How Do I Enable Wsd In Windows 10?

Congratulations! For your new computer. I know you have pressed your power button. Did you install windows 10? all of your applications are running properly. It’s satisfying!

Now, are you thinking about using your printer? It’s a good idea. But, first of all, you have to enable your WSD on your computer. Let me know about WSD, first. It stands for Web Service for Devices. With the help of WSD, you can transfer your files, enable your printer and scanners. 

Right now, I’m sure you are amazed and asking yourself How do I enable WSD in windows 10. You have come the right way. Let’s learn.


WSD-Web Service for Devices 

WSD is a Microsoft API. Without setting up this API you can’t connect your programs to the web service. SO, this API is a must if you want to use your printer to print your documents. Besides, for enabling your scanner and file transformation you can’t avoid WSD- a Microsoft API. 

Again, WSD is similar to installing a USB device for you. You will get a better experience with WSD. Because it will provide you with a network plug-and-play experience for your printer or scanner. You will get rid of the wired process of unearthing the correct device driver with the help of WSD also. Overall, WSD will help your personal computer to discover your printers and other devices on the network.  


Setting Up WSD in Windows 10

It sounds good that you don’t need to install a WSD port for your windows 10. Because of windows 10 operating System, the WSD port is set up automatically. But if you installed Windows 7 on your computer, you had to install a WSD port. Anyway, to enable WSD in your windows 10 you have to follow some steps. 

Above all, you have to:

  1. Configure web service for devices 
  2. Set up WSD on windows 10.

 At a glance, how to do Configure Web Service for Devices and setting up WSD on windows 10.


1. Configure web service for Devices

1. First of all, from the configure, click on the Network. After that choose services and select WSD. Now you can see an option Enable WSD. Select it.


how do i enable wsd in windows 10


2. Now, this is the time for choosing the default print connection.


how do i enable wsd in windows 10


3. Now apply your changes.

[Note: If you are a user of a fiery server and connected to FS150/150 pro, follow my instruction to find your settings.

Job submission>Web service for devices.]


After configuring the web service for the device, this is the time for setting up the WSD on your windows 10. Let’s learn how!


2. Setting up WSD on Windows 10


For setting up the WSD on your windows 10 the steps to be followed:


  1. First, Install a WSD scanner to your windows 10 from devices and printers.
  2. Add a device.
  3. Click on the Installed MFP or WSD scanner.
  4. You can see an option WSD scan. Select it.
  5. Now, Select your windows 10’s computer name.
  6. Now feel free to start a scan from the front panel.



how do i enable wsd in windows 10






1. What is a WSD scan?

Answer: WSD scan is a feature that will help you to create a digital version of your hard copy or document. You can send your digital hard copy to applications or computers with a WSD scan that supports Microsoft’s WSD. 


2. What is the WSD setting on a printer?

Answer: You know, WSD stands for web service for Devices. It’s nothing but a network setting protocol for your printer. It helps to make setting up your printer easier. WSD is the default way Microsoft wants Windows to set up a printer. 


3. How do I set up my Epson WSD printer?

Answer: Okay, follow these steps for your betterment.


  • Install Product software: Make sure, you have installed your product software. Check it out, is it connected or not to your computer or network. The connection between your computer network and product software is a must.
  • Placement: Now place your original on the product software for the scan.
  • In this step, if needed, press the home button.
  • Now select your computer WSD
  • Now, this is time for selecting your computer name.
  • At this stage, click on the start icon. Finally, your scanned image is gone to your preferred computer device!


I think these steps could be helpful to you. Have a good experience with the WSD printer!


4. How do I find my WSD port IP address?

Answer: Well, there must be a path to find your IP address that the WSD port mentioned. If your Ping doesn’t work, go to the system where that installed. Click on your right and go to the properties. You can find an option named the Web services tab. Choose it and open it. You can find your IP address here!


5. How do I find the IP address of a printer?

Answer: That will be great if you follow my instructions. Let’s check it out!

  • Go to start> Printers and Faxes. Another alternative can be, Start> control panel> printers and Faxes. I would suggest from these the first technique for you. Because this technique will save time and also be easier between them.
  • Keep your hand on your mouse. Click on Right, the printer name. Now click on the left, properties.
  • Now click on the ports tab. Now Wide your first column that displays the IP Address of your printer.

So, these are the steps you can follow to get your printer’s IP Address.


Final Thought

Overall, if you are thinking about making your documents hard from the soft copy, you have to print them. Again, for the printing of your invitation card, your books, or your passport size photograph, there is no alternative to a printer machine. Your printer machine is lifeless without the connection of your computer device. All the things became possible with the help of WSD-Web Service for Devices.

I think, now you have got the answer to your question How do I enable WSD in Windows 10. We have learned the techniques step by step. Now, this is the time to apply. Hurry up! Enable the WSD on your Windows 10. Transfer your files, scan and print them.

Happy Printing!

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