How Do I Change the Headphone Setting on My Android? [Fix in 3 Min.]

Your headphone always allows you to have clear communication or entertainment in any crowded place. You want clear music or words to hear so that you can enjoy the whole moment. Therefore, you will often need to change the sound or settings of the headphone. And you think how do I change the headphone setting on my Android devices.


So, today we will discuss how to set the sound of headphones, turn off headphones, disable headphone control, and turn off a headphone in this article.




how do i change the headphone setting on my android




How To Change Headphone Settings on Android?



how do i change the headphone setting on my android




To get the sound settings, you must first go to the sound tab, then click on manage the audio device. If your headphone is connected, it will show up in the playback options. Then click, afterward, set the default button by clicking. Clicking the OK button to save this change will complete your headphone settings.


How To Increase Volume On An Android Phone?

First of all, you must be an Android user, and you must connect the headphone with Android. Then you have to go to the accessibility settings of Android. For that, you have to open the Settings app. Select accessibility from the list in the settings app. Scroll through the accessibility options to the audio option below and turn on the screen text section. Once your settings are complete, you will now be able to increase or decrease the volume slider at any time from on-screen.


How Do You Turn Off the Headphone?



how do i change the headphone setting on my android




To turn off the headphone mode of an Android phone, you have to go through some procedures. Reboot your phone to free the phone from headphone mode. If your headphones are cable headphones, be sure to unplug them from your phone. If your headphones are Bluetooth connected, then all you have to do –


Go to the Settings app, then select the connection option from there. You can go to the Bluetooth from the connection option, unpair your connected headphone and finish the work. Again your headphones seem to be connected after unplugging. Then reset your Android phone.


How do I adjust the headphone balance in Windows 10?

Many people would think that you might need a third-party app to do this, but there is no need for apps that are not right. You can make this process much easier if you use a different method.


  1. Click on the speaker icon at the bottom right of the Windows to select the sound.
  2. Check which playback device is relevant by going to the playback tab. You can play the music track if you want.
  3. Right-click on the device you think is right and select properties.
  4. From the level tab, click the balance option.
  5. This window allows you to see all the speakers in your system. Adjust each speaker volume with the help of a slide and finally save the setting by clicking the OK button.


Headphone Button Control

The type of button depends on the brand according to the model of the headphone. Some Android headphones may have a single button or 2 or 3 buttons. Each button has a different function, and the button has different control capabilities to match the phone.


The Android headphone buttons can play the next song, skip or pause the song, and interact with other apps. These buttons also allow to start or stop recording and hold an app. Specifically, the Android headphone buttons are divided into 3 parts: function button, volume, and power buttons. So, you can use a multi-functional button headphone to set up Android headphones.



Ways To Change the Setting of Headphones on Android:

Sadly, you won’t find a way to access the headphone settings directly because there is no such way. However, some apps offer control over external headphone devices in settings. Headphones are controlled on an Android device via the audio balance feature.


To do this, you need to go to the accessibility option of settings and find the sound balance. You must have an app installed on your Android device to control headphones or earphones. On the other hand, the headphone mode is directly connected to the system and does not require any system app to control the headphones.


How To Disable Headphone Control?

There are many apps in the app store that allow you to deactivate and control headphone mode. It is annoying when your headphones are disconnected from Android and if the phone is in headphone mode. This problem usually occurs with Bluetooth headphones.


If wired headphones have this problem, you should unplug them from the phone. Other reasons for being in headphone mode may be that the headphone jack is dirty or damages the headphones and OS problems.


Any physical damage to the headphones can affect the device and reduce the control power of the headphones. Due to this problem, we often suffer from connecting or disconnecting headphones with Android. The easiest way to disable the headphone model is to turn off the phone, so you don’t have to worry about settings.


Use An App to Override Audio Control:

You can use some apps to override the audio control. Such apps are headphone disabled and enable speaker apps. Also, these apps allow you to switch between speakers and headphones manually.


These apps are specially designed for Xiaomi phones. If you want, you can disable or enable headphone mode using these apps in Samsung Android mobile. It would be best if you rooted on your phone to use these apps in Android, and you can get some more administrative control by rooting. You can run more advanced commands in the audio settings of the headphones on your root accessed very useful Android device.



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We’ve been to let you know some steps to change your Android headphone settings. You can get different benefits by following the manual and getting permission to change the headphone settings properly. A rooted device is more useful to accomplish this process. You can use a headphone mode to enable/disable apps on such devices. We hope you find the solution you need to get your phone back in headphone mode.

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