How to Get Someone’s IP from Discord | 5 Best Ways [2022]

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Getting someone’s IP address from Discord is a typical case. But many don’t know how to get someones IP from Discord. The solution is as simple as the regularity of the problem.


The easiest way to get someone’s IP using Discord is to use IP Grabber. This makes it so that the public IP is revealed when the target clicks on the shortened URL. Other ways are to use Wireshark and Command Prompt. The best way is to use the Discord IP Resolver as it doesn’t require any links to be clicked on.


But no matter what method you follow, don’t do the task without the other’s consent. This article is entirely for educational purposes only. Using the IP address for unethical reasons is highly punishable.


Is It Possible to Get Someone’s Ip From Discord?


We know what is about IP. Basically, everyone has a unique IP address, right.  By the way, getting someone’s IP does necessarily not mean that you are going to attack or sneak into private space.


Apart from that, you might need someone’s Discord Ip while playing a game like Minecraft. To join with your friend, you will need that IP, right?


By the way, not everyone is enough tech-savvy to get his or her friend’s IP on discord and this is why are here to resolve the issue of how to get someone’s IP from discord.


An important note to you, we are not helping anyone by means of any illegal pursuit. For the friendly purpose, we will describe many ways to find that IP, hopefully, you will find the best way that you would love to carry on.


Discord has been in the communication around since 2015. It is an essential communication app for gamers. So it might be a bit concerning when someone asks how to get someone’s IP address from Discord.


Getting someone’s IP address is quite threatening. One can use IP tracking software, use the user’s IP address and hack the person. This is a cybercrime of the highest level.


But the good thing is, Discord is smart. It does not disclose the user’s IP address directly. By directly, we mean that a hacker will not be able to get your public IP address simply through the Discord app or web app. So, if someone asks how to get someone’s IP from a Discord call, you know the possibility is zero.


In fact, in a Tweet on the 31st of January of 2017, Discord claimed that no one could obtain the user’s IP through Discord.




how to get someones ip from discord



Is Discord Safe?


Even though people will say it’s impossible when asked how to get someone’s IP from Discord voice chat, it is not entirely true. There are a few ways unethical hackers can grab IP address information using Discord. They trick the users and accomplish their goals.


In most cases, the hackers send a malicious link to the users. Once a user clicks on a similar malicious link, the Discord IP address of that user gets hacked. Such links are grabber-type links that are usually sent to the chats of naive users.


The malicious link redirects the user once clicked on. And in most cases, the website they are directed to is a website created by hackers. Thus, they quickly get the person’s IP once they visit the website.


But Discord can’t be blamed if hackers get your public IP using malicious links. That is because the link, after being shortened using a URL shortener, is not detected as harmful. So the hackers can use the shortened URL to obtain a person’s IP via any messaging app.


 Is it easy to find an Ip on Discord?


No, it ain’t that easy. Because Discord won’t let you do that as it helps to protect its users from scammers. Moreover, the functionalities of Discord is to host its own servers which brings powerful protection.


Here is why, when you want the IP of your friends then you won’t get it in a simple way. It is because the normal way won’t let you to sneak into another computer through Discord.


This won’t happen!


No worries, we will let you know many possible ways to do that.


How to Get Someone’s IP from Discord? & Why? [5 Best ways]


The answer to how hard is it to get someone’s IP from Discord is easy. You can use a Discord IP grabber and quickly get the actual IP address that you want. But why would anyone need someone’s IP address?


There are quite a few reasons for this. One can use a person’s IP for both harmful and beneficial things. But most things to do are detrimental to those who got their IP stolen. Here are some of the most common causes.


  • Hinder online game access.
  • Do targeted advertisement.
  • Collect personal data.
  • Restrict online access.
  • Sell personal information on Dark Web.
  • Perform denial-of-service attack.


Use the Discord IP Grabber


The best solution to how to get someone’s IP from Discord id is using a Discord IP grabber. And among such grabbers, the best one is Grabify. It is the most accessible means to grab someone’s IP address by using Discord.


