Google Search Bar Widget Missing? How to Restore It on Android [3 Easy Step]

Having a Google search bar on the home screen makes an Android device more convenient for the users. Users can directly search for anything from this widget. You don’t have to open any browser for that. However, some Android users delete this widget intentionally or accidentally.


Have you also done the same? Is Your Google Search Bar Widget Missing? Relax; we’re going to bring the widget back. Within a while, you are going to find out How to get google search bar back on android phone. It will take less than 2 minutes!!! Moreover, you will discover why the Google Search bar is missing on your home screen.


What is Google Search Bar On Android Home Screen?


The Google search bar is one of the most popular Android Widgets offered by Google. Basically, this widget is used for searching for queries with a single touch. You can also search through voice commands and images. Proceed forward to know more about this useful Android widget.


How to add google search bar to home screen or How to get google search bar back on android phone screen






google search bar




When your Google search widget gets removed, your home screen will look like that. You can add the Google search bar to the home screen by following the simple steps given below.


Step 1: Touch & Hold On Home Screen




google search bar




First of all, you have to touch on any blank space of your android home screen. Some options will appear on your screen as you can see in the above picture. Now, you have to find the widget option. Let’s know about it.


Step 2: Select “Widgets” From Home Screen Options


You may find the ‘Widget” option in the first row on some devices. If you don’t see the option in the front row, sweep left to find it. Here you can have a look at the option.





google search bar




Touch on the “Widgets” and lots of widgets will appear on your screen. You have to look for Google search bar widgets.


Step 3: Select Google Search Bar Widgets


You have to scroll down the widgets until you find “Google Search Bar”.




google search bar




After pressing on that icon, a Google search bar will become visible on your Android home screen. You have to place the widget at the top or anywhere else that you feel comfortable with.




google search bar




Finally, you need to click on any blank area of your home screen. The widgets will be locked in that position.


That is an easy process, isn’t it? However, you may sometimes feel that you want to keep your home screen widget-free. In that case, you should know how to remove the Google search bar on the Android home screen. This process is even easier and took less time than the first method.


How to Remove or Disable Google Search Bar on the Home Screen Android? [1 Simple Step]

To remove the Google search bar from your home screen, you have to touch & hold the widget for 2-3 seconds. After that, you will see the option “Remove” below the widget. Here you go.




google search bar




Can you guess what to do now? Well, you should simply touch on the “remove” option, and the Google search bar will disappear right then.


Google search bar missing on my Android Home Screen – Why?


Sometimes, the Google search bar gets lost from the home screen accidentally. Would you like to know the reason behind that? Perhaps, you have somehow touched on the widget removal option unwillingly.


However, it won’t be a problem for you anymore as you know how to put a Google search bar option on Android home screen.


Applying Voice Command For Google Search Bar


Before we come to the conclusion, I would like to assist you with a bonus tip. Sometimes, you may not be able to type your search queries for some reason. In those cases, you can use the voice command option to apply Google search. To do that, you have to touch on the microphone icon from the Google search bar. Then, you can ask to Google anything through voice.


Final Words


At this point, you’re familiar with how to restore the google search bar on the home screen. Also, you know how to turn it off. You can enable and disable the search bar widget according to your requirements.







How to put the google search bar on Samsung’s home screen?

To restore Google search bar on Samsung, press & hold on your home screen and select Google search bar from widgets.


Can I use the voice command for searching on the Google search bar?

Yes, you can search through voice and images.


How to customize home screen widgets on Android?

You should press and hold on to the widget to find customization features.




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