How To Do GT P3113 Root Android 4.2.2 Samsung Galaxy

If you use the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, or more commonly called Samsung GT P3113, you might be fed up with the backdated ROM. Recently Samsung has released Android 4.2.2 for P3113. This does upgrade the device but hinders any further upgrade by rooting. It is normal to wish to upgrade further and customize the tab. So how to do gt p3113 root  Android 4.2.2?


You can use KingRoot APK if you want to do a PC-free root. But if you are willing to use a PC, you will need the Odin tool and CF-Auto-Root tool. With these two and a PC, you will be able to root your device without any delay. Download this software, connect your device and run them. They will complete the root in no time.


Rooting the phone is easy if you follow the steps correctly. But before you root, you need to have a vague idea about what risk it might have.


Should You Root Your Phone?


With every update, Android has the consistent habit of upgrading its OS. This consistency hasn’t been broken with their latest Android 4.2.2. Your tab will be much smoother and faster than before with this update.


Unlike regular updates, this one enhances the system drastically. As per the Android ROM Update, this upgrade will increase the stability while improving the system. This is rare among android updates as they focus on enhancement rather than stability.


You can also get multiple firmware for a single device. So, if you are fed up with the regular old OS of your P3113, then we highly recommend that you Root the device and upgrade.



How To  Do GT P3113 Root Android 4.2.2? Root Your Phone Without PC


For those of you who don’t have a PC, worry not, for there is a PC-free way to do the task. Follow these few steps, and you will have an upgraded P3113.


Step 01: Download the latest KingRoot APK from their official site




gt p3113 root




Step 02: Install the APK

Step 03: Open the app once the installation is done.

Step 04: Run the tool. This might take a few seconds to identify the device.

Step 05: Enable WiFi or Cellular Data and connect to the Development server.

Step 06: Tap “Try to Root,” and the rooting will begin.

Step 07: Wait a few minutes, and the root will complete itself.

Step 08: Once the Progress Bar fills up, your tab will be rooted perfectly.


Root Your Phone Using PC


For those of you who don’t care about the means of rooting your device, you can do it using a PC with ease. If you plan to do so, you can complete the task using any root tools.


Among all the tools, there are two which stand out. They are:

  • CF-Auto-Root tool
  • Odin tool

You will have to use them both if you want to follow our procedure.




Before you start the root, you need to prepare a few things. They are usual stuff like downloading, installing, and extracting the apps. Here are the things you need to prepare beforehand.


  • Download the USB Driver for Samsung P3113 and install it on the PC.
  • Enable Developers option and USB debugging in the device you want to root.




gt p3113 root




gt p3113 root




  • Create a Backup of the files within the device for safety.
  • Make sure to have the device charged up to 80% at least.
  • Enable factory unlock on the device.
  • Download and extract CF-Auto-Root and Odin tool files in the same folder of the PC.




gt p3113 root






Once you are done with the preparations, you can jump into rooting the device without further delay. You will have to follow the following steps properly to root the device successfully.


Step 01: Power Off the tab.




gt p3113 root




Step 02: To boot, hold down Volume Down and Power buttons together. Once the Android icon appears, press Volume Up. This will enable the Download Mode.




gt p3113 root




Step 03: Run Odin as the Administrator on your PC.

Step 04: Connect your device to the PC using a USB Cable.

Step 05: Wait till Odin detects the tablet. This will be indicated by the ID:COM box turning blue in the app.




gt p3113 root




Step 06: Click PDA or AP on Odin and select the CF-Auto-Root by browsing to the folder you extracted the file.




gt p3113 root




Step 07: Check Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time while unchecking Re-Partition.

Step 08: Once all this is done, click start on Odin. The root process will now begin.




gt p3113 root




Step 09: After completion, the device will reboot itself.

Step 10: And when the reboot is done, Odin will show the message PASS.




gt p3113 root




Step 11: Once the message appears, unplug the device from the USB because the Root is complete.


Few Warnings


If you find the root process easy, you might be eager to root your tablet quickly. But before you root, here are a few warnings:

  • If the device ID is not IMM76D.P3113UEBLH2, you will have to follow a different procedure.
  • The PC process will not erase any data saved in the device.
  • If you root without a PC, make sure to back up all the data.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is rooting Samsung P3113 safe?


Rooting is never illegal. So it is entirely safe to root your device. The only risk it carries is the voiding of your device warranty.


Other than that, rooting a device does not cause any hardware or software damage. In fact, rooting allows you to customize your device with the utmost freedom.


Will rooting the tablet void its warranty?


Yes, if you root your Samsung P3113, it will void the device warranty. But fear not, you can gain the warranty back by simply unrooting the device.


Once you root the tab, an app called SuperSU will appear. To unroot the device, open the app and scroll down to “Full Unroot.” Taping on it will re-establish the warranty by unrooting the device.


Do I need to back up the data to prevent data loss?


If you follow the procedure we provided using a PC, you will not need to create any data backup. This process makes sure not to erase any data like photos, music, videos, or contacts.

But you will need to make a backup of the data if you want to root your device without a PC.


Can I root the device without a PC?


It is possible to root the Samsung GT P3113 without a PC.

To accomplish this task, you will need the KingRoot APK. using this device, and following the procedure we provided, you will be able to root your device with ease. But following this procedure will erase all the device data and make the device unrooting complicated.


Are the software required for rooting free?


All the software we used to root Samsung GT P3113 on Android 4.2.2 is completely free. You can search for them on google, and the download link will highly likely be one of the top results. The software is not illegal or harmful. They are entirely safe despite being free.


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Final Words


Now that you are at the end of the blog, you must have found the answer to ” how to root gt p3113 Android 4.2.2?” The process is simple and easy. Though it requires a third-party app, the procedure is entirely safe.


No matter which processes you follow, PC or no PC, you will have a rooted device in no time. And with a rooted tab, you can customize it with zero hindrance!

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