Go Roku Low Power: 5 Must-Try Methods to Fix It!

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You are having a good time watching shows on Roku TV, and suddenly, a notification pops up. It is notifying you about go roku low power issues with your device. Damn! You can’t even watch anything because of this irritating pop-up!


Guess what? This notification is saving your device from future mishaps like power damage. So, let’s not get all angry. Because the solutions are super easy to try yourself. In fact, you don’t need a helping hand or anything except for this article, where we discussed some effective methods to try out!


So, without wasting any more time, let’s go deeper into the details. Are you ready?


Why Does My Roku Keep Saying Low Power?


But the first thing is identifying the roku low power issue. If your Roku is not working, there can be various reasons behind it. So how do you distinguish between a low power issue and some other hardware problem?


It is pretty simple actually. You will notice a notification sitting on the TV screen with a plug-in icon and a bolt of lightning in it. Looks familiar, right?




roku low power




And there will be a message that goes something like:


“The current USB port on your TV will not power this Roku device. Please use the provided Roku USB power supply.” Now you are sure that insufficient power is the culprit behind your interrupted Roku entertainment. Don’t worry, we have you covered.


So, we will explain the mistakes that can lead to such go roku low power problem. Stay tuned.


How Can Roku Power Go Low?




roku low power




Now, what are the reasons? Why would you need a roku low power fix at all? Here’s why.


You might have plugged the USB cable of your Roku device into the USB port of your TV. And guess what? It is not providing sufficient power. That’s why you are getting bombarded with those messages. How can you fix it? Keep reading to find out.


How to Fix Roku Low Power Issues?


Follow each of them to learn the best techniques of fixing the issues with roku low power:


1. Reset TheTV


A quick restart can troubleshoot the insufficient power roku. You can do this by holding the power button of your Android TV for five to ten seconds or unplugging the TV for 1 minute. And then plug it back in. if there was no issue relating to the cable and it worked fine before, this method should work.


But make sure that the TV was not put on standby. Properly shut it off before resetting. Consider doing this as an everyday practice.it will help you to avoid a lot of minor TV issues.


If the soft reset we tried earlier didn’t work for you, we recommend resetting your Android TV to factory mode. It is a little more drastic. It will give your TV a fresh start just like the day you brought it home from the store.


That doesn’t mean you will lose everything you saved. Just sync those data with your Google account. In this way, you can find them even after a factory reset.


So, here’s the process:


  • Press home on your remote and go inside the settings. 
  • Now check into the device preferences and choose “reset.”
  • Click “yes” below the factory data reset option. 


And that was it. Wai for some time and turn on the TV.


2. Let The TV Breath


When the Roku device detects that the temperature is rising, it will slow down the power intake. That could be another reason why the device is lacking a sufficient power supply. The problem will be solved if you let the TV breathe a little or help it cool down.


Plus, if you see the flash is turning red, that’s another sign of overheating. You should immediately take steps to combat this situation.


Check if anything is blocking the way for air intake and exhaust. It can be dust or debris most of the time. Just brush off the blockage using canned air. If the fans can replace hot air with cooler air, the overheating problem will be automatically over.


After the initial process is over for improving airflow, it is time to remove any external heating source. Sometimes it is not the fans or the gadget itself. But the electronics around the Roku device can have an impact on its temperature level.


3. Clean Out The Dust Or Debris


Like computers, your TV is also vulnerable to dust or debris exposure. As we have already talked about how debris can contribute to your TV’s overheating, cleaning out the dust from time to time is an easy way to avoid go roku low power. 


Dust all TV parts leaving the screen untouched. Make sure you don’t neglect small vents or ports. These parts are most vulnerable to debris and hurt the TV functionality. Some TV manufacturers provide a specific piece of cloth for this purpose only. It is better to use that if you have that intact. Or you can use a microfiber cloth and gently wipe the dust away.


4. Try Another USB Port And Cable


This is the most effective part of the roku low power fix. Trying another USB cable can resolve this problem too. We highly recommend using the USB cable that came into the package along with your Roku streaming device.


Even on their official website, the experts suggest using the cable from the manufacturer rather than plugging in a random one.


Besides, sometimes the USB port connectivity issue can cause this problem. The port can be old and caught enough debris or dust in it to lose its functionality as a connector. To identify whether it is true or not, try different USB ports.


If the other ports work just fine, then you know what to do. Just replace the old USB port you used with a new one with perfect connectivity.


5. Go for The Wall Outlet


Power to power connection is a strong medium to get rid of your go roku low power messages. Many users would neglect this method. But this small detail can ensure you the peace of mind you were craving for. So how do you achieve it?


Simple. Plug out the USB cable from the TV. Go for an adapter and connect the cable to one end and the other end would go into the main wall outlet. The wall electricity will be too much for a small Roku device.


That’s why the adapter converts the wall current into a more usable form for small appliances that don’t require much energy.


Here, it is important to note that, very long cables sometimes lose power in the path and deliver an insufficient amount of electricity. A 3 ft one should work just fine. Make sure it is not way too long.


How to Connect a Cable to Your Roku TV?


For the newer models you will need an HDMI port and for the older models AV IN Input. The good news is no matter what TV model you own, it is equipped with multiple HDMI ports or AV IN Inputs.

First, let’s look at the method using HDMI cables.


We highly recommend using an HDMI setup. This is the easiest way and provides the highest quality of video and sound. But it depends on the receivers of your cable box. Before going into the steps ensure that you have an HDMI cable. Because it doesn’t come with the TV.


  • First, make sure the TV is powered off. 


  • Now connect the HDMI cable to any available HDMI port on your TV. Once done, power on the TV and go to the home screen.




roku low power




  • Now navigate the icons until you find the option (HDMI) where you connected the device. Select the appropriate input icon and press okay.


  • If the receiver is powered on and the cables are plugged-in properly your TV will recognize the connection instantly. 


  • And you will be able to enjoy your favorite shows.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. What Does Go Roku Low Power Mean?


Roku low power notifications mean that your plugged-in USB cable is failing at providing enough power. There are multiple reasons why this happens. It can be overheating or old-worn-out USB ports.


2. How Do I Fix Roku Low Power Issues?


The most effective way would be to use the cable provided by the company. That’s the solution available on their official website for this specific problem. And if that doesn’t work, follow our guide above to find more solutions.


3. Do I Need Cable For Roku TV?


Every TV needs a cable to operate. Roku is capable of working with your home’s Tv antenna. It uses the wi-fi network or internet of your home.



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We open Roku TV to get away from the hassles of our monotonous lives. We enjoy our favorite shows and just relax. We don’t need disturbance at this time. Not even from the Roku itself saying go roku low power. 


And when it comes to troubleshooting power issues, even the smallest things matter as well!


That was all about how you can fix the power issues of your Roku TV. Hope you get a better streaming experience.

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