How To Use Full Screen Windows 10?

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Windows 10 is the most popular OS in the world. They are used on Desktops, Laptops, and even on tablets. But due to the recent update, this OS causes the screen to shrink. Even if the home page is on full screen, many apps and games are stuck on half or quarter screen. So how to use full screen windows 10?


To go full screen, you can take the help of display settings or reinstall the Video Adapter Driver. But if you want just to make the window explorer or any other desktop app fit the screen, double-tap on the title bar. For the Start menu, you will have to change the settings from the Personalization option. But no matter what you use, you can always rely on the universal full-screen shortcut key – Alt+Enter.


Before you go around and turn your display full screen, you need to know what benefits it bears. It is unwise to jump into a setting without knowing its perks. And even before you learn about the remedy, you should know what causes the sickness.


Why Does The Screen Shrink?


Knowing the reason for the problem is equally important as learning about the remedy. You know that it’s essential to understand how to go full screen on pc, but it is equally important to know its cause. The problem is a bit annoying. But the good thing is that the cause of it is not that frequent.


There are mainly two reasons that might cause the screen to be in windowed mode. But since the latest Windows 10 update, there is one more factor that can cause it. Here are some of the underlying reasons:


Video Adapter Driver


The software in your system responsible for the display is what we call a Video Adapter. If this software malfunctions, your screen will not be full-screened by default. This is the cause in the cases where the OS has been installed recently.


Display Settings


Default Windows display settings also malfunction in many cases. In this case, the recommended screen resolution is lower than the optimum one.


If the cause of not getting a “full screen” is this, then you won’t get a windowed screen but a shrunk one. This case is easy to fix. And for this reason, this is also the most common cause.




Since the latest Windows update, there is a new section under the display settings. This is the screen optimization setting which tries and optimizes full-screen windows 10.


Though this setting works appropriately in most cases, sometimes it stops working for specific games, apps, and software. So, this may also be the cause for not getting a full screen in some of your favorite software.


Benefits Of Full Screen


The current world is fast-paced. But being fast will not suffice as you also need to notice minor details. And what better way is there to detect the details other than broadening the field of view?


If you are still not willing to learn how to go full screen windows 10, let us give a few reasons. You might think, “I work just fine on the small screen of a phone so why bother with a full screen,” then take a look at these perks.


Higher Field Of Vision


For gamers, the field of vision is essential. And if you are one of those FPS players, then this importance becomes a life and death topic, in-game, obviously.


Having a full-screened game means you have a wider field of view. So you can notice the details that you would have missed otherwise.


Less Distraction


Having a full screen means that only the software or app you are using is within your view. But if the screen isn’t full, you will have other elements within in vision.


Some computer jobs require your utmost attention. So, if you use a full screen for them, you will not be distracted easily.


Better Ambiance


When your entire screen is filled with the movie you are watching, you get fully immersed. But if that same movie is played using a half screen, you don’t feel the same. The reason behind this is the ambiance.


A fullscreen mode media player lets you enjoy the show by creating the perfect environment.


Detailed Output


If you are a graphic designer or want to do some detailed work, you must use a full screen. Though zooming into the project helps you notice the details, full-screen lets you see those exact details at a higher resolution and lower-key press.


For this reason, many want to know how to use windows 10 game recording on full-screen games. This is solely because of the details a full-screen permits as opposed to the windowed mode.


Fewer Accidents


While gaming, one of the main problems is knowing the mouse cursor’s position. If the screen or game is windowed, you might accidentally deselect the game. And if this happens during a crucial moment, you will lose the game without a doubt.


This is true even while using other apps or software. But using a full screen makes sure that these minor accidents don’t happen.


Using The Entire Screen


To use an HD monitor and not have a full display is a waste. But the screen size is sometimes shrunken due to system malfunctions.


In these cases, using any desktop app is not efficient. You will have to tweak the system itself to ensure the entire screen is utilized.

Here are the solutions for you to avoid this inefficiency:


Utilize Windows Setting


The easiest way to change to using full screen is using the display settings. As this causes the screen to shrink instead of a window, this method will be unhelpful for windowed mode.


But this is still important for a shrunk display. If you follow the steps properly, you will surely be able to revert the problem.


Step 01: Open the settings menu.



full screen windows 10




Step 02: Go to the System option.