With minimal skills, anyone can use this IP lookup and grabber software. The primary skill you need is to convince a user to click on a malicious link. And once they do it, the IP address will be as good as yours.


Here are the perfect steps to complete the task:


Step 01: Log in to your Discord account using the Discord app or a browser.

Step 02: Ensure that the target is active.

Step 03: Start a conversation with the target. Use the text option, don’t call.

Step 04: Make the conversation engaging so that the target is convinced about the link that you will provide.

Step 05: Once the trust is built, open your browser.

Step 06: Go to the Grabify website.




how to get someones ip from discord




Step 07: Open a meme or video in another tab and copy its link.




how to get someones ip from discord




Step 08: Paste the link on the Tracking Code option of the Grabify website and hit Create URL.



how to get someones ip from discord




Step 09: Complete the CAPTCHA and agree to the terms and conditions to finish the process.



how to get someones ip from discord



Step 10: The website will process the link and present you with a shortened URL.




how to get someones ip from discord




Step 11: Change the domain name to avoid suspicion.



how to get someones ip from discord




Step 12: Copy the shortened URL and paste it on the discord chat.

Step 13: After they open the link, reload the Grabify webpage.

Step 14: Under the Results section, you will find the IP address and other information about the target.



how to get someones ip from discord




To be successful in this method, make sure to have a trusting shortened URL. For this purpose, use the domain name of some of the trustable URL shorteners. Some of the best ones to use are, and


Use the Discord IP Resolver


If you want to know how to get someone’s IP from Discord without a link, the best answer is IP Resolver. To be precise, using the Discord IP Resolver is the best option to get someone’s IP. There is no need to use a malicious link and draw suspicion.


Follow these steps, and you won’t be suspected:


Step 01: Open the Discord app or the web version.

Step 02: Navigate to Settings.

Step 03: Toggle on the Develop mode within the settings menu.




how to get someones ip from discord




Step 04: Now view the target’s Discord profile.

Step 05: Copy their user ID.




how to get someones ip from discord




Step 06: Use a browser and go to Discord IP Resolver.

Step 07: Paste the user ID within the Resolver.




how to get someones ip from discord




Step 08: Finally, click on Resolve, and the IP address will be revealed.


Note that you can only utilize the Discord IP Resolver when the target is online. If the target is offline, the IP will not be fetched.


Use Wireshark to Get Someone’s Discord IP


Wireshark is an amazing tool that performs protocol analysis via the web. Since it gives you in-detail information regarding your Internet Network so it saves your time and safety.


If you are trying to find IP addresses for educational purposes, you might have heard of Wireshark. It is a packet analyzer. But the best thing is it is free, open-source, and somewhat legal.


This website provides you with the details within minutes. But you need to know the perfect steps about how to get someone’s IP from Discord using Wireshark. Otherwise, you might fail in your endeavor.


The perfect steps are as follows:


Step 01: Use a browser to download Wireshark. It is free to download on their website.



how to get someones ip from discord




Step 02: Install the software.

Step 03: Launch it after installation and sign up or log in.

Step 04: Select the network device that your PC is connected to.




how to get someones ip from discord




Step 05: Quite a few packages will be sent to your network after confirming the network device and network. Your internet service provider might think the case harmful, but that’s untrue, so don’t panic.

Step 06: Using the in-app search bar, search for UDP. This concentrates the packages.




how to get someones ip from discord




Step 07: Using the windows search option, open Command Prompt.



how to get someones ip from discord



Step 08: Type in config and press Enter.

Step 09: Doing so will filter out all the useless IP addresses generated by the app and only show your own IP.




how to get someones ip from discord




Step 10: Now, launch the Discord app or use the browser.

Step 11: Log in to your account and start a conversation with your target. A video call is preferable.

Step 12: During the Video chat, check Wireshark. Among the packages being sent to your device, the public IP address of the target will be frequent.




how to get someones ip from discord




Step 13: Now copy the user’s IP address and use a grabber to peer into the user’s information.


