How Can I Stop My Android Phone From Speaking To Me

how can i stop my android phone from speaking to me

Imagine you unlocked your phone and a Google assistant voice pops up out of nowhere. And then the irony begins. You can’t navigate your phone except for the voice accompanying you everywhere. Whatever you click on your phone or even touch, the AI voice reads it aloud. It is annoying and wastes a lot of time for you.


But you can’t remember when you turn it on. And now you are here asking how can I stop my Android phone from speaking to me?


Fortunately, you have come to the right place because here, we will discuss this issue in detail about why it automatically shows up and how you can make it disappear. We will try not to miss anything!


So if you want to solve this issue once and for all, keep on reading.


How Can I Stop My Android Phone from Speaking to Me?


Get To Know: Google Talkback Feature


Why is my phone talking to me? Well, the problem you are facing right now is a Google service. The name of this feature is “Talkback” for older android models. What is the purpose of this feature? Is it a bug or something?


The feature comes under Google’s accessibility service. The purpose is to make android devices usable for everyone. Blind or visually impaired people should not be excluded from the digital revolution. And that’s the motto that created “talkback.” It works as a screen reader.


Once you enable it, it will keep repeating whatever you do on the screen. It helps the navigation easier for people with no eyesight. When you click on an app, the feature will read aloud the name of the app, so you can be sure that you have clicked on the right application. If you want to enter it, click twice.


Hope you understand that it is not a bug. The only downside is that it makes the android very slow. Since it takes multiple clicks to select an option, many people dislike it. But for people who need this service, this small issue doesn’t matter that much.


Okay, so it is great software, but how do I turn this off? To get this answer, you have to read the following sections of this article.


Why Is This Feature Enabled In My Android?


1. App Cache


Google sends cookies to record your user behavior. So every time they can show you results that are relevant to you. We face it all the time. Remember the first time you searched for something and the contents you previously watched would rank on the top. Cache helps Google to identify your choices and save them.


However, it requires frequent cleaning. Otherwise, the cache keeps accumulating in the background and slows the server down. And not just that various mishaps like enabling “Hey Google” happens.


To get rid of cache data follow this simple guide:


  • Open your settings option> move into the “apps management.”


  • From the list, you have to select “Google.”


  • Once you enter the app, you will notice the amount of cache.



how can i stop my android phone from speaking to me




  • You can simply click on the “remove cache.” And the cache pile will vanish. It will make Google faster and more responsive.


2. Android Needs Update


When was the last time you updated your android device? If you can’t remember clearly, then it is a sign that your android needs an update. In such a case, your device might have already given you a warning.


But you missed it intentionally or unknowingly. And now it is troubling you through a screen reader:


  • Click on the “settings’ and navigate through it.


  • At the bottom, you have an option “About device.”


  • Inside that check on the software update button.


  • There you get an option for “update now.” You can also turn on the “auto-update” option. So, it will update automatically when a new software update is available. And in case, you are conscious about your data package, turn on the “Wi-Fi only” feature.




how can i stop my android phone from speaking to me




  • Now if you slide the notification down, a “downloading update” notification will be visible. Once the device has downloaded the update, tap on it.


  • Then restart the phone by pressing the volume and home button together for ten seconds.


  • After you reopen the phone, it should be on an update mode.


3. Norton 360 Bug


Norton 360 is software that acts as an antivirus and provides threat protection for your android device. But users reported that this app comes with some bugs too. If you have installed this software, you might notice sudden talkback features turned on in your phone. You go and disable it, but it somehow finds its way again.


Well, in that case, we will suggest you switch your antivirus to some other software. Plus, the Norton 360 has been updated into Norton security. It will be a good idea to stick with the latest version.


How Do I Turn this Off?


Now that you have a decent understanding of what this feature is and how it works, let’s move on to the real problem. No doubt, this is a great feature for visually impaired people. But for an average user, this feature can deduct his speed and waste a lot of time. Now, we don’t want that, do we?


That’s why in this section, we will show how you can disable this app from your android device. The process only requires a few clicks.




In the first method, we will use the “accessibility” option in the settings to turn it off.


  • First of all, unlock your android device to get inside. Normally, you could have just pressed the password to open the lock. But the talkback feature will repeat whatever you do on the screen. That includes your password too.


For example, your password is 12345. So, you will click 1 first, and the device will repeat what you touched. Then you have to click on 1 again. So, the process of typing a password will take longer than usual.