Step 03: The very first option will be the Display settings. Under this option, you will find the Scale and Layout sub-option.




full screen windows 10




Step 04: Select the 100% option from the first drop menu option.

Step 05: In the following drop menu, choose the highest resolution that your monitor supports.

Step 06: Once you select the option, the system will change into full-screen if you choose the suitable resolution and ask if you want to save the changes. If all is ok, select Keep Changes, and you will have a full-screened PC.





full screen windows 10




You can skip the first two steps by selecting the Display settings option that you get from the right-click dropdown menu on the desktop. Doing this is better than opening the entire settings menu.


Fix Video Adapter Driver


In many cases, the video adapter ups and changes the display settings. In such cases, changing to the recommended display settings doesn’t help at all. You will have to manually adjust it or reinstall the video adapter driver to fix this.


Follow these steps if you don’t want to know the command for full screen and just want to reinstall the driver completely.


Step 01: Click on the Windows logo and go to Start.

Step 02: Search for Device Manager and open it.




full screen windows 10




Step 03: You will find the Display adapters list, click on it to expand.




full screen windows 10




Step 04: Uninstall it by right-clicking on it and selecting the option from the drop-down menu.




full screen windows 10




Step 05: After the uninstallation is finished, restart your PC.

Step 06: If all is ok, the restart will cause the driver to be reinstalled while it restarts. This will surely fix the full-screen issue.


But if this doesn’t fix the display issue, you will have to reinstall the driver manually. For this, follow these extra steps:


Step 01: Same as before, uninstall the driver.

Step 02: Next, open the browser and go to the video card manufacturer’s website. If you are unsure about the manufacturer, you will find it on the properties option when you right-click on the driver while uninstalling.




full screen windows 10




Step 03: Download the latest driver for your video card and install it to fix the video settings.

Step 04: After the installation is done, reboot the system for the changes to take effect. This will surely help.


Escape The Windowed World


Not using full screen for apps you don’t need in full screen is ok. But you must know how to use full screen windows 10 for it is beneficial.


How To Use Full Screen Windows 10?


Here are the steps to use fullscreen mode using some of the most common ways:


Using GPU Settings


If you are using an external GPU instead of the built-in one, the default video settings on the GPU might have been altered. This is the case if some applications run at a full screen while some are windowed.


The issue is easily fixable by changing the settings using the third-party graphics app. To complete this task, follow these steps:


Step 01: Open the third-party graphics application. In most cases, it is either NVIDIA or AMD video settings.

Step 02: Navigate to the game settings if you are on AMD. And for NVIDIA, go to the optimization section.

Step 03: Select the applications and games you want to use in full screen and click save.


If you find yourself using some applications on windowed mode, this is the fix. But if you are getting a smaller screen instead of the entire monitor, this is not the case. You will have to change the settings from the internal game settings.


Disable Optimization


Due to the latest update, windows 10 got the Optimization feature. This feature makes it so that the games or apps you use are running on the most optimized settings.


But it is still buggy, for it causes many games to stay windowed despite you having better hardware to handle higher resolution. This also makes it impossible to use a screen recorder on a full-screened game.


If you face this problem, you will have to disable the optimization. The steps to do so are as follows:


Step 01: Open the Windows Settings menu.

Step 02: Next, go to the Gaming option in the Settings menu.




full screen windows 10




Step 03: Under this section, there will be a Game Mode option. Click on it.




full screen windows 10




Step 04: Within this option, disable the Game Mode toggle switch to stop the optimization.




full screen windows 10




Step 05: Finally, reboot the system for the change to take effect.


Once rebooted, go to the in-game settings and fix the resolution. You will not have to ask how to use windows 10 screen recorder on full-screen games. That’s because no matter what, only the game will be the subject you record.


Full Screen The App


Using any app, no matter what, on a windowed screen is annoying. You can easily use them in full-screen mode by following these steps.


Step 01: Turn on the application.

Step 02: Go to the in-app settings.

Step 03: Depending on the application, there will be display settings, video settings, or a graphic settings option. Click on it.

Step 04: You will find the screen resolution settings under this option. Crank it up to match your monitor.

Step 05: You might also find a simple “screen mode” option. So toggle it to full screen.

Step 06: Some applications will ask if you want to save the changes or discard them. Click save to apply the changes.


If you find all these steps confusing, you can use the windows full-screen shortcut. Press the Alt and Enter keys together to make almost any app or game appear on full screen.


