How Long Does CHKDSK Take on Windows 10? Important Answer of CHKDSK

While using the Windows system, you can face some errors. It is not easy to maintain the disks of the operating system. The CHKDSK can be a great Windows command for examining disk errors. You can consider it as a lifesaver mechanism of the operating system.


Do you know how long CHKDSK takes to correct the disk errors? Well, it doesn’t take a long time to process the listing and correcting process of the disk. Bear with us, and we will explain how long does CHKDSK take on Windows 10?

What does CHKDSK do?


The main task of CHKDSK is to scan the disk situation. It manages the usage of the disk. Along with that, it includes the status of disk errors. After identifying the errors, it will direct you to solve the problem. You can see the error in the file system. Nevertheless, it can help you to operate the computer’s performance.

How long does CHKDSK stage 4 take? 


It will take around 5 hours to scan the computer with 1 TB. If your computer data is around 2TB, then it will take more than 10 hours. Basically, the duration of scanning depends on the data capacity of your hard disk.

How long does CHKDSK take 500GB?


The CHKDSK-f will take 60 minutes to scan a 500 GB hard disk. You can scan the data with the 5 steps of the SATA drive. Scanning 500 GB with CHKDSK-r will take 20 minutes.

How long does CHKDSK  take 250GB?


If you scan 250GB, it will take around 1 hour. Because you have to use CHKDSK-f to scan the 250GB hard disk.

How long does CHKDSK  take SSD?


You can scan a 500GB SSD with this Windows command in 30 seconds. It takes less time than a hard disk.

How do I run CHKDSK in Windows 10?


You need to follow the steps to run the command in Windows 10. Here we will help you out with the operating steps of running the Windows command.


  • First of all, you have to go to the Windows search bar.


  • Type ‘CHKDSK’ into the search bar. Moreover, click on the app.




how long does CHKDSK take on Windows 10




  • Now you have to choose the ‘Run as administrator.’


  • At this point, again open the Windows search bar and write ‘cmd.’ It will show you the ‘command’ bar.




how long does CHKDSK take on Windows 10




  • Tap on the command bar and choose ‘Run as administrator.’


  • Hereafter, you need to type ‘CHKDSK’ on the command prompt.


  • Most people use the C drive for running the Windows command.




how long does CHKDSK take on Windows 10




  • But if you want to change it, type the drive you want to scan.


  • Also, write the CHKDSK-for CHKDSK- r to proceed with the scan.


  • Your scan will be started soon. After completing it, you have to restart your computer.

How to stop CHKDSK?


If you want to cancel the scanning process, you can do it with the steps. Open the command window and write chkntfs /x c:. The C indicates the drive location. You have to type the drive location you have started to scan.


Final Thoughts


By now, you understand how long does CHKDSK take on Windows 10?. We hope this article will be also helpful for you to know the duration of the CHKDSK scan for different hard disk capacities.


Apart from that, we have included the running process. Remember one thing, using the Windows command frequently can be harmful to your hard disk.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why is CHKDSK taking so long?


The Windows command takes so long if your hard disk has a bigger size. It can take more than two or three days.

2. How many stages does CHKDSK have in Windows 10?


It has three major stages and two optional steps in Windows 10.

3. How do I know if CHKDSK is stuck?


If the command prompt isn’t scanning properly, you have to understand it is stuck. To solve this problem, you should restart your computer. Then start working with the Windows prompt again.

4. Can CHKDSK damage a hard drive?


Not usually. But if you can’t run the command accurately, then it can damage your hard disk forever. So there is a high risk of using the Windows command.

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