Use Command Prompt to Get Someone’s Discord IP


You can use the Command Prompt method if you have some tech skills. This method is better than asking how to get someone’s IP from Lanc Remastered on Discord. The reason behind this is the accessibility of the Command Prompt.


Every internet service provider has different IP. And this IP is hidden unless one uses the Comand Prompt to peer into it. So it is also possible to pull someone’s IP using CMD and Discord.


Here are the steps to do it:


Step 01: Close all running programs on your desktop except for the essentials.

Step 02: Launch your browser to make it the only running app. This helps in the targeted use of Command Prompt.

Step 03: Go to the Discord website using your browser. It’s essential to not use the Discord app.

Step 04: Log in to your Discord account.

Step 05: Make sure that the targeted user is online.

Step 06: Start a text conversation with the target.

Step 07: Use the Windows search option and type CMD.



how to get someones ip from discord



Step 08: Open the Command Prompt as soon as it comes up.

Step 09: As the Command Prompt window opens, type in netstat-an and hit Enter.

Step 10: A series of long codes will be generated similar to TCP scripts.

Step 11: Near the end of the script, there will be a few codes with the tag ESTABLISHED.




how to get someones ip from discord




Step 12: The last IP with the tag is the sender’s IP address. That is your target.

Step 13: Open a new tab in your browser.

Step 14: Search for an IP grabber tool and use the IP you found to find their information.



Use IP Catcher Get Someone’s Discord IP


The most professional solution to how to get someone’s IP from a private call in Discord is via an IP catcher. Yes, not a grabber but a catcher. This is the most skill-heavy method as you will need to make the website yourself.


To pull this off, you will need to have a good understanding of the network interface. This is the only process utilized for educational purposes among all the possible solutions. You will have to create a Web App and use the IP logger to track the user’s IP.


Any web app or website has an inherent flaw. They take the IP address of those who use the web app or website and send it to the one who owns the website or app. So, if you make a web app yourself, you are the owner who has access to the IP logger. You can easily extract the public IP address whenever you wish.


If you want to use this, you will have to use four main steps. They are as follows:


Step 01: Build the Frontend


Your target will be the only ones to see the website or app you develop. So it is not vital to have a specific Frontend. But you will have to make sure that the front end is the least bit attractive.


The design can be any of the free templates available online. You can take the template from Bootstrap Made or other similar websites. If you are skilled in the frontend, you can also make the design identical to the Discord server.


Step 02: Code the Backend


The central part of the method that lets you access the IP logger is its backend. It is like the stack exchange that helps connect the IP logger with your web app. You will have to include the IP address extractor and other required fields if you want to succeed.


There is no preferred language for coding the backend of your website/web app. Since most apps are coded using JavaScript, here is the code to help you out.





how to get someones ip from discord




You can also complete the task using Django as the base. Here is an example for Django.



how to get someones ip from discord




Step 03: Host the website


Once the coding is done, the development is completed. Now comes the part of hosting your website.


Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you could easily host the site using GitHub. On the other hand, for web framework-type codes like Django, use Herukou.


Step 04: Final Execution


Now that the website is live, it is time to peer into the personal data of your targeted user. But to do that, you will have to make the user click or use your website. Similar to the previous methods, use the Discord app or webpage to start a conversation.


Once the trust is built, send them the link to your hosted website. And as soon as they click on it, you will get the IP in your mail. This method of IP gathering is a created URL type. So you can use this process in any other text communication-based apps or even social media.


Protect Yourself & Ban someone IP on discord


A new problem arises now that you know how to get someone’s IP from Discord Wireshark, and other media. Getting someone’s IP address without their consent is illegal. So what would you do with this newfound knowledge?


The answer- protect yourself. Discord server is free to access for all those who have an ID. This means unethical and rude people also can use the service.


So if you face anyone who is harassing you, simply Get their IP address and IP ban them. You can IP ban them from the Discord server and any other social media platform.


