How Can I Turn Off Google Lens Search Permanently?

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Once you get used to a specific Google feature, it can frustrate you when developers replace it with something else, especially if the new function is not that efficient. It is the reason that users are not much happy with the Google Lens feature.


And you are most probably here to figure out How can I turn off Google Lens search permanently and use image search again. In order to help you with the process, we will cover the steps in detail.


Disabling or removing the Google lens feature is not the same for PC and phones. Because different operating systems have different functionalities and settings. So, we will cover several methods for numerous devices as well. Ready to learn?


How Can I Turn Off Google Lens Search Permanently And Get Image Search Back?


There can be several reasons that you want to disable the Google Lens feature or app. On some devices, it will be easier to do so, whereas other devices might require a bit extra effort. And here are all those possible ways to disable Google Lens –


1. Disable through Settings Menu


Not all Android or iPhones have the Google Lens pre-installed on them. So, if you have downloaded the app separately, you can use your phone’s Settings app or menu to delete it. Here is how to do it –


  • For Android Users, open the Settings screen and select the All Apps or Apps & Notifications section, on some phones, you might need to scroll down to find it.




how can i turn off google lens search permanently




  • Once you open the All Apps list, scroll down to find the Lens app. If you cannot find it, select the three-dot menu from the Apps list screen and select System Apps. It will make it easier to find Google Lens. 


  • Then click on the Lens app to open its App info page. From there, select the Disable button.




how can i turn off google lens search permanently




  • If you are on iPhone, swipe right or left from the home screen to find and open the Settings app from all apps. 


  • Head to the Privacy section and click on the Location Services option.




how can i turn off google lens search permanently




  • Then scroll down to the bottom of the screen and turn off the Google Lens slider. 


On some phones, especially if the Lens app comes pre-installed, you might not find the disable button to turn it off. In that case, you need to follow the workarounds below.


2. Use Chrome Flags


Chrome flags is an experimental feature that gives you the liberty to customize the chrome features. You can use this method for your phone or computer. And here are the steps to that –


  • If you are on a PC, go to the Google Chrome browser and enter the following address in the address bar.




  • After entering the address, press the Enter key to land on the Flags page.


  • On that page, you will see the “Search Your Screen with Google Lens” feature. The feature shall be underlined in yellow, select it. 



how can i turn off google lens search permanently




  • However, if you cannot find the Google Lens feature there, press the Ctrl + F to open the finder. Then type Lens there, and it shall highlight the Google Lens. 


  • Next to the Google Lens feature, there is a drop-down menu. Open the menu and click on the Disabled option. 




how can i turn off google lens search permanently




  • Finally, restart the chrome browser right away, and you will get to use the Image Search as you have turned off the Lens search permanently. 


  • For Android users, enter the following link from the Chrome browser.




  • After that, you will see highlighted phrases in yellow but if that link does not display the highlighted  phrases, try these link. 








  • Then from the drop-down menu, click on the Disable option and it will remove or disable the Google Lens as the default tool. 




how can i turn off google lens search permanently




  • Finally, click on the Relaunch option from the bottom of the screen and now you can use the Image Search as default. 


If these methods fail to turn off the Lens search, you need to delete the app from your phone. Only then, you can disable the feature. For that, follow the next section.


How to Delete the Google Lens Search?


It is comparatively easier to delete the Google Lens app to disable the feature. On your phone, follow the steps below to delete the app:


  • On your Android home screen, locate the Google Lens app and long-press the icon.


  • Then click on the Uninstall option that appears at the bottom or top of the icon, and after a few seconds, it will no longer exist on your phone.


  • If you are on iPhone, long-press the Google Lens app from the home screen until its icon starts to shake.


  • From the upper-right corner of the screen, you need to click on the X sign.


  • Then press the Red button to delete the feature permanently. 




how can i turn off google lens search permanently




When you delete the App, Google Chrome will no longer use it as the default image searching tool. And you get back the Image Search feature as the default tool.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Are Google Lens and the Image Search the Same?


No, Google Lens and Google Image Search are not the same features. The former is the additional feature added to the Image Search feature. And Google has released a standalone Google Lens app with quick features for Android to access it easily. But you do not get many features with the basic Image Search tool. 


2. Why Has Google Removed the Image Search Button?


Google officially has announced that they have removed the Image Search and introduced the Google Lens to connect users with relatable searches from different websites. Also, publishers and photographers claim that people steal their images found in Image Search.


So, it is possible that they have introduced Lens to show associated copyrights information to the users.


3. Is Google Lens Better Than the View Image Search Feature?


It depends mainly on your purpose. If you want to explore related images for the image you have searched, then Google Image Search is good for that. But if you want to read more about the picture in detail, Google Lens can load the articles for you.


However, Image Search shows more accurate picture results, and Lens takes a bit extra time to load results.


4. Can You Add an Extension to Android Chrome to Disable Google Lens?


No, you cannot add an extension to the Android chrome version as Android does not support chrome extensions. You can use different chromium browsers to add extensions. But for Android chrome, there is no way to add an image search extension to remove or disable the Google Lens search.


5. Why Cannot I Use Image Search Even After Disabling Google Lens?


If you do not clear the cookies and unwanted data stored on the chrome cache for a long time, your browser will not load and function properly. So, too many cookies from websites you visited trigger the Image Search option to stop working even after you have disabled Google Lens. 




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As Google Image Search or View Image button works faster and shows more accurate results, a lot of users want that as the default image searching tool. Before you get to set that as the default feature, you need to know how can I turn off Google Lens search permanently.


We do not recommend deleting the app permanently. Ask why? Because you never know when you might need the additional features that the Google Lens offers. In case you delete it, you can download it from any app store.

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