How Many Inches Is An Iphone Xr?

 iPhone XR is one of the few models that fit into the budget-friendly spectrum. But how many inches is an iPhone xr? Is it larger than iPhone XS or the XS Max? Seems like this is the first question that comes to our mind when we want to compare the versions in front of us.


No worries. Today, we will discuss and compare all the factors that might concern you while picking the right iPhone for you. So start reading and let’s stick to the end.


How Many Inches Is an iPhone XR? An Overview Of The iPhone XR




how many inches is an iphone xr




From dimensions to the detailed features, we will describe all the nooks and crannies of the iPhone XR. In this way, you can get crystal clear ideas about this model.


  • Dimensions


The iPhone XR is 6.1 inches diagonally. The weight would be approximately 194 g or 6.8 oz and the screen to body ratio is 79 percent. We must emphasize here that it comes with edge-to-edge screen technology. As a result, you can have a taste of the larger-than-life video experience.


Now, are these dimensions a plus point for the iPhone XR or not? Umm, we wouldn’t know unless we compare it. So let’s compare the iPhone XR dimensions and weight with the iPhone XS and XS Max.



Point Of Comparison iPhone XR iPhone XS iPhone XS max
Dimension (inches)  5.9x3x0.33  5.65×2.8×0.3, 6.2x3x0.3
Dimension (mm) 151×75.7×8.3 143.6x71x7  157.5×77.4×7.7
Display 6.1 inches diagonally 5.8 inches diagonally 6.5 inches diagonally
screen type LCD IPS OLED  super retina OLED
weight 194 g, 177 g 208 g
screen to body ratio










  • Display


The iPhone XR comes with a liquid-crystal display or LCD screen. It doesn’t consume as much battery as the OELD counterparts. As a result, you get to enjoy a longer-running battery in your iPhone. Reportedly the low radiation effect of the LCD screen causes less harm to the eyes. But it does need backlights to show pixels which is not a requirement of the OELD screen.


An IPS LCD is capable of providing consistent colors even in bright lights. And the wide viewing angle is top-notch. It contributes highly to the crispy colors and image quality you get. Besides the XR version, Apple used IPS LCD screens in the iPhone 11 and 8 plus. And for the OELD screens, the XS and XS Max and the iPhone 12 have such displays.


The IPS LCD screen is durable and cheaper to produce. No doubt this display was used with the thoughts of budget-friendliness for the buyers. Plus you don’t have to face any image burn-in with the iPhone XR.


  • Body Structure


In this section, we will compare the body structure of the iPhone XR and its other counterparts: the iPhone XS and XS Max.


The XR model uses an aluminum body. That’s the reason behind its matte look that is aesthetic. It also comes in a range of beautiful colors including red, yellow, white, blue, coral, and black. A color range for an iPhone model was very rare before the XR version. We give it a thumbs up!




how many inches is an iphone xr




On the other hand, we have the XS and XS Max with a shiny stainless-steel body. Although we have to admit that body material hardly contributes to the ability and power of an iPhone, it matters to many of us.


And there are valid reasons for that. For example, an aluminum body is more likely to handle heat better than a stainless-steel one. That means your phone will be less vulnerable to the temperature. Plus, it is super thin. That’s why mobile phone manufacturers favor this material over anything else. We all know weight is a big factor. Since we carry phones almost all the time, it is important to have something lighter than bulkier. That’s where aluminum can help.


On the other hand, stainless steel lacks these gets hot pretty quickly and weighs more than the aluminum. But at the end of the day, you will have to cover it with an Apple case. So it hardly matters whether it is shiny or not.


  • Camera Specs



how many inches is an iphone xr




A 12-megapixel camera with an aperture of f/1.8 is what you get with the iPhone XR. The specification remains the same for the XS Max and XS as well. It offers a 12-megapixel dual rear camera with an aperture of f/1.8. It is amazing for recording videos in 4k. But the XS series take the points in this sector. Because they provide a crispy and balanced picture even when the light is dark.


But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a decent picture with the XR version as well. It has auto-focus and can meet all your shooting requirements.


  • Face ID


The X-series is equipped with a faster face id recognition technology. It works faster due to the built-in true Depth camera. Face ID is becoming more and more popular due to how quick and easy it is. No need to remember those tricky passwords or draw complex patterns that can be copied by someone else.


Most of the time when people hear about face id recognition, they worry about growing a beard or wearing make-up and accessories. Luckily that’s not the case here. The sensors will read project about 30,000 dots on your face and study it. The map of your face, the distance between eyes, nose structure, etc will work as your identity. It can recognize you even if you have grown a beard, wearing make-up or a hat.


But you must make sure your eye and nose area can be seen by the sensors.


  • Water Resistance


Many companies claim water resistance ability for their phone during the launch. But most of them fail to live up to it. But when it comes to iPhones, Apple takes it seriously. The iPhone XR along with the other models like XS or XS Max can resist the impact of water for 30 minutes. And no, they didn’t just claim it, it was laboratory tested. They dunked the iPhone in two-meter deep water for 30 minutes. Not just that, it is also dust resistant.


But wait! That doesn’t mean you can intentionally leave it in a bucket. The point here is that it can withstand rain or water splashes. Apple also stated that the resistance can fade away as the iPhone gets older. So you can’t take this feature for granted.


  • Animoji and Mimoji


You can have animoji and mimoji if the iPhone model provides a trueDepth camera unit. Since the XR model qualifies for this, you can use these features. Now if you don’t know how Animoji or mimoji work, here is an easy explanation. You must be familiar with the facial expressions curved in android emojis. That’s the same case here but only better.


You can project the facial expressions of emojis on your face and use them while chatting. That’s awesome, isn’t it? The trueDepth sensors map your face and create an animation of how different expressions like anger, smile, laughter or disgust will look on that animated face. And that’s it. You get your customized Animoji. It is unique and more fun.


  • Battery Life


One word to describe the battery of the iPhone XR will be longevity. By far this has the most durable battery life of any iPhone model after the 11 max pros. Take it off the charger in the morning and it will survive through all your activities until midnight with more than 20% charge left. That’s what we expect from a 2942 mAh battery.


While the iPhone XS offers a 2568 mAh battery. The XR has a 10% bigger battery than its counterpart the XS Max. So you can rely on it throughout a hectic day. However, you will need a 30W USB-C power adapter to charge it fully.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Is the iPhone XR 7 inches?


The iPhone XR is measured to be 6.1 inches from corner to corner. The exact dimension would be 5.9 (length) x3 (width) x0.33 (height) inches and 151 x 75.7 x 8.3 in millimeters.


2. Is the iPhone XS Still Worth It?


Yes, we think the iPhone XS is worth it. Although the XR model is slightly better in aspects like battery life, weight, body structure, and display length. But the XS model comes with better camera quality and crispier images.


3. Which Is Better XR Or XS?


Now that’s a hard question. According to the specs, the XR is supposed to be a better version than the XS. For a better insight into the real comparison, you can read the chart above and decide for yourself.



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We started this article by answering how many inches is an iPhone xr. And then we looked into the iPhone XR specs in detail and compared them with their close counterparts. So what is our final opinion about it? Well, if you have the budget and requirements, you can always go for the best: iPhone 13 pro max.


But if you want to cut some money on the price and still have a good iPhone experience, we think the iPhone XR is better than good enough for you.


Hope you got all your answers.

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