How Do I Jailbreak iOS 13: [The Complete & Easy Guide]

Apple unveils many breathtaking features like faster Face ID, Dark Mode, and upgraded Photos & Video editor.


Despite having all of these exclusive features on iOS 13, there are still multiple reasons to jailbreak your fav apple phones. For instance, if you wish to customize the messaging app, you need to install iFile, which requires jailbreaking your iOS 13.


Now, you may throw a question- how do I jailbreak iOS 13?


Don’t be fret!


In this how-to guide, we will cover:


  • What is Jailbreaking?
  • Is it safe to Jailbreak your iPhone?
  • How to jailbreak your iOS 13?
  • And a lot.


Without further ado, let’s begin right here.


What is Jailbreaking?



How Do I Jailbreak iOS 13



‘JailBreak’ is related to the iPhone. The early version of the iPhone is known to us as the most ‘locked down’ phone. At that time, there was no App Store for users to explore new apps on their iPhone. Besides, the iPhone users failed to access other carriers unless they had a jailbroken phone.


So, What is Jailbreaking?


It’s a process of exploiting the shortcomings of an electronic device to install other apps that are not recommended by the manufacturer. Jailbreaking allows you to get control over and access every feature of the operating system.


Is it safe to Jailbreak your iPhone?

Though jailbreaking the iPhone is legal, it is not safe. It allows hackers or cybercriminals to hack your phones.


Apple ensures the top security and designed their app for the users that carries no safety issues. But when you jailbreak your phone, you break the dedication of Apple’s security system. The app you installed through jailbreaking is not scanned or tested by Apple. Consequently, the third-party software represents risk. Plus, you will never get any updates which is another disadvantage of jailbreaking.


Jailbreak your iPhone pushes you to the following risks:


  • Security issues
  • Your phone keep crashing and freezes
  • Battery ends quickly
  • Receive no updates from Apple
  • You may lose services from Apple


How to Jailbreak iOS 13- Using Checkra1n?



How Do I Jailbreak iOS 13



Don’t know how to jailbreak iOS 13? Then, jailbreak your iPhone following the below 6 steps.


Step 1. Download Checkra1n app First


Start with downloading the Checkra1n software for macOS by following this link. Once you downloaded the app, make sure you copy the DMG file and drag it to the Application folder.


Step 2. Open the Checkra1n App


Make sure you are in the Application folder and right-click on the Checkra1n app. Now, you can see a prompt-up option. From there, tap on the Open button again.


Step 3. Connect your iPhone or  iPad to your Mac


Use a lightning cable to connect your iPhone to your Mac. You may get a prompt-up message to trust the device. So, click on the Trust button and input your device password.


Step 4. Start the Jailbreaking Process


When you connect your iPhone to Mac, the device will automatically detect the Checkra1n app. Then, click on the Start option to proceed with Jailbreaking.


Step 5. Put your iPhone to DFU Mode


To put your iPhone or iPad into DFU mode, follow the below steps.


  • Switch off your iPhone while you keep your phone connected to Mac.
  • Hold down the power and volume down button at once for 10 seconds.
  • Release the power button but keep holding down the volume button for another 5 seconds.
  • If the DFU mode is activated, your iPhone will show you a black screen. When you have done all these correctly, the app will identify your device automatically.


If everything is ok, it will begin the jailbreaking process. Once the process is done, you can see the Checkra1n app’s logo on your phone’s home screen.


Step 6. Finish the Jailbreaking Process


Open the app and install Cydia to get access to the complete jailbreaking package. The process of Jailbreaking your iOS will end once you install Cydia successfully.


How to Jailbreak iOS 13- Using Unc0ver & Install Cydia



How Do I Jailbreak iOS 13



Follow the below 5 steps to Jailbreak iOS 13.


Step 1. Download Altserver on Your PC or Mac


Begin with the jailbreaking process by downloading the Altserver. It is compatible with both PC and Mac. You can download this app from here. Then, connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac through a USB.


Step 2. Tap on the Altserver icon and go to Install Altstore > Your Device


From the menu bar of your PC or Mac, click on the Altserver icon, head over to Install Altstore, and choose your iPhone or iPad.


Step 3. Give the Trust Certificate


Now, you can see the AltStore app icon on your phone. Next, go for Settings > General > Device Management. Afterward, click on the Apple ID and trust the developer certificate.


Step 4. Download the latest version of Unc0ver


Make sure your phone is connected to your PC or Mac. Then, follow this link to download the updated version of Unc0ver. You can find the ‘Open In…’ option there to launch the IPA in AltStore. You may input your Apply ID during the installation process.


Step 5. Proceed to Jailbreaking Process


Once you install the Unc0ver successfully, return to the home screen of your iPhone. Then, click on the Jailbreak button to complete the jailbreaking process.


Is It legal to Jailbreak Your iOS 13?

Honestly, jailbreaking is not illegal. However, it depends on the law in a specific country, and this process falls under a grey area. Yes, it’s legal to jailbreak your phone when you need to install the legal apps on your phone. But the case will be the opposite if you jailbreak your phone for installing illegal apps.


According to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, in countries like the US, jailbreaking the phone is considered a copyright issue.


In the case of Apple, the company never looks at the jailbreaking process as a threat. Indeed, Apple should thank the jailbreakers for identifying the security holes.


However, you should avoid the jailbreaking process as it leads to a lot of security issues. We discussed the disadvantages of jailbreaking your iPhone above.


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  • Can I still jailbreak my iPhone with iOS 13?


Yes, you can jailbreak your iOS 13 using Checkra1n and Unc0ver. Both the software require you to use your computer to jailbreak iOS 13. Without your computer, you can’t jailbreak this iOS version.

  • Why don’t I get the iOS 13 update on my iPhone 5S?


There are several reasons behind this. First off, iPhone 5S or its earlier version doesn’t have the hardware specifications to run iOS 13. In other words, your iPhone 5S is not compatible with iOS 13. That’s why you will never get the iOS 13 update on your iPhone 5S.

  • How can I jailbreak iOS 13 on my iPhone X?


The best way to jailbreak your iOS 13 is to use Checkra1n tool for your Windows. Also, you can run this software on your Mac. If you don’t know how to use the Checkra1n tool, follow the step by step guide we mentioned above.


  • What do you do if you have an iPhone 6 and the iOS 13 update?


If you have an iPhone 6, you can run the iOS 12 only. Unfortunately, you can’t install iOS 13 on your iPhone 6. It doesn’t mean Apple leaves this product. Indeed, the iPhone gets regular updates and iOS 12.5.1 is the latest update for this iPhone.


  • Will iPhone 6 get iOS 13 update?


Unfortunately, iPhone 6 will never get the iOS 13 update as it is not compatible with iOS 13.




So, how do I jailbreak iOS 13?


You can jailbreak your iOS 13, following two methods: using the Checkra1n app and installing the Unc0ver.


Choose any method if you wish to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod. However, we recommend you avoid the jailbreaking process as it leads to multiple security issues.

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