Hard Reset or Factory Reset iPhone 4s?

As much as your iPhone 4s provides you with smooth and useful features, it can trouble you as well when it misbehaves. And you will find it hard to operate some apps. The only reliable way to get out of the mess is to reset the phone.


But it is a burning question among users whether to hard reset or factory reset iPhone 4s. Well, to help you decide that, we are here with our detailed how-to guide.


If you want to sell your iPhone 4s or fix the hardcore technical glitches, a factory reset is a good option. And if you want to resolve minor issues, a hard reset is the way to go. No matter what your reason is, we will walk you through both methods right here. Stay connected with us!


How To Hard Reset Your iPhone 4s?


Sometimes, a number of apps on your iPhone 4s crash or freeze or your phone becomes unresponsive. In such cases, the first thing you should do is hard reset the phone. It loads the system afresh to remove the stuck codes or minor bugs so that your phone or apps can be responsive.

In order to follow this reset, all you have to do is follow the steps thoroughly:


  • As the iPhone 4s is a comparatively older model than the others, it is easier to perform a hard reboot or reset with it. So, long-press the Sleep or Wake or the Power Button and the Home buttons simultaneously for five to seven seconds.


  • Do remember to hold all the buttons down, otherwise, pressing the buttons might end up taking a screenshot instead of performing a reset.




Hard Reset or Factory Reset iPhone 4s?




  • You need to hold down the buttons as long as you do not hear a vibration or see the Apple Logo on the screen.


  • After you release the buttons, wait for the reset to complete. It will refresh the system software and you are less likely to be stuck on a screen.


  • Once the process is done, it will reboot your system automatically, and you will be able to use the phone without losing any of your installed apps.


Restore iPhone 4s to Factory Settings


Restoring the iPhone 4s to factory settings is quite different. Because it will not only remove data, glitches, and viruses but also will install the latest iOS. This factory reset is more effective than the traditional erase data one. And here are the steps to do that:


  • Since this process will not keep any of your saved user data as it is, you need to create a backup option for all your important data. For that, you can use the iCloud, or Google Drive accounts.


  • Or, you can transfer all your data to another phone or computer so that you can restore them from there.


  • Keep your Apple ID and Password figured out and noted before starting the process because you might need them later.


  • If you do not have iTunes on your PC, download it, and then connect your Mac or PC to the iPhone.


  • Open the iTunes software, and on your phone, long-press the Lock and Home keys at the same time for seven seconds.


  • Release the Lock key once the Apple Logo appears on the display, then when the computer icon appears, release the Home key.


  • Your phone has now entered into the DFU or recovery mode, and the iTunes software will show you a popup.


  • The popup will ask you whether you want to go for the Restore or the Update option. You need to click on the Restore option.





Hard Reset or Factory Reset iPhone 4s?




  • The process will take some time to complete. It will completely erase or delete all the data from your storage or phone. And if you are not running the current OS, it will update it to the latest version available.


  • The iTunes software might show you the Activation Lock screen. So, you need to enter your Apple ID and password to restore your iPhone 4s OS to its new and error-free state.




Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s): 



  • Are Hard Reset and Factory Reset the Same Thing?


No, hard reset and factory are not the same things, but often people interchange the two words. When you hard reset or force reboot your iPhone or Android, it doesn’t remove any data or update the OS.


But with a factory reset you lose all your saved data and get back to an OS without virus or malfunctioning codes.



  • Is It Safe to Hard Reset Your iPhone?


Yes, hard reset or reboot does not affect your iOS. And Apple developers have confirmed that it is as safe and usual as a computer reboot. It does not even affect or remove your Storage data. So, you can perform it to fix the minor glitches.



  • Does Performing a Factory Reset Remove the Jailbroken OS from Your iPhone?


If you perform a factory reset from your phone’s general Settings menu, this reset is less likely to unjailbreak the system. But if you use iTunes or Finder to perform the reset, it will unjailbreak the iOS.



  • Does Restoring iPhone 4s to Factory Reset Update the OS?


Yes, restoring the iPhone 4s with a factory reset will update your current OS. So, if you use iTunes to restore it, it will automatically download the available updates and install the latest iOS on your phone.



However, if you are already using the latest version of the OS, you will not get an automatic update.





Here comes many times when you need to hard reset or factory reset iPhone 4s to operate your phone correctly. Before you sell and hand over your phone to someone else, you must perform the factory reset to remove all your data, photos, and documents from it.


Also, a quick hard reset can sometimes save you the hassle of performing any other workarounds to fix minor glitches. And a factory reset will load the OS afresh without any issue!





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