What Are Green Check Marks on Desktop Icons? & How to Remove?

While using the computer, suddenly you notice green check marks on desktop icons. Don’t panic, these indicators show that the folder has been synchronized with OneDrive, and the online storage has successfully created a backup.


Windows 10 comes with pre-synced OneDrive auto backup; if you don’t want these icons, you can apply the removing method. But all these methods will disable the auto backup.


Different signs indicate separate meanings, and this article has gathered all the possible information regarding the green checkmark. We have clarified what it is, the reason behind it, and the probable solutions. So, let’s get ready to dig right in!

What Are the Green Check Marks on Desktop Icons?


The green checkmarks and the folder icon mean that the specific folder has sync approval.


If you see the green checkmark, there is no need to worry about that because this is fine. The green mark means that your device successfully backs up the folder data in the Microsoft OneDrive.


In terms of benefits, when you switch the laptop, you can sign in to the drive account and get the same data on the new device. Furthermore, you don’t need to fret about data loss.

Types of Different OneDrive Marking


Microsoft indicates the data position by showing the different signs along with the folder or file. The assorted signs and colors tell the different conditions of the data.


Here, we tried to gather almost all the possible OneDrive signs in detail. Let’s see what they are:


  1. Red Cross




Green Check Marks on Desktop Icons




The red tick mark indicates the file is not ready to store online. Perhaps the file is corrupted, or the online store does not support the format.


But you can store the file on your PC but not in the OneDrive. There is no alternative way to fix it rather than changing the format.



  1. Blue Cloud




Green Check Marks on Desktop Icons




Only the cloud symbol appears alongside the folder or file icon when the file is only visible on the cloud and not on the device.


So, if you want to exempt the file, you have to open it from the cloud and will require an internet connection.



  1. Green Outline


When you download the blue cloud or online file from the drive, you will see a green outline. That means the file is now also available on the device. This icon is also called the local file icon.



  1. Deep Green Filled Checkmark




Green Check Marks on Desktop Icons




This is the most common tick icon, which means the file is available in both the device and the cloud. So, you can open it with or without the internet.


Reason behind the Green Check Mark


The technical reason is not many, you can experience the green icon when you have the drive on your device. If you keep the syncing auto, then the data will be stored in the cloud automatically without your permission.


After the complete copy storage, you will see the green checkmark, which means your file is successfully saved in the OneDrive. Thus, you can see frequent changes in the icon pattern, and each icon carries a different meaning; you can find the definition from the above discussion.

How Do I Get Rid of the Green Check Marks on My Icons on Windows 10?


The OneDrive system is a good option for people who want to keep backup for safety purposes. Barring the storage backup, there are no other limitations. However, if the indicators irritate you, disable or pause the synchronization option.


Unfortunately, if you lose any data or switch devices, the consequences may cause you problems. Genuinely this is a brilliant option, but if you want to eliminate it, pursue the given instructions –


  1. Stop the Backup


Here you can directly turn off the auto backup system for a specific folder or totally turn it off for all folders. The system will not remove any other saved data on the cloud storage. So, you can take this step to remove the icon:


  • From the one drive icon’s settings menu, go to the Backup section.


  • Pick the Manage backup.


  • Under the desktop backup icon, you will see the stop backup option; click on it, and confirm the command.


  1. Pause Option


In this option, you can pause the syncing for selected hours. After the fixed time, it will auto-start the syncing.


  • Inside the system tray, you will notice a cloud icon; select the option right away.
  • The settings window will open up, and you will see a “pause syncing” option.
  • Now set the time from the given choice between 2 hours to 24 hours.


  1. Disable Option


Disable is another suitable option for removing the green icon. The system will not remove any data from the online location but will stop storing data until you enable it. It’s easy and handy; follow the steps given below:


  • Click on the cloud logo directly from the taskbar; if you don’t find it, go to the system tray and click on it.


  • Go to the settings menu and select the disable option.


  • Thus, you can keep away the green icon from showing up.


Can Anyone Hack My OneDrive?


Not only one drive but also all online storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box can be hacked. You cannot completely secure the storage system, but possible steps can keep hackers away from guessing the password.


Follow the steps and secure any online storage:


  • Don’t accept the website or online cookies without reading it and type selection.


  • Don’t share your password.


  • Never use the same password for all accounts.


  • Try to keep the password complex.


  • Change the password at least in a month.


  • Don’t log in to your drive account from a public computer.


  • Use anti-malware security tools for optimal protection.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


How Can I Sync My Folders or Files in OneDrive?


For this, you have to download the OneDrive. After login, go to the settings option, now choose the account and select the folder under which you will store the data. In the folder which you have selected for syncing, the system will auto store the new data in the drive after each saving.


Does Restarting the Computer Remove the Green Tick mark?


No, this will not work; actually, the possibility depends on the type of icon. If the icon is red, restarting will not fix the problem. The approach of restarting never solves the problem, although it can modify the icon type depending on the storage conditions.


What are the Disadvantages of OneDrive?


OneDrive is slower than any other storage and less secure. Due to being slower than additional online storage, it takes time to store the files and is sometimes unable to complete the syncing. Hackers discovered that one drive was easier to breach.


So, you can use more secure storage to keep the major data.


On Windows 10, how do I sync files with OneDrive?


There is no need to sync the files, as Windows 10 comes with the auto-syncing process.


Is OneDrive Free?


This drive system comes with a very small size of space, and the limitation is 5GB. Till 5 GB, you can store it for free. But after that, you have to buy a subscription.




Now you know that green check marks on desktop icons are not a technical issue. Multiple icons represent various reasons. If the signs are irritating, you can follow any discussed methods to turn it off. But at the same time, backup storage is also essential.


Online storage is the wise option to keep your data safe. But when the system comes with complications, it becomes unacceptable.


If you are still unable to resolve the problem, you can utilize alternative online storage. The portal offers a variety of free online storage options. These are popular for massive data storage space and security.


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