How Do I See Deleted Notifications on iPhone?

Deleted notifications are hard to get back. Even some of them can get permanently removed, and you’ll need to go elsewhere to look for the deleted notifications since they are not extended shown on your iPhone lock screen.


As we get multiple notifications on our phones, and sometimes to get rid of screen view, we accidentally delete them and some of them can be significant. If you are worried about how do I see deleted notifications on iPhone, then don’t worry as we will discuss the methods in this article.


So, from now on, missing something important will not even cause any hassle, especially if you go through the entire guideline. Later on, we will discuss how to see the old notification. So, let’s get ready for some education!



How to See Deleted Notifications on iPhone?


Once you remove or erase the Notification after viewing, it becomes difficult to retrieve. Deleting and swiping up notifications from the screen are not the same thing. Generally, after viewing a notification, it stores the old notifications list.


If you remove it separately by swiping down the left top screen to view the notification center and pressing the cross mark, it will be deleted.


After deleting any notification, if you want to retrieve it again, then following the given instruction may help you.



Method 1: Advanced Settings


  • Swipe down the notification bar and tap on the settings icon at the top right corner.
  • Or you can extract the settings from the app icon.
  • From the Settings, tap on the Notifications.
  • Under the Notification, you will see the “Advanced settings;” tap on that.
  • Notification history will appear; select that.
  • Under the history, you will see all the deleted notifications.
  • So now find the Notification that you want to see.


At the top right corner, you will see a switch mode, and it is supposed to be on the enable mode. Don’t disable it because disabling it will cause you to stop storing the notifications. In the future, you may not be able to see the deleted notifications.



Method 2: Notification Center


  • Extract the notification center from your phone.


  • Swipe-left the notification center screen and all the deleted notifications will be visible right there.


  • Search for the Notification and tap to view it.


Note that no method will bring your deleted Notification on the lock screen. The discussed ways are for viewing the Notification, which may be necessary to you and accidentally removed by you.



How to See Old Notifications from the iPhone?


Notifications remain on the lock screen or the notification bar screen until you swipe it to the right side or view it. Once you view it or tap on the clear all, the Notification will go to the history panel. It disappears and is replaced with a new one.


Without unlocking the phone, you can also interact with the visible notifications in different ways. The given process will deliberate the old notification view methods:


  • Tap on the screen and don’t unlock it first, if your phone has a face lock, then keep it at a distance so that it cannot detect the face.


  • Drag down the notification center, and if there is any command like “No older Notifications,” that means there is no new notification after the last clean-up.




How Do I See Deleted Notifications on iPhone?





  • If there are new notifications, then they will be constructed according to the importance and apps based.




How Do I See Deleted Notifications on iPhone?





  • Now press on the Notification and pull the open section. Click on the open button, and this command will ask you to unlock the device.




How Do I See Deleted Notifications on iPhone?





  • After unlocking the device, swipe the screen to the left to bring the settings options.




How Do I See Deleted Notifications on iPhone?





  • Click on the option, and it will extract a tiny floating menu on the screen. In the menu, you will see multiple options like mute, configure and slack. You can mute that app’s notifications from a specific time using the menu.




How Do I See Deleted Notifications on iPhone?




  • To remove alerts from an organized group, click Clear or Clear All. The recent notifications will be removed from the home screen till new notifications, and the Notification flags that show on the application’s logo will remain unchanged.




How Do I See Deleted Notifications on iPhone?





  • Clear all the notifications from the notification center, and it will remain black until new notifications pop up.


  • While your device is not locked, scroll down from the upper left corner of the screen to view notifications. The iPhone’s home screen will appear as a result.


  • The unlocked home screen will show all visible notifications, arranged by the application. When there are no notifications, the display will read No Older Notifications.




Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s): 



  • Can I See the Cleared Notification on iPhone?


Yes, you can view the cleared notification without using any third-party application. Go to the settings options and select the notification.


Under the notification, you will see the system and manage application list. Select the application, and it will extract all the previous notifications.



  • How Can I Turn Off the iPhone Notification?


Open the Settings app on your iPhone and select Notifications to disable notifications. Toggle off Allow Notifications after choosing the app which notifications you want to turn off. Put your iPhone in Do Not Disturb mode to temporarily mute alerts.



  • Where Are the Deleted Notification Stores?


When you delete any notification, including the data, though it removes from the place and frees up the space, it remains in the same place inside the hardware, and when you recover, it comes to the exact old place unless there is no hardware glitch.





The iPhone is an Apple smartphone with a touchscreen interface that integrates a computer, iPod, digital camera, and cell phone into one crew. In a single device, we can use a number of systems and manage applications like social media, financial, and travel.


As you know, we cannot stop using them, and the notification pop-up is also essential to us. So even if you accidentally remove any notification, you are allowed to recover it back by using our discussed methods regarding how do I see deleted notifications on iPhone?



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