Browse On Full Screen


No matter what browser you use, it’s better to use it on full screen. That’s because some websites don’t support windowed mode and require full screen instead.


To change from windowed to full-screen mode, you will have to apply these steps:


Step 01: Open the browser. It can be Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or even Internet Explorer.

Step 02: To maximize the screen, just move the mouse cursor to the top right corner of the app window.

Step 03: The first option will be a cross sign to close the app. But the one next to it on the right is the “Maximize” option. Click on it to make the window fit the screen.


You can use this method to use windows explorer on full screen too. But this is not actually a full-screen mode. That’s because this is just a windowed mode that is stretched to fit the screen.


To get an actual full screen, you can use the fullscreen keyboard shortcut. The keyboard key is F11. Press the f11 key once to enter the full screen and press it again to exit it.


Get Full-Screen Start Menu


The start menu you get when you press on the windows logo is not the only view option. You can make the start menu fit the whole screen.


But how to use full-screen start on windows 10? Well, the steps are as simple as the following.


Step 01: Open the Start menu by clicking the windows logo.

Step 02: Above the power button, you will see the settings option. Open it.

Step 03: You will find the Personalization option under this Settings menu. Click on it.

Step 04: There will be a Start option. Go to this sub-section and toggle on the Use Start Full-Screen option.


Next time you open the start menu, you will see that the view menu will cover the entire screen. This is the best view mode for this allows you to see all the apps in one field of view. Using this option for tablet mode is the best.


Full Screen Your Game


Most of the time, instead of knowing how to make a window full screen on windows 10, we ask how to make a game full screen. That’s because playing a game on windowed mode is not fun at all. So it is essential to know how to turn a windowed game into a full-screen one.


Many games support the universal full-screen shortcut of Alt+Enter, but some are coded not to. It is best to change the display settings from within the game in such cases.


There is no fixed method of changing the screen mode from in-game settings. The only way to do this is to open the settings and find it yourself.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



Is full screen important?


Using a full screen is the only way by which you can notice all the details. It allows you to have a better field of view, detailed output, higher resolution, and unobstructed desktop mode.


Windows PC also helps concentrate better with Focus Mode. This mode is only available if one uses the windows server on a full-screen mode. The efficiency of this mode is unparalleled.


How To Use Full Screen On Windows 10 Tablet Mode?


Tablet mode is a hidden feature of Windows 10 PC. To enable it, you will have to allow the mode from the screen settings menu.


There is no shortcut key to enable this mode. To use full-screen mode for windows explorer or any other Microsoft store app, you will have to double-tap on the title bar. It is that simple.

Can Xbox record on fullscreen mode?


Xbox Game Bar is one of the core features of Windows 10 PC. This feature is only useable on desktop mode. You can easily record the game on the full screen using this menu bar.


But to do that, you will have to use the full-screen shortcut windows 10 first. And once you hit record in this mode, you will be able to record using Xbox at full screen.

Does Internet Explorer support full screen?


Yes, Internet Explorer supports full screen. Not only this, but every other browser, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox, also support this feature.


If you want to know how to go full screen, just follow the procedure mentioned above. Or you can use the keyboard shortcut. The shortcut key is f11 for all browsers.


What to do when stuck in windowed mode?


Window mode is the default mode of any desktop app of Windows PC. So it is common to be stuck on this mode. To use the entire screen, you will have to click on the Maximize option in the top right corner. You can also double-click on the title bar and make it full screen.


If you are using a document-type app, you can press the up arrow key and the Win key, the key with the windows logo together, to make the app full screen.

How to use full-screen start on windows 10 without activation?


Windows 10, unlike Windows XP, is free. But it still requires activation if you want to enjoy all the features. Many think that the start menu full-screen mode is within these limited accesses. But that is not true.


If you know how to full screen on pc, you will be able to make the start screen be full screen. To learn the steps of doing so, take a look at our methods in the blog post.



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Final Words


How to make full screen on Windows PC is not that common of a question. It is not because the process is easy but because many think the window mode stretched to fit the screen is the actual full screen. But in truth, a full screen is a borderless, full-screened mode that hides all the other windows behind it.


If you know how to use full screen windows 10, you will be able to distinguish between window mode and borderless mode. But if you didn’t know the difference, now the things should be clear. Try to use full-screen mode as often as you can for it is the best mode to concentrate on work!

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