Google Nexus 5x Won’t Turn On Troubleshooting Fixes

Nexus 5X from LG Electronics is a flagship device that rarely comes with trouble issues. But, there might be several troubleshoot issues after using it for a certain time. And, these reasons may lead your device to turn off for a long time. Today, here you know everything about Google Nexus 5X won’t turn on troubleshooting fixes.


Before seeing a phone technician, why don’t you try on your own to fix the issues? First, you need to find the exact reason behind this malfunction. The problem may be with the power button, charging issue, firmware error, screen issue, and others.


Whatever the problem is, you have a proper solution for each of them. If the potential solutions don’t work effectively, then you should go for a technician. We’ve elaborated here all the troubleshooting fixes in the simplest technical language so that even newbies can cope with it.


The reasons why Google Nexus 5X won’t turn on


Let’s check the reasons why your Google Nexus 5X won’t turn on. We can’t assure that only these reasons are hindering the device’s starting process. But, most Nexus 5X users have found these problems different times before.


Dead battery


A dead battery is the most common reason for not turning on your Nexus 5X. In that case, you need to recharge it immediately. Plugin your charger and keep the device in charge for around 2 hours. If the problem won’t be fixed, then the battery could be permanently dead.


Power button problem


Sometimes, Nexus 5X faces trouble with the power supply. The power button may not work properly to turn on the device. Press it several times to understand if it can help to wake up the device. If the device wakes up and sleeps, then be assured that the power supply isn’t appropriate.


Faulty charging adapter or cable


If the battery isn’t charging, the problem might be with the adapter or cable. The adapter may get damaged due to excessive voltage. Besides, the wire may not carry current for many reasons. So, your device isn’t charging doesn’t only mean that its battery is dead. The faulty adapter or cable also can be responsible.


problematic charging port


The adapter, cable, and battery- everything may be normal. So, what’s the point of not being charged your phone? Maybe your Nexus 5X has a problematic charging port. After a certain time, most charging ports get dislocated. And then, they don’t receive a charge for charging the battery.


Dead screen


A dead screen is a problem for Nexus 5X not to turn on. The screen may be partially or permanently damaged. If your display gets hurt somehow, then your device may not turn on. Besides, damage to pixels and excessive pressure can lead your device to a dead screen.


Firmware error


Generally, users aren’t allowed to deal with firmware settings unless they root their device. In that case, the firmware error may take place. A little error in firmware may lead your Nexus 5X to permanent death. However, most firmware errors are recoverable by booting the device.


Software failure


A buggy software update can ruin your device at once. It’s possible that there was a software failure that isn’t allowing your device to turn on. Let your customer support agent or technician deal with this problem.


Google Nexus 5x Won’t Turn on Troubleshoot Guide


It’s time to know about Nexus 5X won’t turn on troubleshooting fixes. Here you get the proper solution to the existing problems.


Try another charger or charging cable


Checking the charger, cable, battery, and charging port is the first step to fixing your problem. Once you find the real problem, it’ll be just a matter of time to replace the new one. Here are some directions so that you can easily get rid of this problem.



  • Connect your Nexus 5X with a different charger to check if the battery is okay. The charger should be similar in voltage and ampere value. It’s recommended to use the authentic charger of Nexus 5X to avoid any unusual situation.


  • If it’s working nicely, then the problem is with your charger or cable. Replace it by purchasing a new one. Otherwise, focus on the charging port and battery.


  • Meet your technician and ask for replacing the battery. If the replaced battery is working nicely, then you’re good to go. But, the opposite scenario alerts you about the faulty charging port. Replace it with a technician and enjoy your device.


Fixing Nexus 5X boot loop


LG’s various models have been facing boot loop issues for the last few years. By using a computer, you can resolve this problem easily. This solution works 100% and enables your device to turn on. The Nexus 5X boot loop issue can be fixed by following these steps easily.



  • You need to download the latest ADB and fastboot binaries first. Besides, it’s mandatory to extract them to an easily accessible folder on your PC. Click on Download now to get them.


  • For Windows users, it’s time to download and install Google’s USB Drivers. Also, download the img along with saving it to the same folder.


  • Now, insert a USB cable into your Nexus 5X to connect it with the computer. The next move is launching a command prompt. To do this, hold shift and enable right-click. After that, you’ll be able to open the command prompt. The option will look like “Open command prompt here”.




google nexus 5x won't turn on




  • You need to boot the Nexus 5X into Fastboot Mode. Put the following command in the command prompt to execute the operation.


“fastboot devices”



google nexus 5x won't turn on




  • It’s time to replace your current boot image. Simply, insert the following command just like the previous step.


“fastboot flash boot N2G47Z_4Cores.img”




google nexus 5x won't turn on




  • Now, reboot your phone by typing the command prompt depicted below.


“fastboot reboot”




google nexus 5x won't turn on




That’s it. After a certain time, your device’s boot animation will be visible. That means, your operation is successful.


Booting the device in recovery mode


Performing the mobile in recovery mode may solve the device not turning on. Let’s check how to boot the device in recovery mode.


  • Press and hold the volume down key on your Nexus 5X. Perform this action for around 10 to 15 seconds.


  • When you see something related to the firmware on the screen, you need to enable the recovery mode. Press the volume down button two times to highlight the option in recovery mode.


  • After that, press the power button immediately. It’ll help to select that option.


  • It’s time to hold the power button and volume up key together. This action will appear in the Android system recovery option. Wait for a while to see if the device is waking up. This method isn’t 100% working but is highly recommended before fixing the boot loop.



google nexus 5x won't turn on




Reboot the device by wiping the cache partition


For a faulty power button of your Nexus 5X, you need to meet a technician. But, before that, you need to wipe the cache partition. Follow these steps to wipe the cache partition without missing a point.


  • Press as well as hold the following three buttons- volume up, home, and power buttons. These buttons must be pressed and held at the same time.


  • Wait until you hear your device vibrate. It’ll take not more than a few seconds. Now, you can leave the power button.


  • Scroll down to find “Wipe Cache Partition”. You should continuously press the volume down button to scroll the options.


  • When you find the desired option, select it using the power button. The cache partition will be cleared then. Besides, the device will reboot on its own. Meet a phone technician now to fix the residual troubles.



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However, all the aforementioned methods are possible to perform even being a newbie. So, find the exact reason for the trouble before heading to the solution.

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