strength of your internet connection.


This is the most important part. Before clicking on “install” check on the “keep your files and apps” option. It must be turned on. Otherwise, you might lose your valuable data.


Now install it and the computer will reboot. Don’t turn off your pc during the update. That’s a must!

Reset Windows 10 Where Are My Documents After


Having a hard time finding files? This is a common phenomenon after resetting windows 10. You see, even after the hard drive crashes the files stay inside the computer. They just move to a lower level of the memory.


But fortunately, there is a chance that new data will be written over them in terms of making them disappear completely. So, you must hurry up.


Go to settings and choose “update and security”. In the submenu, you will find the reset button. Let the computer reset and of course, it will take time.


After resetting you lost all of your files.




finding files




Search any recovery software and download it for free.


Run the disk on your computer.


Remember that the default location for your documents or photos is the “c’ drive folder.


Once the scanning is over, check this drive to search files.


You should not avoid the “lost and found” founder. When you are searching documents that don’t have designated locations, it gathers them here. So don’t forget this directory.


Where Are My Photos And Documents On Windows 10


It happens to most of us. We take pictures and save them in different directories. And then it’s just impossible to remember where you have saved every photo and find them one by one.


Thankfully there’s a way you can save your energy and search file, photo, video, or whatever it is in less than five minutes or so!


Open the file explorer. Go inside the “the pc” option.


You will see a search bar in the top corner. You have to type “kind:” and then a list will show up. You have to choose anything you are looking for such as, music, images, videos, etc. Let’s say you are here for images. Type it after the colon or select it from the list.


It might take some time to load depending on your computer speed and the number of photos you have saved. Just be patient and it will bring to you every photo you have ever saved on the computer. No matter if it’s in jpg or PNG or bitmaps. The photos come with clear directories, so you know where you have saved them previously.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):



Got more queries regarding Windows 10 file search? Well, check out our FAQ section given below.


How To Recover Deleted Files on Windows 10?


First, check if it’s in your recycle bin or not. Once you are sure it is not there go to Google. Find any free version of recovery software and download it. Run it on your computer and command it to look for that specific files all over your computer.


Where are windows 10- my documents stored?


Normally, the documents are available at the local disk/C. But you can always change the location if you want by using file explorer. Another thing to remember is that the old “my computer” icon is “this pc” for windows 10.


Does Windows 10 have a My Documents Folder?


In the previous versions, “my documents” were set up on the desktop. However, it is missing in the newer versions like Windows 10/11. But you can use the start icon or file explorer to add it to the start menu for better availability.



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Wrapping It Up!


It is still a mystery why Windows 10 gives us a hard time and makes us ask – how do I find my documents? It should be in your C drive. But even if it’s not there, use this guide to help you find it.


The truth is a windows upgrade is never easy for the user, especially if you are not much experienced in the world of tech! That’s why we tried to solve the possible issues you have to face after a Windows 10 upgrade.  So hope you have got a clear answer of finding files In Windows 10 or where are my documents windows 10?


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