While working on pc, suddenly find something interesting that demands note down for further use. In this case, using pen and paper is time-consuming, so, you undoubtedly look for something that makes your task easy. To handle such a situation, Windows 10 offers sticky note features which is very common and popular among Windows 10 users. The reason behind this is you can easily take a quick note whenever you want. Also, you can delete it easily. What if all the saved notes got deleted accidentally? So many important notes that can make your life unfavorable. Obviously, you will search for how do I get my sticky notes back on Windows 10?

However, in this article, you will get to know some easy ways to get back your lost treasures. If you want to get back your sticky notes right now, start reading!

Recover from Outlook


Most of us do not know or do not want to use Microsoft’s outlook. In fact, we are much comfortable with Gmail. If you knew how to use outlook, you probably should not be here. Obviously, not searching for how do I get my sticky notes back on Windows 10. However, you should check the Trash folder of your Outlook account. Because whenever you delete a sticky note, a duplicate copy will be stored in the Trash folder.


So, how do you check the Trash folder of your Outlook account? It’s a natural question, indeed, for those who do not use Outlook. Do not worry at all because I have come here to save your day. At first, make sure that you have an Outlook account. Likewise, logging into a Gmail account, log in to your Outlook account. You can visit “” from your browser. After login, enter the ‘Deleted Items.’ You can find that on the left sidebar easily.


how do i get my sticky notes back on windows 10


Here, you will find all the notes that you deleted or got deleted from your PC. Handy, right? Furthermore, the notes will stay there forever, if you never change your settings. You can recover the notes anytime, anywhere.


Restore from the Previous Version


Surprisingly, you can restore any sticky notes by switching to the previous version. It’s not that difficult.


If you have a shortcut on your PC, then right-click on it. After that, click properties. Go to the ‘Previous Versions.’ If you do not have a shortcut, search for ‘Sticky Notes’ in the search bar. Generally, you will find the previous versions of sticky notes along with the date. So, select a previous version of the sticky note and click Restore. Accordingly, Apply and then click OK. Launch the sticky note. All the deleted notes will come back.


how do i get my sticky notes back on windows 10


In case, you do not have an Outlook account, it is the best option for you. But I strongly recommend you open an Outlook account immediately. Because it’s much safer.


Check Hidden Files


Surprisingly, some file folders on your PC remain hidden. They remain hidden because to avoid getting deleted accidentally. Particularly you will find a folder of deleted sticky notes among the hidden folders. Feeling lucky?


However, you have to unhide the hidden folders from their den. But how can you make them visible? That’s not a big deal indeed. You can unhide folders in two ways.


At first, go to ‘My Computer.’ Click ‘View’ on the upper side. On the right side, you will see an unchecked box named ‘Hidden items.’ Tick the box, and it’s done.


Another way, search for hidden items in the search bar. After entering there, you will see file explorer options. Click ‘Show settings’ on the second option.


how do i get my sticky notes back on windows 10


After that, go to ‘View’ and tick the ‘Show hidden files, folders, and drives.’ Then click ‘OK.’ Now you are all set. Also, you will see many hidden files and folders that you thought never existed.


how do i get my sticky notes back on windows 10


So, you may be wondering, how do I get my sticky notes back on Windows 10? Copy and paste this into your search bar: C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Sticky Notes” and enter.


You will find a file in .snt format and open it.


how do i get my sticky notes back on windows 10


Don’t lose your mind already. Because you are going to see some alien type format in this .snt file. However, press ‘ctrl+F,’ and a search bar will appear at the top. Search the content that you want, and it will appear immediately.


how do i get my sticky notes back on windows 10


Final Thoughts


If you are a regular sticky note user, then set up an Outlook account today. Every important note of yours will be cloud saved. Also, it will save your day and time as well. So, you do not need to search for how do I get my sticky notes back on Windows 10?

However, hope you have found your lost sticky notes. In the meantime, if you face any problems, feel free to ask.




Does resetting sticky notes delete them?


Of course not. Resetting will only change the settings to its default self. Otherwise, it won’t touch anything. Suppose you customized your sticky notes settings. You saved many sticky notes. If you reset the app, it will go back to its previous settings. But it won’t delete any saved notes.


Why do sticky notes keep popping up?


It’s really annoying if sticky notes keep popping up frequently. It is more likely to conflict with other software on your PC. That’s why sticky notes can pop up frequently. To solve this problem, you have to perform a clean boot on your PC. It will help you detect the root of this problem.


Do sticky notes stay after restart?


Yes. You will find them active after you restart your PC. Suppose you do not know how to open sticky notes, type the sticky notes in the search bar. Create one.


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