There are several ways you can now upload pictures from Android to Mac for free and with ease. While not an official feature from Apple, there is a way of accessing your android photos on your Mac. Thankfully, there’s a way around this. 


You need to take third-party apps to help get your work done. This process will allow you to move photos, videos, music, and apps from your Android device straight onto your Mac without any hassle.


The following article will teach you exactly how to transfer photos from an Android to a Mac in no time. You can use any of the methods you like. 


4 methods to transfer photos from an Android to a Mac:

Transferring photos from your Android to a Mac isn’t simple, but it is possible. The below mentioned 4 methods will help you around. 


how to transfer photos from an android to a mac


Using MacDroid:


McDroid is the most efficient tool to transfer pictures from your Android to your Mac. It has a lot of convenient features, and you can use them easily. It has a wide range of unique features that makes it apart from the competition. It’s easy to move images from an Android device to a Mac. Follow these steps below:


  1. To begin, ensure that you connected your device with a USB cable.
  2. After that, make sure your Android is already in MTP mode.
  3. Choose your Android device from the left-hand list and click on Mount. It’s easy to transfer photos or videos from Android to Mac or likewise from this point onwards.
  4. Finally, all you should do is drag and drop files and folders from one your Android to Mac.


how to transfer photos from an android to a mac


Using SyncMate:

Another great method you can use is SyncMate. It’s a fantastic third-party app that will assist you in resolving Android and Mac usability problems. Using SyncMate is simple and fast, particularly when using it in wireless mode, and we’ll show you how to do it.


1. At the beginning, installing the module, try to ensure your Android device is connected to your Mac via USB.

2. After that, when module installation is done, simply open it and turn on wireless syncing.

3. Then you should ensure that your preferred Mac’s IP address is enabled through the module.


how to transfer photos from an android to a mac


4. Finally, as you complete arranging your sync settings, whenever your Android and Mac go into range of each other, you can have them automatically sync, that is you won’t have to do anything to keep your files up to date on any of your phones.


Using Android File Transfer


Google’s third-party app named Android File Transfer, is another choice for transferring files and photos from Android to Mac. If you don’t want to use the above methods for reasons, you can take this method into consideration. This app allows your Android device to be seen by your Mac, meaning you can transfer photos from Android to Mac in just a few easy steps. Follow the steps below:


  1. First and foremost, make sure you installed Android File Transfer on your Mac.
  2. Use a USB cable in order to connect your Android device.
  3. After that, on your Android, select the option “charge via this device.”
  4. Then choose ‘file transfer’ from the drop-down menu of ‘use USB for.’
  5. At the end, on your Mac, a new AFT window will appear. As a result, you can manually sync the devices by simply moving files between them.


Using Google Photos:

Another alternative for transferring files is Google Photos. Follow the process below: 


1. At the beginning, on your Mac download Google Photos Uploader.


how to transfer photos from an android to a mac


2. After that, download and install the Google Sync application. This app will automatically sync your Android device and Mac


3. Then to access Google Drive, you need to use a browser. Choose Google Photos from the drop-down menu. Make sure the choice to “Create Google Photos folder” is turned on.


4. Moreover in order to sync files, simply go to your Google Drive on your Mac.


5. Make sure that it’s set to automatically sync with Google Photos in the sync options. Since Google Drive is a cloud-based service, your files will automatically sync. If you save both of your files to Google Photos, that’s also. You’re effectively storing your images online rather than directly copying files, as with the other choices we’ve looked at.


6. At the end, if you want to use them in future, then, you can download them on your Mac.


Final thoughts: 


See how easy it is to transfer your photos from Android to Mac! Of course, if you know the tricks. That being said, you helped to with the methods and tricks. Now it’s your job to play with the methods. You described all we knew. Let us know in the comment down below if you know any better methods for this task. We’d love to know. 




Q1: How do I transfer files from Android to Mac?

Answer: As we described, MacDroid would be the best option to transfer photos, videos or files you name it. It’s easy to use, fast, and affordable. 


Q2: Can I use an Android phone with a Macbook?

Answer: Yes, using an Android phone with a Macbook is definitely possible. But there is no straight solution for you. You might need to download a third-party app like MacDroid. 


Q3: Can you AirDrop from Android to Mac?

Answer: AirDrop cannot be used to move images from an Android device to a Mac. AirDrop was developed to work exclusively with other Apple products.That says if you’d like to move files from Android to Mac, you’ll have to use a third-party application like MacDroid.

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