How Do You Turn Off The Orange Dot On Ios 14?

The second and third generations of iPhones come with high-end features like an orange dot on ios 14. As long as the dot appears when you are using your microphone, you should not worry about it.


But when it appears even if you don’t access the microphone, it can pretty much stress you out. And you might think that someone is spying on you and look for solutions of the how do you turn off the orange dot on iOs 14. So, to bring you out of the stress, we will cover the process right here.


Sometimes, because of some glitch or system bug, you might not be able to get rid of the orange dot, even with the workarounds. But do not worry, we will review when it happens and how you can fix it.


How Do You Turn Off the Orange Dot on IOS 14: 2 Effective Methods


The orange dot on ios 14 shows up when you are in a phone call or do audio message recording mostly. Sometimes, the dot can come across as disturbing when you are not on a phone call or any recording. In such a case, follow the methods below to turn it off:


1. Disable Siri


If you do not use Siri or Apple Assistant feature often, you can disable it. As your phone always is ready to take your command, the microphone remains active for the Siri feature. And it might be the reason you are seeing the orange dot even without using your microphone.


So, for this method follow the steps:


  • Open Settings and click on the Siri and Search option.




how do you turn off the orange dot on ios 14




  • Then disable the Listen for Hey Siri option.



This method shall work perfectly fine to get rid of the orange dot.


2. Remove Microphone Access


Most of the third-party and pre-installed apps on iOS require microphone access to function properly. If you do not use them often, follow these steps:


  • Open the Settings followed by the Privacy section. 




how do you turn off the orange dot on ios 14




  • Click on the Microphone option and turn off the green slider located beside the apps using the microphone.


Why is the Orange Dot Not Turning Off or Going Away and How to Fix That?


If the orange dot on your phone does not seem to go away, even after following the steps reviewed above, then do not jump to the conclusion that your phone has been hacked. The orange dot is stuck probably because of a technical glitch or app or system-related bug.


You need to try out these methods to fix the issue:


1. Force Quit All Apps on Your Phone


You might think that force quitting the app that is using the microphone will fix the misbehaving behavior. But sometimes, the control center does not show you exactly which app is using the microphone. It is likely because of the bug or app crashing issues.


In that case, forcing all the apps running in the background to stop is the best option. Do not worry, you will not lose your saved data if you force quit apps. So, follow the steps below:


  • If you are using the iPhone XR, XS, X, 11, 12, or the later series, you will need to follow a slightly different path than the other models to force quit all the apps. For that, first, from your home screen or inside any app you are using at present, swipe up from the bottom of the display.


  • Remember that you need to swipe up all the way to the top, you can just swipe about 10% of the screen. Or just swipe up and pause at the center of the display. It will show you all the apps opened or used recently. 


  • From the apps list, swipe horizontally or side to side to see them. Now decide which apps to close. 


  • To close or force quit all the apps, long-press on the apps preview card one by one and drag or swipe them up.



how do you turn off the orange dot on ios 14



  • If you want to force quit two apps at once, place two of your fingers on the two side-by-side apps preview cards. Then swipe them up fully. It will save you time. Repeat this step until you close all the background apps.


However, for iPhone 6, 6S, 7, 8, or SE series here are the steps to follow:


  • Quickly double-tap or press the circular physical button or the home button at the bottom, and it will open the background apps preview cards.


  • Now swipe horizontally or right to left to see all the apps opened or using the microphone.




how do you turn off the orange dot on ios 14




  • Drag or swipe the app’s preview card up one by one to stop them forcefully.


After this, the Orange dot on ios 14 should not be stuck anymore. Because force quit method loads the app freshly without any stuck or misbehaving code in the apps. And it updates the changes in the microphone access recently. However, if it doesn’t seem to work, head over to the next method, one of them will surely be your savior.


2. Update All the Apps


The outdated apps are likely causing any glitch that makes the orange dot stuck on the status bar. So, you need to update the apps to get rid of any such issues. You cannot diagnose which app is the culprit so it is better if you update all of them. To follow the method, here are the steps given below:


  • Go to the App Store and click on the profile circle or portrait from there. 


  • Now swipe down and hold at the bottom for a few seconds to let your system scan for all the new updates available.




how do you turn off the orange dot on ios 14




  • Once the scanning is complete, click on the Update All option.  


It will take a few minutes to install all the latest updates for the apps. The new updates often come packed with security updates or patches. It fixes the bugs that probably used to trigger the orange dot on the status bar even without apps accessing the microphone.


3. Restart the System 


You should restart your iPhone if you cannot see which app is using the microphone from the control center. It will clear the open apps and any glitches they are facing. Also, it will prevent the memory leak giving your system a smoother start without the stuck orange dot.


  • If you are on iPhone 11, X, 12, or the newer models, long-press the physical power button and the Volume Up or down buttons at the same time.


  • It will push a “Slide to power off” slider on the screen, and you need to swipe it to the right.




how do you turn off the orange dot on ios 14




  • Patiently wait for a moment, and the screen will go completely black.


  • Then long-press the physical power button and release it when the Apple logo appears. The phone will restart shortly. 