  • After you fill in the password, go “next.” And you have the access to enter.


  • Now we will look for the “settings” option. Just like before, click twice on everything. The first click will make the device tell you what you have touched and the second click will grant you access. The reason is simple, so you have the chance to select another software or button if you find it incorrect.


  • Once you have entered the settings, make sure you select the “smart assistant” option.


  • From there, choose the “accessibility” option. Keep in mind to select twice.




how can i stop my android phone from speaking to me




  • Then, on top of the list, you will have the “talkback” feature. It must be turned on. All you have to do is push the button back and disable it.


  • Next, a pop-up will appear before you to confirm the command. Click “yes.”


  • Now, go back to the home screen, and the problem or “voice” won’t be there anymore.




It is the easiest. For this, you won’t have to navigate the settings and so on. You can just press the volume up and down button for at least three seconds. Then you will see a notification to suspend talkback. Just click “yes” and it will be over.


The thing is it might not work with your device. It depends on how the talkback feature got activated in the first place. Anyway, if you can’t get through this method, check out our next method.




In this method, we will show you how you can deny the microphone permission to Google. In this way, Google won’t be able to get access to speak to you loudly.


So here it goes.


  • First of all, enter the settings> choose “apps” or “app management.”


  • Search through all the apps and select “Google.”


  • Check on the “permission” button > select “microphone.”


  • Okay, deny the access by turning it off.


Now the Google assistant or talkback can’t speak or read the screen to you.


Sometimes, the problem only occurs while you are using headphones. Does it ring a bell? If yes, then you have to disallow Google to access wired headsets. For this just follow the steps below.


  • Like before, find Google app> Click on “more.”


  • Check the settings> select the “voice” option.


  • Here you will see an option that says “allow wired headset requests.” It must be blue. All you have to do is toggle the blue button and turn it off.


With that, you don’t have to deal with this specific headphone issue ever again. This happens because your headphones mess up with the phones’ settings.




For newer devices, it can be Google Assistant. When we unlock our phone or pick up a call, it suddenly pops up and asks for a voice command. This can be irritating.


In this method, we will show you how you can turn off Google voice assistant and delete it permanently.


  • You will have to enter the “Google” app from your phone. Now, do you see the “three dots” on the corner? You have to click on that.


  • Click on “more” and then choose the “settings.”


  • Go down a bit and you will find “Google Assistant.” Hope everything is clear till now.


  • After going inside the Google Assistant, you have to select “general.”


  • Now you will see the feature “talkback.” It should be turned on at this stage.


  • Simply push the disable button and follow it up with a click on “okay.”


That’s how you can turn off the feature any time you want. However, you might not want to go through the same trouble ever again. And the thing with Google assistant is that you can enable it once again without any knowledge.


Especially, after you disable it once, you will notice a small pop-up from Google Assistant on your home screen. It comes with a blue turn-on button. It is very easy to turn it on again mistakenly.


So, let’s see how we can delete this feature altogether from our device:


  • Go to the settings> find “apps” or “app management” on your phone. The name can vary depending on which model you use.


  • And from there you have to choose “default apps.”


  • When you enter it, you will notice an option for “assistant voice input.”


  • When you click on that, it will have “Google” by default.


  • You have to unselect “Google” and choose “none.”




how can i stop my android phone from speaking to me




  • Now you don’t have any voice assistant active by default. If you want any talkback service in the future, you have to manually enable it.


After that, you won’t see any pop-ups on the home screen. You have deleted it permanently.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Is Talkback And Voice Assistant The Same?


The basic function is the same for both features. The only difference is that the name is “Google voice assistant’ for the latest androids. And the older models have the name “Talkback” on the settings.


2. Why Is My Phone Talking To Me?


Your phone is reading aloud whatever you do on the screen because of the “Talkback” application. Sometimes you turn it on unknowingly or the headphones can mess up with your settings and enable it.


3. How Can I Disable Talkback On My Android?


We have mentioned four easy fixes that you can try to disable the Talkback feature. You can deny the microphone access to Google or use the accessibility settings to disable the Talkback feature.



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Android is continuously making features that provide ease to the users. Having a service of screen reading is one of them. Although it is essential for many android users who are blind, it can bother a user without those needs.


That’s why in this article, we tried our best to explain the probable reasons why it turns on automatically, for which you can prevent it in the future. We also discussed multiple methods for turning it off and deleting it permanently.


So hopefully, you have got the answer to how can I stop my Android phone from speaking to me.

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