Fix your Printer’s Wireless Connection Issues

Are you feeling troubled with your HP printer? We all HP printer users have been there sometime. Every technical equipment has some issues in the long run, and needs troubleshooting. Because you are using the printers almost regularly at your workplace or home, it’s the same too.


Now, one big issue is that when your HP wireless printer won’t connect to WiFI. You won’t be able to operate it remotely, if this happens. You have to fix your printer’s wireless connection issues to solve this. Along with that, you can face some other problems as well.


For helping you out, we have come up with HP wireless printer problems Solution. Let’s get started.


Why won’t HP wireless printers connect to WIFI?


The first thing you can do is to find out the problem. For this, you have to check the printer and your device. Here you will know about the issues you can face while using an HP printer.


Driver Software compatibility issues


Suppose the printer driver software isn’t compatible with your HP printer. In that case, you will face difficulties connecting it with your wifi. It happens because you might have downloaded the wrong software. Or you didn’t download the upgraded version of the software.


Connectivity issues


If your printer is not getting wifi connection properly, it can be a significant issue. Because of this, you can’t connect the HP printer with your wifi connection. So it is not possible to operate the printer without connecting to your device.


You can find other connectivity issues like USB cable problems, network down, different IP addresses, etc. If you don’t use your printer frequently, it can cause USB connection issues. For this, you have to check the connectivity to detect the problem.


Dirt on the USB connection of HP printer


Sometimes, you can’t notice any dirt on the USB port. It’s normal. But it can be why the computer won’t connect to the printer. In that case, you have to detect the problem by checking the USB port and cable.


How can you fix the HP wireless printer problems?


As you know, every problem comes up with a solution, so you can also fix the HP wireless printer problems. Let us explain the solutions to these problems.


Steps to connect the HP printer driver software


1. First, open the HP official website to get the right software.


2. Search for the HP printer model and download it on your computer.


3. After downloading the software, you must follow the installation process according to the instructions.


4. Moreover, you have to plug in the USB cable for checking the connection.


Steps to update the printer driver software


1. Go to the ‘settings’ option of your PC then you need to choose the ‘Update and security option for the printer driver software.


2. Tap on the ‘Check for updates. If you get an update notification, then accept it. It will update your printer driver software.



fix your printer's wireless connection issues



3. If you want to update it manually, you must go to the ‘Device Manager’ file. You need to click on all devices. At this point, you will get the ‘General PnP Monitor Properties’ option.



fix your printer's wireless connection issues



4. You have to tap on properties and click on ‘driver details’. Finally, you can update the printer software.


Steps to fix USB connection issues


1. Check the USB cable if it’s loose or not.


2. If you find it loose, then plug it correctly. Don’t forget to clean the USB port area before plugging it in.


3. But if it has been broken, then change it immediately. Otherwise, you can reconnect the USB cable.


Steps to reconnecting the HP wireless printer to wifi


1. You can change your wifi and printer settings for solving the wifi connectivity issue.


2. However, you have to go to ‘Settings’ on your computer and choose ‘Printer and Scanners’. Then click on your HP printer driver software. And uninstall it.


3. You have to reinstall the software. Along with that, fix your wifi router settings. Restart your router and printer.


4. If you are still facing a wifi connection problem, you can connect the router directly to the printer.


5. You can follow these steps if you change your IP address. In that case, you have to modify the wifi settings.



Final Thoughts


Considering all these, you can understand HP wireless printer problems solution. Before you contact any professional, you should follow these steps of fixing the problem.


According to users, these solutions must work. We hope you can solve HP wireless printer problems. If the solutions don’t work, you have to contact HP customer care or your nearest HP authorized shop. That’s it.




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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. Why isn’t my HP wireless printer working?


You have to restart the PC, wifi router, and printer. After that, look into the printer connection. Go to the ‘Printer Control Panel’ and find the ‘Wireless Network Test’ report.


Otherwise, you can open the ‘Set-up menu. Restore the network settings. Hopefully, your HP printer will start working.


2. What to do if your hp printer connects to the wifi but won’t connect to the computer?


The first thing you have to do is look into the USB and wifi connection. Then, you have to open the ‘Control Panel’ on your computer. Reinstall the printer driver software. You can also do the same if your HP printer is not working with your laptop.


3. How do I reset my HP wireless printer?


First of all, you need to turn off your HP printer. Plug out the connections from the PC for 35 to 40 seconds. Press the ‘Resume’ button and hold it for a few seconds. Finally, set up the HP printer with the PC and router.

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