Fix No Supported App For This Nfc Tag Android

no supported app for this nfc tag

NFC tags on our smart cards help get information from the cards through our smart devices. But if your smartphone is continuously giving you a pop-up message saying, “No Supported App for This NFC Tag,” it will start to annoy you. To get rid of the message, you can use some tips and tricks.

Create a barrier between the card and the smartphone with the help of an RFID wallet. You can also replace the wallet with aluminum or paper sheets. To stop getting this message, add the card with its app. But if you do not need NFC tag scanning, you can just turn off NFC on your smart device, and it will stop giving you the message.

NFC tags can help you in transferring information from smart devices. But in case of unnecessary notifications, you can always take preventive measures.

no supported app for this nfc tag

How Does NFC Tag Work?

NFC (Near Field Communication) is an electromagnetic cheap that helps build a wireless connection between your benefits card and Android device. It allows your phone to read information from your card and provide data accordingly.

The credit or debit card, transportation card, smart ID card, etc. cards have this NFC tag. This tag holds different kinds of data, from contact information to National identity. The primary use of the NFC tag is to help smart devices in reading those data.

no supported app for this nfc tag

What Does “No App Supported For This NFC Tag” Mean?

Android devices like Samsung can read NFC tags from a card. But sometimes, unauthorized NFC tag scanning can pop up the message, “No Supported App For This NFC Tag.” This message means that your device doesn’t have the app to recognize the NFC tag of your card.

This happens mainly in the case of unnotified scanning. When you keep your card and mobile phone together due to electromagnetic waves, it starts to scan and pops up the denied text.

no supported app for this nfc tag

How To Get Rid Of “No Supported App For This NFC Tag”

In most cases, when “No Supported App for This NFC Tag” pops up on the screen, it is not because you are trying to scan an NFC tag. Instead, it pops up unintentionally and can be annoying to Android users. If you plan to get rid of this pop-up message, you can turn off NFC or use some tricks.

In the following, we will discuss some of the tricks that can help you get rid of the “No Supported App for This NFC Tag” issue.

Buying An RFID Wallet

RFID wallets are specially made to pass electromagnetic waves. This creates an opaque barrier for the electromagnet.

Therefore, when you put your cards in your RFID wallet, your Android device cannot read the NFC tag. As a result, your Android device can only scan the NFC tag of your card when you take it out from the wallet.

As an RFID wallet prevents unwanted reading of NFC tags in your card, you don’t get any “No Supported App For This NFC Tag” message.

Put A Barrier Between the Card and The Phone

If you don’t feel comfortable spending money on a new RFID wallet, you can always put a piece of paper between the card and the phone. You can wrap your cards in newspapers. This will create a barrier and stop sending messages about NFC tags.

An ideal barrier is to put a 1.2 mm aluminum sheet between your phone and the card.

Register Your Card on Samsung Pay

If you have a credit or debit card, adding them to Samsung Pay can stop your phone from delivering the popup message saying, “No Supported App for This NFC Tag.”

Once you and they on Samsung pay, they will have an app to scan their NFC tag. So, you will get no more pop-up messages.

But sadly, this process is not going to work on any other cards other than payment cards. You cannot add your transport or benefits card to Samsung pay.

Downloading Apps

If you have any benefit cards that any app can scan, you can download the app on your phone. After downloading, you will need to add the card to your app. With this, you will get no more messages on “No Supported App for This NFC Tag.”

Turn Off NFC

If you want to avoid any kind of hassle of buying a wallet or adding your card to apps, you can just turn off NFC on your Android device. After this, your Android device will not scan any more NFC tags from your cards. Therefore, you will get no more popped-up messages on “No Supported App For This NFC Tag.”

Steps to turn off NFC are given in the following:

Step 1: Go to the Settings app on your Android device.

Step 2: Open the “Bluetooth and device connection” settings option.

no supported app for this nfc tag

Step 3: Scroll down to NFC.

Step 4: Disable NFC.

no supported app for this nfc tag

After this, your Android device will no longer be scanning NFC tags. If your device doesn’t have NFC in “Bluetooth and connection,” then you can search NFC from the settings located in your device. Different models can have NFC settings under different manuals.

Why does NFC Keep Turning On?

In some android devices, NFC tag scanning comes as a unique feature. So, it is kept turned on as a default setting. But every Android device with NFC tag scanning has the feature to disable it.

If your NFC tag scanning keeps turning on by itself, your phone might have a bug. In that case, you can restart your Android device after turning off the NFC. Also, if you are using any kind of wireless charger, then the magnetic field of the wireless charger can turn on the NFC.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need NFC turned on?

In specific devices, Near Field Communication is enabled by default. You should turn it off if needed. If you barely use NFC, it’s wise to switch it OFF.

Since NFC is an exceptionally short-range technology and if you don’t lose your phone, there are very few security concerns left with it.

Why does my NFC not work?

If your device doesn’t have control with smartphone save on camera, NFC will not work. Also, make sure the NFC is turned on.

Is NFC safe?

Yes, NFC mobile payments are more secure than Chip and PIN debit card payments. It keeps track of expenses and balances more securely. Also keeps you updated on new activities.

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Final Words

“No Supported App For This NFC Tag” appears when you don’t have an app for the respective NFC tag. Also, some NFC tags are not compatible with transferring information to your card. In that case, no supported app for this NFC tag means it is not eligible to scan by an app, or your phone doesn’t have the app.

To get rid of this message, you can always take an option as mentioned in this post. Depending on your preference, you can always keep the NFC enabled or disable it on your device.

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