How Do I Uninstall iOS beta Software?[5min Easy Guide ]

You installed the iOS beta software program, but you no longer want it. In plain English, you want to go back to the newest publicly-released version of iOS. To do this, just head over to Profiles & Device Management and uninstall the beta software from there.


That’s it!


However, many Apple users find this simple uninstallation process difficult and ask- how do I uninstall iOS beta software?


We compiled this step-by-step guide for those users who can’t remove their iOS beta profile. So, stay with us to learn how to get rid of the iOS 14 beta.


How do I uninstall iOS beta software?



How Do I Uninstall iOS beta Software





Deleting the beta profile is the best way to remove the public beta. Then, you should wait for the next software update. Here is the step-by-step guide to delete the public beta.


  1. First off, head over to Settings > General. Then, go for Profiles & Device Management.


  1. Choose iOS 14 & iPadOS 14 Beta Software Profile.


  1. Click on the Remove option and enter your password.


  1. Tap on Remove again to confirm you are going to remove the beta profile.


  1. Finally, restart your iDevice.


Note: Following the guideline we mentioned above, you should wait until the latest public version of iOS is available. If the update is available, go to General > Settings > Software Update. Keep in mind; the updated version must be latest than the current version you are using.


On the other hand, you can follow the below steps to install the non-beta version of iOS without waiting for a Software Update. 


  1. Ensure you use the latest version of macOS or iTunes.


  1. Use a USB cable to connect your iDevice to your Desktop. Then, follow this step to keep your phone in recovery mode.


  • On iPad with Face ID: Hold and release the upper volume button quickly. Again, hold and release the Volume decreasing button. After that, press the top button until the restart option appears. Continue to press the top button until your iPad goes into recovery mode.


  • On iPhone 8 or later: Press and release the volume up button quickly. Hold and promptly release the volume down button. Now, hold down the side button until the recovery mode will appear on the screen.


  1. Tap on the Restore option to erase your iDevice and allow the phone to get the latest non-beta version of iOS. Wait if it takes more than 15 minutes to finish the download process. Then, repeat step 2 to get the Recovery option.


  1. Finally, wait until the restore process is finished.


How do I switch from iOS 14 beta to iOS 14?


If you wish to update the iOS version on your iPhone or iPad, follow the below steps.


  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.


  1. Go to General > Profile


  1. Choose the iOS beta profile.


  1. Click on Remove Profile.


  1. Enter the passcode if asked and tap on the Remove option again.


  1. Shut your iPhone down.


  1. Restart your iDevice.


How to Remove iOS beta 14?


Restoring your iPhone to iOS 13 is the only way to remove iOS beta 14. Below, we discuss it step by step.


  • To uninstall iOS 14, you need to restore your iPhone completely. If you use your PC to do this task, make sure you installed iTunes and use its latest version. On the other hand, for Mac users, click on the Apple logo and head over to System Preferences > Software Update.


  • Next, use a USB cable to connect your iDevice to your computer.


  • Hold down the volume up and the sleep button of your iPhone at once to get your iPhone in recovery mode.


  • Now, a prompt-up dialogue box will appear on your computer screen that asks you whether you wish to update or restore your iPhone or iPod.


  • Choose Restore, and your PC will automatically download the latest iOS 13 version by removing the iOS beta 14.


How to remove iOS 15 beta without a computer


Removing iOS 15 beta without a computer is impossible. But today, we are going to make the impossible possible. In other words, we will show you how to remove iOS 15 without a computer. So, without a second delay, let’s dive in.



How do I uninstall iOS beta software



First of all, open Settings and tap on General.


Then, start scrolling down and click on VPN & Device Management.



How do I uninstall iOS beta software



It will bring up a page like the below screenshot.



How do I uninstall iOS beta software



From there, choose iOS 15 Beta Software Profile and you can see the Profile page.



How do I uninstall iOS beta software



Next, tap on the Remove Profile button and it asks you to put your passcode.




How do I uninstall iOS beta software



So, enter your password there.



How do I uninstall iOS beta software



Again, click on the Remove button which will bring up a pop-up box. It will ask you to restart your phone to apply the changes you made.



How do I uninstall iOS beta software



So, select the Restart button and hit it to remove iOS 15 Beta.


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  • Can you uninstall a beta update on iPhone?


Yes, you can uninstall a beta update on your iPhone by following the step-by-step guide we mentioned above.

  • Can I go back to an older version of iOS?


Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t allow its users to go back to an older version of iOS. However, you can downgrade the iOS version by jailbreaking your iDevice. We don’t recommend you do this.

  • How do I uninstall an iOS update?


Head over to Settings > General. Then, click on iPhone storage. Next, find the list of iOS software downloads. Finally, choose Delete Update to uninstall an iOS update.

  • How do I get rid of iOS 15 beta?


It’s simple. Firstly, head over to Settings > General. Then, scroll down and choose Profiles & Device Management. And finally, tap on Remove and restart your to apply the changes.

  • Can I revert back to iOS 13?


Unfortunately, it’s not possible to revert back to iOS 13 from iOS 14. If it’s your actual problem, you can purchase a second-hand iPhone that runs your required version.




So, how do I uninstall iOS beta software?




Just open the Settings app on your iPhone. Then, go to General > Profiles. Next, tap on the iOS beta profile and click on the Remove option. Enter your password and choose the Remove option again to uninstall the iOS beta software.


Still, if you have trouble uninstalling the beta version of iOS, don’t hesitate to reach us. You can always find us helpful.

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