How Do I Rate A Podcast On Android With A Single Touch?

Listening to the podcast is an interesting way to get to know something. Podcasts are getting more popular nowadays. In the United States, more than 75% of the total population is familiar with podcasts. Almost every podcast listener wants to rate a podcast after listening to it. Unfortunately, some listeners don’t know how do i rate a podcast on Android.


Can you relate yourself to those listeners? Don’t worry. Through this article, you’re going to learn that trick. After reading this article, you will be able to leave a rating or review for the podcast on Android. What’s the delay then?


Let’s jump on it.


What is Podcast?


First of all, let me tell you about the podcast shortly. Basically, a podcast is one sort of audio discussion. Listeners can hear those discussions while working, traveling, or during leisure time. This is getting more and more popular day by day. Different types of podcasts are available on android such as Interview podcasts, solo podcasts, multi-host podcasts, etc. Some podcasts are worthy of a positive rating while some podcasts might not impress you much.


Here’s the ultimate tip to rate a podcast on Android.


How Do I Rate A Podcast on Android?


Unfortunately, you can’t rate a podcast on Android devices when listening to the “Google’s Play” music application. But, you can rate podcasts on android through 3rd party applications such as Pocket Casts, Spotify, Podcast Addict, Castbox, etc. Till now, “Google Podcasts” don’t allow listeners to leave any rating or review. You can send your feedback about your listening experience. Allow me to show you how you can do that.


First, you have to play a podcast. Then, you need to touch on the top of the right screen. You will find the option “Send Feedback”.



how do i rate a podcast




Touch on that option, Next to that, you will find an option asking for your Gmail name, feedback, screenshot, and system logs.




how do i rate a podcast




You can share your experience through this feedback option. You can also send your feedback as a “Google User” without revealing your Gmail.


Best Podcast Application For Android


As I have mentioned earlier, you can rate a podcast on Android through other third-party applications. How would it be to know about some of the best podcasts applications for Android? That sounds great, doesn’t it? Here you go.


How To Rate A Podcast On Spotify?


You might have used Spotify before for listening to music. Thankfully, you can also use this application for listening and rating podcasts on Android devices. You don’t have to install multiple applications for hearing music and podcasts. That will save your device storage.




how do i rate a podcast




Different types of categories are available to meet the choice of random users. You can install it free from the Google Play store.


  • Pocket Cast


Having more than 1 million downloads from the Google Play Store, Pocket Cast is one of the most powerful podcast platforms for Android. This application is solely made for broadcasting podcasts.




how do i rate a podcast




That’s why you can find lots of options on this platform such as playback speed control, audio volume booster, audio trimming, etc. On that platform, you can rate a podcast on Android.


  • Podcast Go


This is another excellent podcast platform for Android users. It has 1 million+ download from the Google Play app. You can find more than 15 categories of podcasts to get an excellent experience.





how do i rate a podcast




Do you use Apple Devices for listening to podcasts? Here’s the method of how to rate a podcast on iTunes. There is a search option right at the top to find your favorite podcast. You can also download podcasts for listening offline.


How to rate a podcast on Apple iTunes?


Unlike Android devices, you can rate a podcast on iTunes directly. After listening to podcasts, sometimes listeners feel so happy that they want to express their emotions through ratings and reviews. To do that, you have to go to the “Podcast’s Rating and Reviews” option. There you can find the option “click to rate”. Pressing on those ratings you can leave your opinion about a specific podcast.


How to leave a review for a podcast on iTunes?


Would you like to write a review for a podcast on iTunes? Once again, you have to touch on “Ratings and Review”. Later on, you have to touch on “Write A Review” to leave your feedback about the podcast. That’s it.


You can share your opinion with other listeners by leaving a review. You can use this option to encourage or discourage others to hear the podcast. Besides, you can also express your opinion to the podcast uploaders.


Another good thing is, you can set a custom nickname while writing a review on a podcast. So, you can keep your real identity private if you want. Simply, you should touch on the “submit” to complete the process. Finally, you have to wait until your review gets approved.


Final Words


So, we can’t rate a podcast on Android directly from Google Podcasts. To do that, you have to use other 3rd party applications or iTunes. However, you can send your feedback to the support team. Is there still any confusion about how to i rate podcasts on Android? Feel free to ask in the comment box.



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How do you rate and review a podcast?


Go to the “Rating & Review” option to rate and review a podcast.

How do I rate a Google podcast?


You can’t rate a Google Podcast as there is no option for that. But, you can share feedback about your experience.


Can you rate podcasts on Pocket Casts?


Yes, you get the option to rate podcasts on Pocket Casts.

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