To IP ban a discord user, follow these steps:


Step 01: Open the Discord app and sign in.

Step 02: Look for the user you want to IP ban.

Step 03: Invite them to a VoIP channel.

Step 04: Right-click on their user ID and click on Ban.

Step 05: Enter the reason for banning and hit the ban button.



Is Discord Safe To Use & How to Secure Your Account or IP?


Yes, Discord is safe to use but you will need to be careful in some cases. For example, if someone will send you a fishing link then you should not click on that also you should not make a long conversation with strangers too. Lets tell you some reasons why Discord is safe below:


Secure IP without third party tools:


One of the amazing things why do people love to use Discord without any hesitation is beacuse of having no third-party tools. Allowing such often make a path to the hackers to create a fake tool and get the validation from discord after that, the hacker may easily hack your IP address.


Email verification:


If anyone tries to enter into your Discord account then the Discord will not allow getting access before the email verification. It makes the account pretty secure and even if anyone tries to do that you will get to know by that email notification.


What to Do if Someone Pulls Your Ip From Discord? & How to protect your IP address from Discord?


First off, it is not that easy to reveal your IP address on Discord. However, if anyone try to do so then you can still make some good steps against him.


As we know the IP address is a unique address that is a medium to send information and also for receiving. Here is why, when a hacker will take that address it means he will also know all of your information and your online identity.


Here, if you will doubt on any user who has already taken the IP address, we will recommend you to change your privacy settings. Thankfully, Discord is always changing the IP address from time to time using the ISP process. Here is why you won’t need to be panic but apart from that, you can take some more steps too.


Another great way to make your IP address safe from hackers is to use a VPN. VPN is a handy tool in many ways, here it will make your IP impossible to identify from hackers. We will suggest you to use a reputed VPN.


 How Can I Ban Someone’s IP on Discord?


You can not get the IP on Discord so you can’t get to see the IP address. However, if you get to see that someone is spamming your Discord server then you may take initiative. For that, you can blog that user after access to your server. However, to block a user, you have to be either moderator or admin of that particular server.


We are telling you the processes below:


Step 1: First off, you will need to launch the Discord where you will sign in to the account.


Step 2: Now you will need to choose that server where you want to block that user


Step 3: Now put that username and click on that afterward, a new menu will come to you.


Step 4: This is the final step where you will ban the <username> from your server.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



Isn’t it illegal to get someone’s IP?


Yes, getting someone’s IP without their consent is illegal. But it is legal if the task is done for self-defense. The cause has to be justifiable, or criminal charges could be pressed.


Can anyone use an IP address to peer into others’ personal data?


As long as the other party has your IP address, they can peer into any personal information they want. They can also IP ban someone. And the worst case is for Windows devices as it has the weakest security.


How to get someone’s Discord profile from an IP?


It is impossible to get someone’s ID with their IP. But the reverse is possible. One will have to use the Discord IP Resolver to do the reverse.


Can Virtual Private Network apps be to mask Discord IP?


VPNs are the best way to mask your IP. So you can easily rely on them to hide your Discord IP. Some of the best VPNs are NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and IP Vanish.


What risks are there for a Windows device when the IP address is stolen?


Windows device has the worst cyber security. So anyone can breach the Firewall if they have your public IP. They can also remotely control your device if they get the IP.


Does Discord Show IP?


Discord always keep your IP personal so it won’t show to anyone and so nobody can get to see your IP address.


Can I get IP address from a call on Discord?


No, you won’t get an IP address after calling on Discord as there is no such way to find the IP address through calling on Discord.


Can I get someone’s IP from a Discord Message?


No, Discord has no such feature so you may get the IP via the Discord massage.



Final Words


Using someone’s IP without their consent is a serious cybercrime. But then why do you need to know how to get someone’s IP from Discord? The reason is to defend yourself.


If someone is harassing you, use the method to obtain their IP and IP ban them. You can also use the IP for educational purposes. Remember, knowledge is not evil as long as you don’t use it for unethical purposes.





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