  • However, for the SE, 8, or 6s model users, restarting the iPhone is a bit of a different


  • You need to only long-press the physical power button to bring the power off slider.




how do you turn off the orange dot on ios 14




  • Then repeat steps 2, 3, and 4 we have discussed in this method. 


  • If the physical keys do not work on your model, head to the Settings screen. Then click on the General option and press the Shut Down option. It will quickly restart the phone. After the restart, the orange dot should not be on the status bar without any reason. 


4. Force Restart


Sometimes you will not be able to bring the power slider if your iPhone freezes. In that case, you will have to force restart the phone. No, do not panic, it will not erase the saved data from your apps. So, follow the steps to get rid of that stuck dot:


  • For the 2nd or 3rd generation iPhone models or the newer versions, you need to first hold the physical Volume Up key and release it first.


  • Then you will have to hold the physical Volume Down key and release it as well.


  • Finally, long-press the physical power button until you can see the Apple logo on the screen. 


  • However, if you are on the older model or iPhone with the home button, you need to long-press the physical power button and the Home button at the bottom at the same time.


  • Keep holding them until you hear a vibration or see the Apple logo on the screen


You must skip the method if you can restart the phone normally.


5. Update the Software 


You need to make sure that you are not using any outdated software. It can prompt issues like a stuck orange dot. So, always keep your phone software updated. It will remove or fix any underlying issues in the software. Here are the steps to follow:


  • First, turn on your mobile data or Wi-Fi


  • Open the Settings screen followed by the General section.


  • Then click on the Software Update, and your phone will scan for any latest update available. 


  • If there is any update, you will see the Download and Install button or option, tap that.


  • Then click on the Agree option for the Terms and conditions. 




how do you turn off the orange dot on ios 14




  • Wait for a few moments to download the updates, then complete the process by pressing the Install option  


  • Sometimes even after having a stable internet connection and full storage, the update seems to fail. On such rare occasions, you need to use your PC to update the phone. 


  • Connect your iPhone to the computer then open iTunes from the computer. Or if you are on Mac, open the Finder program. 


  • Click on the name of your phone displayed on the sidebar. 


  • You need to click on the Continue option to give your computer permission to access the phone. Similarly, from your iPhone, let the computer access it by pressing the Trust option. 


  • From iTunes, click on the Library option from the upper-right corner of the screen. 




how do you turn off the orange dot on ios 14




  • Then locate the iPhone icon and click it from the left side of the toolbar. If you are on Mac finder, click on the General section. 


  • Select the Check for Update button and let it scan for any update available. 




how do you turn off the orange dot on ios 14




  • Finally, click on the Download and update option and do not disconnect the phone as long as the process is not complete. 


  • After a while, your iPhone will be updated. And you are less likely to see the dot. 


6. Reset to Factory Settings


When the initial workarounds do not seem to work, a factory reset can be the radical solution to get rid of any technical issues such as the re-appearing or stuck-in loop orange or green dot. This method will clear the device to fix the impaired performance. All you have to do is –


  • As this method will remove all your data, we highly suggest keeping a backup of your important data. 


  • For the backup, open the iCloud section from the Settings menu followed by the Backup option.


  • Now make sure to tick off the iCloud backup slider if not enabled already.




how do you turn off the orange dot on ios 14




  • Then head to the Backup now section and tap it. And follow the prompt or instructions. Or you can transfer the valuable files or data to your PC as well.


  • Now for the reset, open the General option followed by the Reset option from the settings menu. 


  • After that, click on the Erase All Contents and Settings option




how do you turn off the orange dot on ios 14




  • A prompt will appear to update your set iCloud backup. For it, click on the Backup, and then the “Erase” option.


  • You might need to enter your PIN or passcode (if you have set them) to confirm the action. 


  • Then a warning box will appear. From there, select the Erase iPhone or iPad option. 


  • To confirm and complete the process, enter your Apple ID or password. After a while, your phone will reboot, and you will see the home screen you have seen while using the device for the first time.


Do not forget to restore the backed-up data. Now there will be no orange or green dot that appears without you using the microphone.


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Do all iOS have the Orange Dot Indicator?


No, not all versions of Apple’s operating system have the orange dot indicator. Apple has developed the feature for iOS 14 and later. 


2. Is the Orange Dot Safe?


Yes, the orange dot is completely safe. Because they come straight from the developers. It is to help you identify the microphone usage. 


3. Can you disable the Orange Dot on your iPhone?


No, there is no option available to disable the orange dot. Because of security reasons, Apple does not let its users disable it. 


4. When Does the Orange Dot Appear?


If you are using Siri or recording anything it will show up in the status bar. Also, if you forget to quit the app using the microphone from the background, it will show up. 


5. Is there Any Other Indicator like the Orange One on iOS?


Yes, the green indicator. It appears when you or any app uses the camera. Both the indicators are a new addition to the iOS 14 version. 



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No doubt that the orange dot on iPhone is an efficient feature to let you know whether the microphone is in use or not. But sometimes, that dot can get stuck in a loop and appear on the bar. And it can get quite irritating at times.


That said, if you successfully follow the methods we have reviewed above how do you turn off the orange dot on iOS 14? and fix the stuck issue, it should not bother you anymore. In case it still appears, feel free to take your phone to a repair shop.

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