How Do I Upgrade the Version of Android on My Tablet | How to Update an Android Tablet

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Being updated is always a good decision. Wouldn’t you like to be up-to-date? If you have an Android device, it’s a good idea to start with upgrading your Android Operating System running on your device. You might have wondered that can you updates tablet?


Don’t know how to upgrade a Android tablet? We are here to guide you to upgrade your Android phone or tablet.

This article will discuss everything you need to know before upgrading your Android device with proper guidelines. So stay tuned, and read through the article carefully.


Kinds of Upgradation on Android Tablet


There are two types of Upgrading systems available for Android tablets. These are-

  1. Auto-update
  2. Manual Update


This part of the article will discuss both systems and how you can update your Android with Auto and Manual updating systems.


How to Auto-Update Android on an Android tablet?


Auto Software Update is the easiest way to update an Android device. You might have seen an Android (system) update notification on your Android Tablet. Just click on it whenever the notification comes.


It will  Download the new Android Version automatically. After the download completes, tap install to process till the end.



How Do I Upgrade the Version of Android on My Tablet




How to Manually Updates Tablet Android?


Before you manually update the Android version, you must have some knowledge about your Android Tablet.

First, you have to know your device brand (like the Galaxy tab or Google Pixel device) and the Android version. To check if your Device has any Updates or not, follow the instructions below.


How to Update Android Version in Galaxy Tab


Are you updating your galaxy tab? Then please follow these steps to succeed in it. To do that, first, you need to check if any update is available or not. If available, then you can update your Android system. Otherwise, not possible.


Go to settings in your Android operating system. Follow this path, settings > About Device in there you will find, Software Update. Click here to check if any update is available.


If you find Update, there will be a Download Button. Click here to download the Android System Update version. Automatically that will be downloaded and restarted after that.



How Do I Upgrade the Version of Android on My Tablet




How to Update Android Version in Chinese Tab


To update your Chinese Tablet, you have to follow the below steps.

Go to Settings on your Android Device. You will find Software Update in the under section. Then click to check if an Android update is available or not.


If Available, then go through the same steps as before. Tap on the Download button. After downloading, click on the install button.


Then the tablet will update automatically, and after restarting, you will be able to use your tablet device again. There will be a suitable latest Android version on your tablet.



How Do I Upgrade the Version of Android on My Tablet




How to Update Android Version


Sometimes you might have thought to update your Tablet Android Version. But you don’t have any official updates left. You have to wait until the official update comes.


Other than that you can update by Rooting your device. Which is risky for security reasons. (Not Recommended)

How to Update Apps of Android Tablet


To update your Android app, go to Google Play Store App > Tap to your profile picture, and then You may find an option named Manage Apps & Devices > Overview Tab > Tap on Updates Available > Update All on the top right corner. This is how your google apps will be updated.



How Do I Upgrade the Version of Android on My Tablet




To Summarize


We have discussed how you can update your Android tablet. The tricky way is to root your device, which is not recommended and also have to work on your risk. Android will not take any security on your device.


So, do update your device as auto-update does and be on that. That was all about how to updates tablet Android?



Frequently Asked Questions?

Can you upgrade the android version on a tablet?


  • You can upgrade the android version by going to settings > about phone > check update. If there is any update, then your android tablet can upgrade. But old tablets are not getting any updates due to compatibility. So check first if there are any updates then your tablet will upgrade.


How do I install the latest version of Android on my old tablet?


  • You can install the latest compatible version of android on your old tablet by going to settings > about phone > check update. If there is any new update then you can install android’s latest version.


What makes a tablet fast?


  • Reboot your tablet as a quick method. Other than that, Update the android version if available, Clear caches, Force stop background apps. Then your tablet will fast. If not then try hard reset to your android tablet. This is the last solution. By hard reset, your tablet will be empty.





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